Kew Gardens, the beauty of nature.

Kew gardens is a well known, world famous Botanic Garden. With beautiful buildings, plants and architecture Kew gardens offers a beautiful day out.


Last Friday i took my first trip to Kew Gardens and was astounded by the beauty that nature has to offer us. Hopping on the train to about 30minutes outside London, i really didn’t know what to expect from the day. Yes, i like flowers, i mean, i’m a 24 year old girl. I love a bunch of flowers on the table but how was i going to like a day full of wandering round Kew Gardens?

Well, any doubts i had at first were soon wiped out of my mind when i stepped into my first building. The Palm House, as we opened the door, the imitated tropical climate hit my face and my camera instantly fogged up. This place was hot. Inside tall palm trees filled the air and many other exotic plats from all over the globe lined this stunning building.


As we wandered around this beautiful building we reached a spiral staircase that led down underneath the room into a basement type room. In there was the marine aquarium, which was completely the opposite temperature. Cold and very blue the sea-life creatures were swimming around aimlessly enjoying life. Having the marine down here , made the perfect escape from the heat and a great chance to learn more about sea-life plants too.

After looking around the whole of The Palm house we head outside and walked around the gardens more, perhaps we went in circles a few times but it was so beautiful it didn’t matter.

We found ourselves at the Orangery restaurant next and grabbed a bite to eat, the food was good and i even had a chocolate cake, well, the most chocolaty cake EVER. Dark chocolate, chocolate sponge, chocolate topping, you name it, it was on that cake.

After indulging in a light lunch we moved onto the highlight of the visit, The Princess of Wales Conservatory. In here was the Orchid exhibition, ‘a spectacular carnival of dazzling Brazilian colours’ Grand displays of orchids and perfectly poised sculptures filled this conservatory. It really was a colourful spectacular. The oranges, to reds, to greens, purples and blues offered a spectrum of coloured orchids. Perhaps this would be easier for me to show you rather than explain its wonder ;

See! It’s all incredibly beautiful and charming.

The rainforest tree’s had been covered in hundreds of delicate little flowers. I was mesmorised by nature. So pretty. So perfect.

The front part of the conservatory however was the complete opposite, it was full of cactus’s. All different shapes and sizes, i was surprised by how many different kinds there were . Here in England they aren’t the most popular of plants to be popping up but here there were an incredible amount. Resisting the urge to touch them was difficult.

Just look how cartoon-ish they appear. It’s almost humerous.


Finally as it was quite cold we decided to hit one more attraction before heading on the train back home.
What did we go for? You guessed it.

The treetop walkway!

Getting to the top of this walkway does mean you will have to climb over a hundred steps , but it is so worth it! Even on this cold windy day, being able to take a moment and look over the park felt somewhat surreal. The view is pretty and i can only imagine in the summer it will be even better! We walked around the whole treetops and admittedly at a few points i did freak out about the swaying of the walkway, all in all it was a lovely moment.

Have you been to Kew Gardens?

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Danielle Jade

The North Vs The South. 

Hello guys today’s post is a little different to usual, I took part in the Ltbloggers chat and it was based a lot around The North vs The South.So I thought what a better time than to post a little list of things that are different up North compared to the big smoke and why I like/dislike these things so here we go:
First lets get the negatives out of the way…


1: The awful roller coaster trains in Yorkshire that feel like they may break down at any given point. You know the ones, they don’t have individual seats it’s more like a bench, and when you sit down on them they creak and you’re now pretty sure you’re the main character in some horror film that’s about to start.

2. When every one thinks you think you’re now ‘posh’ because of your slightly southern accent. Or even worse people say they don’t understand what you are saying because you’re speaking clearly. Gahhh.

3. Now this one is specifically to do with travel, but the sheer lack of places to wait for a train. The last time I went home at I was surprised to not find even a ticket booth, I mean there was a shed like shelter, however I didn’t want to smell like cat piss when I arrived in London so I opt to stand in the feezing cold. Then accept the glare the ticket man gives me as I have to purchase my ticket by card on the train. OH THE SHAME!

4. Why does the whole world shut at 5?!!! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m living near Westfields now, which never sleeps! But shops closing at 5 completely baffled me. How do you make any money if you close when people finish work?

5. The speed people walk at up north is considerably slower and also these slow people block both sides of the escalator. This is my biggest peeve. I think London definitely moves at a faster pace, I got tired of saying ‘excuse me’ whilst being home, and people don’t have a clue that by them innocently standing on both sides of the escalator as they discuss how awful that girls Facebook picture is, now means I’m late.

1. TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA. It’s just better. It’s known that tea can solve everything up north and that’s put to good use.

2. Everything is cheaper. Everything. I literally bought coasters whilst I was home. Why you ask? Because they were cheap! (And because I could fit them into my case) I also remember my friend Alex came up to Yorkshire for New Years once and we went out, of course we ordered cocktails and at £8.50 we thought it sounded about right. You should have seen the joy on her face when the bar man told us that was a 3 not an 8! I had to stop her from buying 16. £3.50 come on now guys!


(Here we were, very happy with our cocktails)

3. Being able to find space. Now this is not possible in London, what I mean by space is, if I wanted to go for a quiet walk in London is first have to travel to get to a quiet place! Ultimately failing my original task because more than likely I’d be going a park which I would use the tube to get to! Whereas in Yorkshire there are literally fields pretty much everywhere you can clear your head and walk and jog and enjoy the lovely countryside.

4. Everyone knows everyone! It’s such a warm feeling especially coming from a little village popping down the street usually means, I need bread but also be prepared to see every aunt, uncle, cousin, dog, school teacher and old friend you ever had!

5. Family. My favourite thing about Yorkshire is my family, it’s where I grew up, it’s where I made most of my treasured memories. It’s got a special little place in my heart.


Ok so, I hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know if you have anymore to add to this list or which stand out in particular to you!

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade