New Year…Same me?

So its 2018…Is it just me or did 2017 go by so fast?!
As always I completely took full advantage of pretending not to acknowledge its a new year* and create only one tiny resolution.
Honestly, i feel like making such a huge list of resolutions would be pointless for me, because I know all i’m setting myself up for then is spending the year anxious about the fact I am not achieving said silly resolutions, and wondering why i did this to myself, and who wants to witness that now?!
So instead I’ve set myself the simple goal ‘Keep Going!’
Now I’m aware this sounds completely generic and I bet there are 5000 quotes out there on many a fridge magnet that can tell me how to keep going and live like there’s no tomorrow love like…. BLAH BLAH BLAH , but I think the motivation I’m looking for isn’t one which hallmark can script.
In a way it’s a kind of acceptance with myself, to know whatever I choose so long as it keeps me smiling is the right choice. To keep in mind the obstacles i have overcome when challenged with new ones, and to remember that staying still isn’t failure, but to push through when i’m ready, Keep Going and try to avoid stepping/falling back as much as possible.

So if there is anyone else out there like myself, who doesn’t necessarily like making lists and lists of resolutions. Why don’t you join me in my goal to ‘Keep Going’

Let me know if you want to Keep Going and let’s become Motivation Buddies!
Thanks for reading,

Danielle Jade x

Here’s  New Years Pictures of my girl, my friends and I after champagne*

*Disclaimer: As much as i think NY is usually a massive FLOP. That doesn’t mean that i disagree with poppin’ a bottle come 12:00.


Two thousand and something else… 

So that’s it 2016 came and went in a flash.Well that’s how it felt most of the time.

Am i happy with how the universe played out this year? Well no not completely, i am not however i would like to say it has definitely been one year that i will not forget.

Now, i am not going to join in by saying GOOD RIDDANCE 2016 or THANK GOD 2016 IS GONE  because i cannot see the future i don’t know if i’m leaving behind the terrible things 2016 threw at me or if i am now walking head first into the mess that started in 2016 only for it to continue into 2017, but i sure as hell am not going to waste my time dwelling on negativity and what ifs. I highly recommend you try not to either.

2016 gave me both ups and downs, i felt every emotion on the spectrum, i visited new places around the world, i had my first christmas away from home, i realised how horrible it feels when your vote doesn’t win (cough Brexit cough) and i learned to say ‘ahhh FUCK IT’

Within the year of 2016 i found my sunshine and rainbows in the form of;

New Friends- I met so many beautiful people in 2016. Mainly from my old workplace, i have met some of the most wonderful souls and cannot begin to thank 2016 enough for that. Also my beautiful best friend asked her girlfriend to marry her in 2016, not only am i happy that they will be getting married now but even the fact that LGBT couples CAN get married still makes me happy.

Travels – In 2016 alone, i went to Ibiza, Bangkok, Koh Phangan, Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Guernsey and Cornwall. I saw more beautiful places around this silly little world. I realised i’m a teeny-tiny little part of beautiful big world and it’s actually incredibly fascinating.

Music – I managed to attend my first festival this year Lovebox , I saw Queen Beyonce and as always Ellie Goulding was incredible. I listened to so much more music this year and expanded my outlook on what i like and don’t like. I listened to everything and anything spotify gave me.

Days Out – Perhaps some of my favourite days in 2016 were day trips, Kew Gardens in London is so beautiful and walking amongst the tree tops was so beautiful. Harry Potter world at the Warner brothers studios was so much fun! The Eden project is something i recommend everyone goes to and try the zip line. PRIDE in London, a day full of glitter and cans of alcohol, people line the streets even in the rain to celebrate who they are and support others. Even though it was a crowded mess of rainbows i wouldn’t change it for the world!

Nights Out – London has some incredible places for drinks and i feel that in 2016 i really managed to take advantage of that. Great nights out with good friends and loud music can really be just the perfect way to let go and have some fun! Same as, getting together with the girls for cocktails and leaving drinks can be the perfect farewell, especially when there is gin involved.

As always 2017 had its negatives, i lost someone very important to my family, i moved over 5000 miles away from home and i changed my career goals but you know what?

I grew up.

Im not sure theres much more to say on that matter, i opened my mind, i said yes to more things i would usually say no to. I stopped being as afraid of everything i found too hard to comprehend. I trusted my heart more than my head. I fell hard and i got back up. I spiralled down and bounced back up like a firework. I exploded with anger and i sunk with sadness, i found happiness in the small things, and i laughed harder than i ever imagined but above all of this, i gave myself the time, respect and courage to carry on and accept all these feelings are justified , they are important and they are to be encouraged. They are me and i am ok with that.

