The Bloggers Hangout – LFW- Event. What caught my eye?! 

Hello beautiful people, todays post is a look back on my day at the Bloggers Hangout event i recently attended.

The event was at 1pm and by that point i think i had spent enough time applying every highlighter i just purchased before putting on my new favourite all black Noisey May dress and requesting my Uber. The theme was all black chic which is perfect for my 99% black wardrobe.

Once my Uber dropped me off i was immediately lost! Perfect, well done Danielle. Luckily a fellow blogger was there to endure the hunt for the venue with me and we did eventually make it, even if we did think we were walking into someones back garden at one point.

The venue was smaller than i imagined but i do think that added to the atmosphere. It created the hustle and  bustle of an almost indoor market feel whilst maintaining the peace and ambience  any compact and well organised event would.

There were so many fabulous brands within the building and i loved chatting to everyone. All the tasters i tried were truly delicious, it would be so hard to pinpoint a favourite!

I did come away with some items, that i just have to share with you all though, as some of these really did catch my eye.

First up,

Cranes. This company is set up by twin brothers that put the focus of their ciders into the hands of tiny little cranberries. They have three very distinct yet very different flavours; original cranberry, strawberry and kiwi and my favourite raspberry and pomegranate.


 Not only do these ciders taste, crisp, clean and ultimately delicious, they are only 99 calories a bottle! Perfect for those of us who want to cut down on sugar.
The gift box of three retails at £8 which i think is perfect pricing, less than £3 per bottle for this unique cranberry cider.

Next up is a brand called get buzzing. You may have heard of these guys before, they are making delicious flapjacks with no nuts at all in the product. With 100% natural ingredients these snack bars are perfect for people on the go. They are also vegetarian which is an added bonus.

I took away the peanut butter flapjack as I didn’t understand how this could taste anything like peanut butter if it contained no actual peanuts.The flapjack tasted mainly plain at first but the more of the bar you eat, you get a sense into the fact that there is some peanut butter flavour incorporated.Now if I was to be super picky I’d say more peanut butter flavour please, but the point of this product isn’t for it to taste 100% like peanut butter it’s to create a taste illusion for people who may be allergic to nuts and that is brilliant.

Onto the next bar that truly fascinated me, the crobar.

Watching people’s faces as we are told this product contains cricket flour was one of my personal highlights within the whole event. There’s the immediate, ew. Followed by the temptation to try it, the questions of why!? Then the actual taste.
Fascinated I opted for the peanut flavour in hopes it would have a weaker taste than raw cocoa and I was correct.

I actually enjoyed the taste of this bar but not the texture. This product won’t crumble is an almost wet dough like texture that squished together. For me that texture is what I couldn’t get my head around more than the fact it had cricket flour in.

Next up, another favourite of mine. Bluebird tea co gave me two samples to take away. Immediately I loved the packaging. I drink tea nearly everyday. Peppermint tea has become my hangover remedy.

The Mojitea, is delicious! Peppermint and lime are two of my favourite flavours and I let this brew until it was quite strong to really keep in those flavours. I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like a mojito but it is as close as a tea can get.

The morning kick tea, I wish I hadn’t brewed it for as long. Ginger can be quite a hit or miss flavour for myself and I think had I taken the tea bag out sooner I would have enjoyed this more. The smell of this tea however is incredible! It really does make me feel ready for the day.
Finally I started with a drink so I’ll end with a drink. (Well jelly)

From cocktail mania, Jelly shots. I’m sure on the day these girls had a mission to get everyone drunk, I obviously happily obliged. How could I say no?

Alcohol and colours that look like they came straight out of Willy Wonkas  factory. I’m in. The flavours were delicious. I would like all the flavours at every future party I host please!

Other brands I didn’t bring away testers from but highly adored include Co-Yo and the protein drinks co and Ross and Ross.

These brands certainly caught my eye, I found their products were fascinating and the brand representatives very informative and relatable. I wish I could post more about them however I’m afraid I didn’t take away products to fully review for you all now.

I had so much fun at the event, I think I’m starting to get the hang of these now, and going on my own isn’t half as scary as I think it’s going to be.

