Kew Gardens, the beauty of nature.

Kew gardens is a well known, world famous Botanic Garden. With beautiful buildings, plants and architecture Kew gardens offers a beautiful day out.


Last Friday i took my first trip to Kew Gardens and was astounded by the beauty that nature has to offer us. Hopping on the train to about 30minutes outside London, i really didn’t know what to expect from the day. Yes, i like flowers, i mean, i’m a 24 year old girl. I love a bunch of flowers on the table but how was i going to like a day full of wandering round Kew Gardens?

Well, any doubts i had at first were soon wiped out of my mind when i stepped into my first building. The Palm House, as we opened the door, the imitated tropical climate hit my face and my camera instantly fogged up. This place was hot. Inside tall palm trees filled the air and many other exotic plats from all over the globe lined this stunning building.


As we wandered around this beautiful building we reached a spiral staircase that led down underneath the room into a basement type room. In there was the marine aquarium, which was completely the opposite temperature. Cold and very blue the sea-life creatures were swimming around aimlessly enjoying life. Having the marine down here , made the perfect escape from the heat and a great chance to learn more about sea-life plants too.

After looking around the whole of The Palm house we head outside and walked around the gardens more, perhaps we went in circles a few times but it was so beautiful it didn’t matter.

We found ourselves at the Orangery restaurant next and grabbed a bite to eat, the food was good and i even had a chocolate cake, well, the most chocolaty cake EVER. Dark chocolate, chocolate sponge, chocolate topping, you name it, it was on that cake.

After indulging in a light lunch we moved onto the highlight of the visit, The Princess of Wales Conservatory. In here was the Orchid exhibition, ‘a spectacular carnival of dazzling Brazilian colours’ Grand displays of orchids and perfectly poised sculptures filled this conservatory. It really was a colourful spectacular. The oranges, to reds, to greens, purples and blues offered a spectrum of coloured orchids. Perhaps this would be easier for me to show you rather than explain its wonder ;

See! It’s all incredibly beautiful and charming.

The rainforest tree’s had been covered in hundreds of delicate little flowers. I was mesmorised by nature. So pretty. So perfect.

The front part of the conservatory however was the complete opposite, it was full of cactus’s. All different shapes and sizes, i was surprised by how many different kinds there were . Here in England they aren’t the most popular of plants to be popping up but here there were an incredible amount. Resisting the urge to touch them was difficult.

Just look how cartoon-ish they appear. It’s almost humerous.


Finally as it was quite cold we decided to hit one more attraction before heading on the train back home.
What did we go for? You guessed it.

The treetop walkway!

Getting to the top of this walkway does mean you will have to climb over a hundred steps , but it is so worth it! Even on this cold windy day, being able to take a moment and look over the park felt somewhat surreal. The view is pretty and i can only imagine in the summer it will be even better! We walked around the whole treetops and admittedly at a few points i did freak out about the swaying of the walkway, all in all it was a lovely moment.

Have you been to Kew Gardens?

Let me know in the comments below,

Thanks for reading!

Danielle Jade


What’s top of the playlist this month?

Hello everyone, It’s back, it’s been quite a while now since i last did this kind of post because admittedly i’ve been listening to more podcasts than Spotify but i thought i’d give you a quick update of what’s on my latest playlist.

1. SIA.
Again, like every other playlist post i do, i will start with Sia.
Taken from her This is Acting album is my new favourite; Cheap Thrills.
Favourite Lyric; ‘baby i don’t need dollar bills to have fun tonight’
I just love this song. It’s guranteed to make you dance, as with all Sia songs i instantly fell in love with the lyrics, her voice, EVERYTHING. Sia never fails to make incredible music i’m always obsessed with at least one/two/three songs on her new albums and this time, it’s Cheap Thrills.

giphy (54)

I’m here again obsessed with the weird and wonderful sounds from Die Antwoord.
in particular; I Fink U Freeky / Baby’s on Fire.
Favourite Lyric:I fink u freeky and I like you a lot /Don’t worry ’bout it, just blow a kiss to me. I like danger, romance and mystery. I’m a lucky ducky, get mad shit for free. I rock more bling than Mr. T.
There is something about these two songs that make me want to go to the nearest party available and dance. It’s the kind of music you can release your inner bitch out of, get weird and let go.

giphy (55)

Ok so quite the opposite to my other choices this one is
Devotion – Acoustic Version.
Favourite Lyric:Cause this is devotion, I am lost, You’re the only one I see, Our bodies in motion, I am caught, Floating in your gravity
I recently saw Ellie Goulding in concert and was blown away by the acoustic version of this that she performed. It’s incredibly beautiful and 1000%better than the version released on her Delirium album. Such an honest raw and emotional song with beautiful lyrics.

giphy (56)

Ariana is back and this is a killer song.
Dangerous Woman.
Favourite Lyric: Somethin’ ’bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.
Somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ ’bout you.
Ariana i love this song. Now correct me if i’m wrong but doesn’t it make you feel empowered when you listen to this. Ready to conquer the world? It definitely does for me. It has the same vibe as what Bad Blood gives off, only with Ariana’s insane vocals. That girl can saaaaaaaang.

giphy (57)

This may just be my new getting ready song, it’s so damn catchy.
Lush Life.
Favourite lyric:Yeah Imma dance my heart out ’til the dawn, But I won’t be done when morning comes, Doin’ it all night, all summer, Gonna spend it like no other
Ok so it’s not the most genius of songs, but it’s got the perfect summer vibe to it, it’s so catchy and i just love this girls voice. It makes me want to grab a bag and pop off on holiday. Yes Please.

giphy (58)


Now let’s be real there is no way this album wasn’t going to be on here! It’s beyond incredible. I don’t think I can pick just one favourite song never mind one line of lyrics.

giphy (59)

What’s on your latest playlist?
Let me know in the comments.
Thanks, Danielle Jade

Calling all beauty lovers! Make up Brushes – edition.

Hello beautiful people!

Today’s post is all about the wonderful make up brushes from

When I first heard about these guys I instantly fell in love with the website. They host a whole load of different brands in the same place so you can mix and match your brushes In one simple place. Having not heard of some of the brands before I was more than excited to try some of them out. I chose to go with So Eco and Japonesque.

I love everything about the So Eco company, all the products are designed to be biodegradable and sustainable, right down to the packaging.

First up is the So Eco finishing brush*.

Now, this lightweight brush is one of the softest things I’ve ever used. The double length cut bristles are like tiny little feathers against my face. Honestly I just sat stroking my face like a crazy person with this before I used it, it’s that soft. The brush itself suggests you use it with blusher to finish your look however if you’re like myself and have a somewhat smaller face this brush may swamp the size of your cheeks. That’s why I’ve chosen to use it with my finishing powder. It just helps it glide on effortlessly.

What would I rate this products out of 10? 7/10 soft, easy to use but for a different intention so I cannot give it 10.

Next up the Japonesque Kumadorie fan brush*.

Ok this item is cool. It’s as light as a feather and the almost cord like feel the handle gives off makes the brush feel more like a wand than anything else. It’s easy to grip because of the intricatly designed handle and the bristles catch the perfect amount of product when applying. I’d honestly never had a fan brush before now and I will not be turning back, as someone who loves a good highlighter I can’t even begin to imagine how wrong I was applying it before this brush, it really helps a little go a long way and creates more precise application.

I’d give this product a solid 9/10 (though i adore the design, the handle did feel funny for the fist couple of uses)

Finally back to So Eco* for this last set.


First I must say I love that it arrived in a little press stud  bag. This makes for easy travel. The set contains 5 brushes which are;

 I’m going to say I love the variation you’re getting with this bundle, they have thought about the whole eye area and not just the lids, for example, the eyebrow comb vs the mascara wand. It’s about a lot more than just eyeshadow with this set.

The fineliner brush is a thin brush almost like a lip liner, I used this to add a dark outline around the eye. The brush held the product well but I did go over it in eyeliner. I’m just not sure if I’ll get much use out of this brush using it solely for its intended purpose but I will use it more for creating cut crease eye looks.

The eyebrow comb is my favourite if you’ve seen my face you will be able to tell, I put a lot of time into my eyebrows. I love combing them, shaping them, filling them in. This brush just makes that so much easier!

The eye shading brush is perfect for creating an all over colour on the lids, great size and picks up colour well.

The angled eyeliner brush, again another brush I have changed the purpose of, I use this one to fill in my brows! I just love the straight angled line it can create.

Finally the mascara wand I used with my mascara primer to separate the lashes before applying mascara.

Out of ten I give this bundle 10! Despite changing some of the uses, I adore the different applicators!

I over the moon with my brushes and I think I’m going to love these the more I use them.