Ok, so i know this was a short post for me but with the new year having been and gone,  i thought it was something that i should share with you all.

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade



Hanoi (Vietnam) First Impressions. Get to know all about it!

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Hello everyone!
Im back today with another Travel/Lifestyle post, this one’s all about my first impressions of Hanoi Vietnam.


Think of the busiest place you know, Westfield shopping centre, being at the front of your favourite festival, leaving the stadium after the match finishes. There, Hanoi. Put all those people on bikes and take away most of the rules when it comes to driving and you can fully understand how it feels to be on a scooter in the middle of the Old Quarter. It is mayhem to a new driver. Everyone needs to get somewhere and an inch of space is the perfect opportunity for someone to sneak by you and disappear up the road. I think the only way i can describe how it feels to be on a bike in the middle of Hanoi is, it’s like being in a real life Crash Bandicoot game, anyone could swerve around and in front of you at any minute, there may be someones cardigan dropped ahead that you need to swerve from and U-turns are a given here, so watch out for those bikes coming towards you down that ‘one way’ street.
That being said, after you get used to the mindset, being a driver in Hanoi is actually quite enjoyable. It’s always fascinating to see new places, as you drive around. There’s a sense of accomplishment too, like YEAH, i CAN do it. I CAN drive here!


Oh my, now the food here. Hanoi is overwhelmed with smells. Both good and bad but find a good place and the food is just incredible!
We have eaten at so many different places here in Hanoi both traditional and Western. Moving to Hanoi i was originally very nervous about what i would find to eat. This is because i am somewhat  picky with food to start with. I don’t eat red meat, i barely like any spices, i don’t really like dressings or sauces. I’m a foodies worst nightmare. So you can imagine when i see ‘mixed meat’ on the menu i am less than excited to know what they class as mixed meat, however I’m currently trying to live with a ‘well you only live once’ outlook on life, so you know what i ordered? That mixed meat rice. It was delicious. I did only notice tofu and chicken in it (which was lucky) but it was truly yummy. Naomi has taken to eating Pho at any opportunity and for only 30,000vnd a bowl (that’s £1.09) it’s more than incredible value.
One day after work we went to a Vietnamese place with work friends and i suddenly realised i am actually no where neat as adventurous as i first thought. As they brought out Goat, baby birds, stingray and other impressive and petrifying foods. I felt myself coward back to the comfort of my tiger beer and rice paper rolls. I tried some of the sting ray and i must say it was tasty!


Hanoi is rich in culture. It’s such a beautiful place to explore. I love our journey to work because we travel about half an hour away from our little Tay Ho bubble and in that journey i notice new sights every trip. If you have a bike take some time to go explore. There’s so many wonderful places to seek out. Including but not limited to the museums. Within our first week in Hanoi we had done three museums, in particular i enjoyed the Women’s Museum. Learning about the history of the Vietnamese housewife, the mother, the dress makers and the women who served in the Army. I felt incredibly emotional come the end of the museum. I really recommend going to this museum when you are in Hanoi.
I must also point out one of my favourite ‘sites’ to enjoy en route to work are other people’s bikes! It’s amazing how much people load onto two wheels.

I wanted to share with you some of my other favourite sights below;

The Districts:

Within Hanoi the city is broken down into smaller chunks, these chunks are known as districts. The most popular two you may know about before arriving at The Old Quarter and Tay Ho. The old quarter is what you want to explore if you’re travelling here. The old quarter is home to Lake Hoan Kiem aka ‘lake of the returned sword’.

Here is where you can sit and watch the traffic zoom around whilst having a beer up on the rooftops. You can wander for hours down the different themed streets that are adjacent to Hoan Kiem. You can watch the  water puppet theatre shows, get your hands on the best kinds of souvenirs and find some incredible places to eat. Perhaps what I love the most about the Old Quarter is the people, Vietnamese run businesses are the only kind here. Very traditional.

Tay ho on the other hand is quite the opposite. It’s known as the bubble here because of the ability to live in Hanoi without leaving Tay Ho. Here is home to most of the expats. It’s full of teachers, i say this as i too a new teacher now live amongst all my colleagues here in the Tay Ho bubble. Around here you are likely to hear more American, English, and South African accents than anything else. Unless you meet our door man, he speaks no english and our conversations are beautiful engagements of us nodding and pretending to understand each other. Tay ho has some amazing bakeries, inspired by the french, there’s a few places i have come to love along To Ngoc Van.


I could honestly go on forever about how i feel living in Hanoi but i will leave you here for now. If you would like to hear more about my life here, do leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me on Youtube! because that’s a thing I’m doing now.