Thank you to the team over at Bloggers Hangout for inviting me. I cannot wait to see what else you have in store!

Thanks for reading Danielle Jade

(I better go eat now, I’m super hungry after this)


Hair Braids & Glitter – A very 90’s feel! ✨

Hello everyone!

Todays post is going to be all about two wonderful hair products i was gifted at the Big Blogger Conference!

They are the Redken Braid aid and the Metal Fix hair glitters.


First up is the hair glitter!
Now if you know me at all, you would already have guessed how excited i was to receive these. My inner Ke$ha and Miley were ready and raring to go! I still don’t know how I managed to save them both until i went on holiday with my friend. Packing them into my suitcase i knew she was going to think i was crazy, and that was just what i was going for, i mean , i’m 23 and i’m putting glitter into my hair. this is so 90’s going to a steps concert with hair mascara and i am LIVING for it!

So…more about the product itself!

Inside the box there are two tubes, one silver and one gold tube of gel like glitter. The gel itself is quite this upon application but when worked into the hair looks beautiful. I used quite a huge amount on the end of my hair and then using a fine comb continued to brush the product through. This works well when wanting to create a subtle shimmer, that however, was NOT what i opted for on holiday!

As you can see here, i created two braids, one at either side of my head (Using the braid aid of course) and then in a finger painting kind of sense. Moved the glitter over the plaits to the back of the hair.

What i must say about this product is, don’t worry about it coming off. It will stay put all night, no question! I have no shame in saying the next morning, as i sat at breakfast, sipping my peppermint tea not wanting to draw attention to my little hungover self. My hair still wanted to be the centre of attention. It was still in full party mode, the glitter was just as vibrant as the night before and i just couldn’t put my fragile little head through the pain of brushing that out so early!
In fact, i ended up not brushing my hair until i washed it out, and thats exactly what i recommend you do! Other wise, it is the most pain EVER.

Next Up.. Braid Aid.


Let me start off by saying, i adore this packaging. It’s so clever. There is a pump on the product rather than having to squeeze the tube. The product comes out effortlessly. PERFECT. Now, i love braiding my hair. Any way i can get a braid in my hair. I will. So naturally on holiday when going swimming i braided my hair and of course used the braid aid.

What i love is how the braid aid acted as a binder and helped control my fly-away hair. Having some parts of my hair shorter than the others this has become a favourite product of mine. It just helps give more texture to the hair and create more secure braids.

There is however one negative of this product, and that for me is the smell. It’s just a little over powering, so do go easy on the amount you use if you also don’t like your hair smelling like it’s obviously got product in it.

All in all, i am a huge fan of both of these products.
If i could i would use the hair glitter just as much as i use the braid aid.
I can’t wait to figure out how i’m going to involve the glitter into my halloween costume this year!

     Has anyone else tried these products?!
Let me know what you think

Danielle Jade

The Last Five Years – Musical.

Today I thought I would write something a little different. This ones all about the wonderful world that is musicals.

So first I ask you all, what’s the most recent musical you have seen?

Mine was The Last Five Years starting Anna Kendrick and and Jeremy Jordan. Now I first saw this when it came out at the cinema and now it has become my most recent ‘go to’ film when getting ready for work.

I just love it.

First of all, it’s Jason Robert Brown. Now if you don’t know who Jason Robert Brown is, you’re absolutely missing out in the world of Musical Theatre. He is responsible for such works as Songs for a new world, Parade, 13 and many more. Google it.

I dare say Jason Robert Brown is one of my favourite musical theatre composers. I find that when given the chance to sing his work I can instantly connect with the wonderful lyrics and get lost in the beautiful melodies. That’s why I was over the moon when I heard they were making the Last 5 years into a movie.

I had already listened to the off Broadway (2002) album probably over a hundred times since it was released, sung by the wonderful Norbert Leo Butz and Sherie Rene Scott, so I was immediately on edge to find out who was playing the roles of Cathy and Jamie when adapting the musical to film. I must say though, I have now downloaded the film soundtrack as I just adore Jeremy and Anna’s voices together. So round of applause to casting on this one, you nailed it.