Thank you to Make Up Brushes Uk for these sets. I want to try everything you have now!

Go over to ; and have a look at just how many different brushes and brands they have. If you’re a make up junkie you’re going to love this site. Hurry now whilst they have FREE DELIVERY! .

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade.

*Products in this post were gifted from the company stated. All opinions are my own, for more information see disclaimer.  

What went on at the Blogging event: Bloggers Fashion Week! 

Hello everyone me again.

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful sunshine we’ve had for the past few days.

Today’s post is all about the last event I attended at Provisonal Studios Hoxton. Again hosted by the wonderful Bloggers Hangout. After having my invitation land in my inbox I immediately looked at the wonderful brands that were attending and got incredibly excited!

Some I had heard of before, some I had never heard of before and I was more than excited to have the chance to look and learn about both new and old brands.

Before heading to the event I picked out my outfit, standard skinny black jeans, boots, a cropped white tee, leather jacket and a hat. I know. A hat, I never wear hats.


I grabbed my trusty little Olympus camera and jumped in to my Uber.
Arriving at the studios at around 12:30 I was immediately excited to see the more casual and calm room than the previous event. There wasn’t half as many people and I think this was really due to the fact of the time but also because the day was in two sessions. One 12-3pm one 6-9pm.

I gave myself enough time at the event to chat to pretty much all the brands. From nails to hair, face to feet, make up to keeping fit. There were all sorts of brands ready to offer tips, tricks and samples of their products.

I learnt so much in such a short time at the event and I cannot wait to show you all the items I was gifted. Side note; these posts are coming there is just so much to trial and show you all-stay tuned for those, i’m working my way through the products! I’ll have posts coming from Annie Haak, Lab 2 beauty, Sensationail, Leighton Denny, Magnitone, Monuskin, Weleda, Amie, Paul Mitchell, The Curl Company, SBC gels & Kenneth Turner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I am loving the Blogger Hangout events, i love talking to the brands, i loved learning so much and i cannot wait to see more in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Danielle Jade

Where to be ladies who brunch, without breaking the bank! 

Hello everyone hope your week is off to a good start!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you two of my favourite spots to go for Brunch in East London.

Now one thing you should know about me is that Breakfast food is my favourite kind of food!

That is why I find brunch so amazing. The opportunity to have breakfast twice in one day and prolong the breakfast experience. I am in.

The first place up is called The Pavilion, and it can be found in Mile End. Set against the river running through Victoria Park. This little spot is beautiful for the warmer months when you want to brunch outside. I have been on a couple of different occasions now to eat with friends and I have never been disappointed, just look at the food it offers!

This is the avocado and poached eggs on toast with my favourite lemonade! The meal cost £7.50 and the lemonade £2.50 (I think, can’t remember the exact lemonade cost)

As someone who doesn’t eat (red) meat you can imagine my breakfast options are usually limited. From the traditional bacon  sandwich to the ultimate brunch of eggs Benedict, I cannot indulge in such wonders. Therefor I was extremely happy when I saw this on the pavilions chalk board. It was the perfect amount of avocade for a fan like myself!

For all you meat lovers out there my friends had the more traditonal breakfasts and thought they too were amazing!

Next up is a place called The Counter again found along side a river however this one is in Hackney. Perhaps one of the coolest little finds I’ve come across in London! It’s a small, cosy and ultimately cool place to go for brunch.Perfect for those colder months. Again the food is incredible and I opted of course for the vegetarian option….which I swear changed my life.

Ladies and gentleman want to know the way to my heart… That’s it. That breakfast right there. For £10 I ate perhaps my body weight in breakfast items. Partnered by one of the best cappuccinos I have had. The reason it was such a good brew is because The Counter is also a roastary so if you like a good coffee, get yourself down there pronto!

This time I remembered to snap a picture of the girls breakfasts too; here you go meat eaters…adore

Fresh orange juice is squeezed on the regular and you can help yourself to water in this chic cafe.

I’m sure you can find more information on prices for both if you give them a quick google but I can tell you now neither are going to break the bank and it will be one of the most pleasant and relaxed brunches you will go to!

Both perfect spots for hanging with friends as you discuss the week and catch up over a wonderful beverage.

Hope you enjoyed my little brunch post, just thought I’d share with you two of my favourite little London spots!

Thanks for reading, Danielle Jade


Top 5 things that suck about being a girl!