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade.

Living in London – One Year down.

So guys, it’s officially been a year now since i moved over to London with Naomi and Natalie by my side (For those of you who may not know these are the girls i live with) We found the perfect size place for the three of us just along the central line and after a year of living here i thought i’d give you an update on why living with your best friends is the best!

So how long have you known each other for? 

I have known both Naomi and Natalie now since the first year i started performing Arts school in 2012. When we were little freshers i actually lived in the room opposite Nat and ever since the first day, we were set to be friends for life. She pee’d in a bush the first night i met her and i thought…ahhhh thats the kind of friend i choose 😂 Naomi actually lived in the building opposite our court but was in basically every single one of my classes whilst studying and after freshers year was over for 2nd and 3rd year i lived with Naomi in our first ever ‘grown up’ house. Looking back now, it was not entirely grown up and that was partially influenced by the amount of alcohol we had spilt on the carpets having always been nominated the hosts of pre-drinks.


(AH, look at us infants)

So why make the move? 

We all decided to move over to London after Naomi was offered a wonderful job working over here. This was actually motivation for all of us! We were all living in Guernsey (google it) at the time and each had personal reasons and certain aspects of England pulling us back to the wonderful city of London.

So how did the move go?

Once we arrived in England i was excited to show the girls the place, i had been in charge of finding a house and my it was a difficult challenge. I remember it came down to me literally sitting on the tube, going down the central line and getting off at every stop, finding estate agents and asking what they had available within the next two weeks. Luckily after around 3weeks of hunting we were moved into our little pad.We were excited about our first trips to ikea and how we could fill our little home. The move on a whole went pretty smooth, i mean, i’d like to request that TFL find some way of getting lifts into more stations, especially like Victoria. Lugging 5 suitcases up and down each station was less than fun. That being said Naomi and i found a way to make it humorous and instead of getting angry at the situation / each other would just yell ‘Whats the plan Phil’ like Claire of Modern Family when ever we were getting stressed and then started the 2 minute break.

How is it different from living together in ‘University’ ?

I think the main difference from living together during University to living together now, is that we are growing up. Now, this may sound odd to you as you are probably thinking, well shouldn’t you have been growing up at Uni? but lets face it, if youre anything like me, you couldn’t exactly find time to officially grow up whilst juggling  pub golf,  spending hours learning scripts, writing essays, eating at Wetherspoons, worrying about when student loan were finally going to drop the money into your account and actually just trying to cook. Also i find it was hard to truly grow up during university whilst you are still being told exactly what to do, whereas now, now that we are completely alone. I feel like i am becoming more comfortable as a person and that in turn is helping me grow. I can see the change in myself, i am living how i want to live, socialising with who i want, spending my free time dong hobbies and such rather than just ordering Pappa Johns and generally feeling more mature knowing this is my home, my life and i choose my living.


(Brunch with wine becomes a regular thing)

Also, the biggest change living from university to now is our beautiful little kitten Theo.

(The beautiful Theo)

How are the holidays different living with friends? 

The holidays living with friends are the best. Last xmas was our first together as a trio and we loved nothing more than picking out our first xmas tree all together. I am a huge believer that xmas is a time to be with family, but also it was so lovely to grab duvets, and eat dinner by our little xmas tree. I think this felt nice as again in university years we obviously didn’t invest in a tree we would then just leave to fall apart as we went home for the break. This however made the house feel festive and joyful throughout December.


(Our first xmas tree, it was adorable)

What are the positives of living in London so far?

In comparison to where i have lived before, London just has a lot more to offer! Being in your twenties and in the big smoke, is perfect! Surrounded by coffee shops, cocktails bars, restaurants, clubs, comedy, theatre and shopping i couldn’t ask for more. Also i am inspired by people i see on the streets, the architecture that surrounds me and the speed of London. I do wish there was a beach near by, but i won’t dwell too much on that.


(Forever discovering new places with friends)
Are there any negative times living with your best friends? 

As of today we haven’t actually had any problems living together! I think the odd occasion we have had arguments about the washing up but thats to be expected isn’t it.

Can you share some of the positives about living with your best friends?

I truly do believe friends are the family you choose. I adore both of these girls and thats why living with them is so great. If i want to sing at the top of my lungs, they wont judge when i hit that bum note. If i want to sleep all day and party all night, again no judgement and i’m pretty sure they would be the first to join me on my quest. The positives of living with your best friends are endless, who else would you want to live with, than the people you click with, the people who love you, the people that make you happy! It just makes sense!


(Perhaps the most accurate representation of our friendship)