In a nutshell the story goes as follows, Jamie is a rapidly rising novelist and Cathy is a struggling actress, living in NYC we see the exploration of their 5 year relationship. What’s interesting about this musical however is the form of how we see the story play out. Cathys story is told in reverse chronological order where as Jamie’s is told in chronological order. Sounds confusing huh? Well don’t worry it’s not! It is what makes the film even more captivating. Seeing one perspective against the other really does show the highs and lows at their most extremes. It’s one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve seen on screen.

Within the last five years there are 14 musical numbers. Jamie sings 5 solos Cathy sings 6 and there are 3 duets. Covering different stages of their relationships songs are used in times of trouble, relief, anger, to fast forward the story and most incredibly still hurting is to show the end of a relationship at the start of the musical. The reason I describe this as being incredible is because it is hard to connect instantly to someone upset about a relationship you haven’t watched grow, you have no concept of how their relationship has been until now, you haven’t made an attachment to the characters yet something in this songs melody and Anna’s perfect performance makes you instantly feel sorrow and you empathise with her character right off the bat. Really if you haven’t seen her in this film yet you are missing out, it’s by far one of her best performances to date. That being said my favourite song in the film adaptation is called moving too fast and is sung by Jamie. This one tells quickly the story of how his career is progressing and Jeremy Jordan’s voice is absolutely flawless. Seriously he is incredible.

Perhaps what I adore about this film is how they successfully transferred the story from stage to screen. They managed to keep the subtle vibe to the couples life in NYC without adding too much Hollywood glamour that could have been done when given a story of a young couple living in the big apple. I find that the jump from stage to screen can be a daunting task when trying to decide how to successfully convert. In particular i was intrigued to how different they would have to make the visuals. I say this as in the musical stage version the two lovers barely interact until their duets. They each sing their solo’s as their way of story telling from opposite sides of the stage and when the time comes for their stories to cross, as do they and the story continues. This however would have made, probably the worlds most boring film and i am glad that the director Richard LaGravenese didn’t take an unrealistic approach to the adaptation and in fact i quite liked the minimal and slightly un imaginative approach. Watch it, you’ll see what i mean.

 If you haven’t already seen this movie I highly recommend it. I then recommend you download the album, research Jason Robert Brown and get hooked on his works as they are truly magical.

If you’ve seen the film before then do let me know in the comments!

Danielle Jade


New York Diaries; Day One-Part Two

New York Diaries

Day one; Part Two

Following on from my previous post here.

We left Radio City and head just down the street to Rockefeller Centre! For those of you who are wondering what this is, The Rockefeller Centre is home to a complex of 19 different commercial buildings from iconic ice skating rinks to the studios of SNL and The Today Show, Fashion, Food and Art exhibitions. It really has earned its place as one of NYC most famous landmarks.

(The Rockefeller centre, just look at the size of it…Well look at the size of how much i could fit on my iphone screen ha!)

Instantly we were in love, the building is physically beautiful. Both inside and out. We decided now would be the perfect time to grab a bit to eat and so got a ‘slice’ and sat just outside the Rockefeller Centre and looked over the square.

The centre of the square looked so relaxing and the detail in the architecture here was fascinating)

We had a look around some of the shops in that area including the NBC Studios shop, which had some fabulous merchandise of different shows filmed there. Myself and Naomi are both huge fans of comedy so were loving looking at the different SNL quotes on the shirts.

Heading on the L train we set off back home to get changed for our Dinner that night in Times Sq. Naomi had booked us a meal at the infamous The View restaurant. This restaurant was up on the 48th floor and in line with the top of some of the amazing skyscrapers that NYC has to offer you. Whats so special about this restaurant is how it rotates as you eat! You will go the whole 360degree turn throughout the course of an hour whilst you are there. So no need to worry about feeling sick from the motion, its not a rollercoaster! In fact if it wasn’t for the constant changing view id have forgotten we were moving. We went here at the perfect time, the sun was just setting and we got to see the city switch from day to night. PERFECT.