Hello, for those of you who may not already know, i’m Danielle and i have decided today’s post is going to be a list of my personal top 5 reasons of why being a girl SUCKS!


Thats right, you knew it was going to all start here.

Periods, suck. Big time. I have never heard any one describe being on their period as a delightful time. It’s not exactly something you’d compare to a stroll in the park. It’s more like trying to make it over hot lava on fragile stepping stones without sneezing or coughing for a week or sometimes maybe more.

Being on your period sucks. The cramps, the mood swings, the want to eat everything and also nothing at the same time. The back pain, the spots the unexpected arrival. Everything about periods suck.
Guys will never, ever understand just how horrible periods can be.
Also did i mention the added expense of periods? Tampons aren’t cheap you know, it costs a lot for this luxury of ours. Feminax will also need to be purchased. I’d say the average period* can cost easily £15 and this happens once a month! So overall we spend approximately £180.00 a year on making it a somewhat more bearable experience.

*average period based on cost for tampons when changed every 5 hours for one week. Totalling 3 boxes of tampons and one batch of Feminax Express. Not including the added cost of chocolate to stop me from acting like a bitch for the week.


The fear, the fear of losing your virginity. Thinking about sex as a teenager is some scary ass shit. Why on earth would i want that?! We are told that we are going to bleed, it will probably hurt and then maybe end up with a baby i never planned. SURE! That seems like a great idea. Admittedly as you get older and wiser you realise this is not so scary after all, in fact you will grow to love it, because there are many ways you can help prevent these unexpected babies. Which leads me to contraception. As a girl, we have again got the short end of the stick here. A man that doesn’t want babies? Here whack on a sock of latex and go to town…did i mention you can get condoms for FREE from your doctors so don’t worry about added expense lads. For girls however it’s way more difficult! Now, we do have choices when it comes to contraception, and i’m not going to say they aren’t miracle workers but they aren’t exactly as appealing as a condom.

We can choose one of the pills, now would you like the mood swing pill? The weight changing pill or the pill that you will of course forget at one point during the course of the batch because remembering every single day is quite frankly hard to keep up with sometimes. We cant just take one pill before sex like guys can put a condom on, though i bet a lot of girls wish we could!
Pill not for you?
Try the coil then.. Now, do you mind not being able to sit for a few days after whilst it’s inserted? (guys, google it)
Then if all else fails have the implant. Not only is it inserted into your body you can physically see and play with it too! Here’s to a free toy everyone!

I just think as incredible as female contraception is, guys do still have it a lot easier.


The media is tough on girls, and i literally mean every age group of girls. The media is warping our minds into having expectations that are quite frankly ridiculous. If i see one more celebrity sharing their ‘secrets’ on how they got that (insert, hype of the season) look, then it turns out to be plastic surgery, i will honestly cry.
Teenagers don’t look like teenagers anymore and i fear about what they are missing out on because of how much time they spend admiring unrealistic goals. To say girls should wear less make up would be extremely hypocritical of myself because lord knows i love my make up but i do wish that i didn’t care so much, but i do…and do you know why i do, because everyones seen those column in magazines like ‘CELEBRITY ON BEACH LOOKS HOMELESS WITH NO MAKE UP’ or ‘CELEBRITY HAS NEVER LOOKED WORSE GOING TO GYM’ and because of these attacks on people i admire i have become scared that is how the world will also see me. I know i will never have a Kardashian figure, i will never have hair like Jennifer Aniston but still i like, i comment and i follow their lifestyles on social media, i myself stalk their lifestyles one click at a time and i cannot see the point in stopping because i think now, you cannot escape media and if you do FOMO kicks in and you will go running back. Being a girl sucks, when you’re not the ideal version of yourself.


Being a girl sucks because of the expectations on grooming, i remember when i first wanted to start shaving and how my mother warned me once i start i will have to carry on for the rest of my life. Like many of mum and i’s conversations i didn’t take the FOREVER part seriously. I should have listened, because it’s true. Grooming is an essential part of any womans life, unless you are one of those women who feels entirely comfortable not shaving then YOU GO GIRL! i wish i could feel like you, but i cant. I cannot stand the idea of not shaving, but i cannot also stand the idea of how long and how ridiculous the upkeep of shaving is. So i was told waxing is supposed to last longer, i remember i went for my legs and eyebrows done at the same time. Thats right i willingly let a stranger pour hot wax on my face and rip it off, just so i could feel less like Chewbacca. Surprisingly my eyebrows didn’t hurt, my legs however was a horrible experience that i have never returned to. Not only that, what i thought was a pain free face experience turned out to make me the laughing stock in the family as my face turned red from the wax. Not the best of times. I remember my mum bought me an epilator one year after i basically begged for it, the woman on the advert made it look so effortless, she must have had the pain threshold of a rock because having a tiny machine rip out every hair was again not the solution for myself. Grooming is hard and the only way to find what works for you is experimenting! At least winter is our friend, you can bet for sure i am NOT shaving my legs under this wool bottoms throughout December. 


Finding that perfect outfit as a girl sucks, and don’t even think about getting a dress for a party from Topshop anymore because you can bet that at least 2 other girls will be wearing the same. I find personally that finding an outfit i feel amazing in can usually be a less than enjoyable experience. So here’s a list of my least favourite things about being a girl when it comes to fashion

When you finally try on the perfect dress and it’s nothing like it looks on the model. When you order online and the colour is completely different upon arrival. When you have to get a size bigger than you thought you were. When your jeans are too long/too short. When the waist fits but your boobs are too big or in my case when the body fits but it’s too baggy around the boobs. Cameltoe. Need i say anymore? Crop tops after a meal. Those bikini’s that have tiny straps cut out that make your legs look like a piece of ham from the butchers with that string on it. Coats where the hood refuses to stay up. SUEDE, why look so good but then resent the english weather.

Sidenote; yes i was on my period when i wrote this, i do actually believe being a girl can be awesome too but i am not in the mood for that today. Boys, i’m not saying you have a easy life, i’m sure you too have your troubles just get back to me when you can feel the pain of giving birth. Now where is my ben and jerry’s 

 Danielle Jade x


Hello everyone!

It’s officially the countdown to christmas, and what better way to celebrate the lead up to the big day than with new friends and extreme amounts of food!

That’s exactly what i did at the Bloggers Christmas Burger event.

 After being invited to join some other bloggers for a festive evening of burgers and cocktails by the lovely Pippa i was both excited and nervous to meet new people and get into the christmas spirit.

This would be my second blogger event i had attended and so i naturally went into panic mode as i arrived at covent garden and google mapped my route to the venue ; Brioche. It’s always the same few things that make me anxious, am i too early? Am i too late? Why didn’t i straighten my hair, this outfit is ratchet. Will i be the only one who doesn’t know anyone? Will they like the same things as i?And  finally the hope that they don’t mind someone who makes a joke out of 80% of all conversations.  You know the usual.

All my doubts and worries were immediately crushed though as soon as i entered the venue. I took a place on the end of the table, by the door and began chatting with some other lovely bloggers whilst sipping my christmassy themed cocktail.

As the evening continued we were all starting to become hungry bloggers and it was time to choose our burger and toppings.

I went for buttermilk chicken with halloumi and mushrooms, which i think should just be renamed.. THEMOSTDELICIOUSBURGERYOUWILLEVEREATBURGER- burger. The sweet brioche bun worked perfectly with the chicken and the generous array of sides they provided made the whole meal more like a feast! I mean, guys, there were curly fries. CURLY FRIES, do you know how old i was when i last had curly fries. It was just the best!

After taking quite some time to enjoy our burgers…(most of that time included fellow bloggers saying how full they were and i saying how they should ignore that feeling and power through) we eventually finished and were ready for desert. Now… YES.It’s true i like desert, and yes, Brioche delivered. This salted caramel sticky toffee pudding was perhaps one of the best puddings of my life. Now, if you think i’m over reacting here, then go try it, because i love being right! I’d go as far as to say it was perhaps the highlight of the night for me. I’m totally kidding, but it was that good!

As everyone began to finish their food and i sipped the last of my gin and tonic, the evening was coming to an end and i had had a wonderful time! I had eaten more food than i thought was possible, i had met new people and clicked instantly with some, as if we’d known each other forever. As we said our goodbyes, we were given a little xmas parcel, which i think was just the star of the top of the xmas tree (went for kid of a cherry on top of the cake thing here, just go with it,pretend it works 🙈)

Inside were gifts from the wonderful :
Beegood, Sass and Belle and Letterbox Gifts, so thank you also to you guys for providing me with xmas treats!
One thing i need to mention before i quickly say goodbye is that Brioche is a pop up! So do run and fill your faces with ALL THE FOOD, before it disappears.

Once again thanks for a wonderful evening!