Naomi and I at the top of The View rotating and eating- y’know the usual)

Now let me just mention here, this is not a place for travellers on a budget. This meal was most definitely a one off experience, and to be honest the food isn’t anything too special, which was kind of a let down, only to be made up by the amazing view of course. Now i would however recommend for the view maybe go to the mimosa Sunday brunch, as the buffet menu looked incredible for that and it is a lot cheaper at $59.00pp. On a positive side though, i had one of my favourite cocktails whilst in New York here!

Deciding what to eat-Classic me, spending too long examining the menu)

Finally to finish what was becoming one of the best days of my life we left the restaurant and head to back to the Rockefeller centre to experience the top of the rock. Before going to New York we had the constant battle between going to the Empire State or Top of The Rock, but when asking the majority of people we knew had already visited the city, majority said go to the top of the rock as you will prefer the view with the Empire State building in it. So thats, just what we did, we arrived at about 10:30 and joined the queue up to the top we were placed just in front of a wedding party. The bride looked so beautiful and the whole group ecstatic to be getting that final perfect picture at the Top of the Rock. I’m sure that will be an experience the whole group will never forget.

(Our view from The Top Of The Rock)

I don’t know if ill be able to explain just how incredible this view is as i truly think its something you need to witness to appreciate the beauty of the city. Its not often i am left speechless but i was overwhelmed by this view. Seeing all of the lights  i was in love with the greatness of New York. The buildings all different in height from the smallest to the tallest all offering such spectacles it really makes you feel capable of anything. Im not entirely sure how long we spent here, but i know i didn’t care to check the time. I was at peace, i was happy and i wasn’t concerned about anything but being in that moment.

Here i am, content with being a little one in the giant city)

As it got later we were so tired from our fulfilled day we decided it would be best to head back to our accommodation in Brooklyn and call it a night at just gone Midnight.

It was the perfect first day in New York City.
Even if it did feel all a little surreal!

Danielle Jade.

What have I been listening to? 🎵

So this post is going to be a little different to usual. This one is all about the songs I have obsessed over in February. 

Having recently purchased Spotify premium I cannot imagine leaving for work without my headphones now, especially being able to create your own playlists that can be listened to offline! It’s genius.

So here are a few of my favourite songs/artists!. 

1. SIA: 

Now I have always been a big Sia fan I remember completely falling in love with her song ‘Breathe Me’ way back in the day. It’s fair to say many a dance has been choreographed to that in my head. So I thought it would only be right to show you latest song I’m obsessed with.

It’s called Fire meet Gasoline and I just love it, there’s something so unique about it that I just adore.I listen to this song constantly on my way home from work, something about how fragmented it is at the start lures me into listening to it repetstivly. All together her 1000 forms of fear album is amazing! With both Chandelier and Elastic Heart already successfull in our charts I can’t wait to see what her next release will be. I do however secretly hope it’s not Fire meet Gasoline, I just enjoy it too much to hear every human on the planet give me their acoustic rendition of it on Facebook.  

2: Bruno Mars

I have never been a Bruno Mars fan (I know that’s hard for some of you to believe) until Uptown Funk. This is one song guaranteed that will make me smile after a long shift at work! I love everything about it. Such a fool good song. Round of applause for you Bruno.

3. Jessie J 

I downloaded Sweet Talker by Jessie j as soon as it became available but recent my love for Masterpiece/Get Away has over taken the very popular Bang Bang. I always prefer her more heartfelt songs, her voice is incredible. Yet something magical happens when she sings songs that she layers emotion on top of. It pulls at my heart strings in a way that I can admire. Any song that can draw emotion from me I love and these two just became the top of that list for me. 

4. Scott Bradlee and Postmodern Jukebox. 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Is all I can say about these guys. The talent is overwhelming. Every single arrangement is astounding. Break Free and Anaconda are particularly impressive. So much so that I find myself singing these versions more than I do the original. I only wish I could be half as creative, inspiring, technically perfect and passionate as these guys. Seriously if I haven’t already plugged them enough and you still need some encouragement : Go listen to them right away! I seriously need to get some tickets for their London concert. 

Goodnight lovelies!