What 6 months in Vietnam has taught me. 

Can you believe I’ve been in Vietnam six months now? I remember when I made my YouTube video saying I was moving here ; https://youtu.be/2Lt5kwr7IdY

Now it’s six months down the line and I’ve taken some time to reflect and appreciate my self growth. So here let me share with you; 

1. I learnt how to ride a scooter! Here in Hanoi. I know I’m crazy right. With only a couple of self taught driving lessons I’m now whizzing around Hanoi. The traffic is crazy and I did throw the bike across the parking lot at my work once but hey, this is still a major achievement for me! 

2. I’m a teacher. I literally teach tiny humans our crazy language. You know what else guys? I feel like I may just be good at this! I adore the children and I find my job thoroughly enjoyable. 

3. I’ve tried food I wouldn’t even dare to in England. The food scene here can be crazy different to back home so I think it’s important to try as much as possible, even though I don’t like it. I mean, who else can say they’ve eaten stingray just because…. 

4. On Mondays I take two dance classes Ballet and Contemporary , at a class where the teacher speaks no English and I no Vietnamese. Probably the biggest dance challenge of my life and that includes auditions. Yet, I loved it, dancing is something I adore and it was an amazing challenge to take on. He even made me solo for the group at the end- Petrifying. 

5. I’ve explored Thailand. I’ve seen from the south sunny island of Koh Phangan and up to the north little town of Pai. I’ve bathed in hot springs, splashed in waterfalls, walked with the elephants and explored temples all over the cities. 

6. I’ve learnt happiness is fundamental I’ve had significantly less negative MH days here in comparison to the UK. I truly believe this is because I’m happier than I was working my mundane job 24/7 in London. 

7. I’ve come to appreciate my loved ones so much more. Being away from them makes me miss their traits, but not in a homesick kind of way, but more of a splendorous kind of way. 

8. I’ve fallen more in love than ever. With my partner, with myself and with my life.

It’s really crazy how six months can change how you feel in different aspects of your life. 

So if today, you get the chance. Remember, you can do anything you want, be anything you want to be and life how you want to live. 

Please do comment and tell me something you’ve learnt about yourself in the past six months 
Danielle Jade 


A taste of the island life! What to do in Koh Pha Ngan; Thailand. 

Ok so as some of you may know already Naomi and I went over to the beautiful island of Koh Pha Ngan for our first Christmas away from home. We went for 6days and despite the horrendously long journey it was more than worth it in the end…

Just look at that beautiful beach!

Koh Phangan is blessed with incredible weather which meant it was minimum 28degrees everyday even the next morning after it rained during the night!

How to get to Koh Phangan?
Now there are two main ways to get to Koh Phangan depending on your budget…want the quickest way, you’ll pay the most money. You can simply hop on a flight to the nearest airports and get the three hour ferry over to Koh Phangan.

Or if you’re budgeting then you can fly to Bangkok and get the 8hour bus ride and then ferry the next morning to Koh Phangan. All in all it could take from 11-12 excluding the flight and wait time in the airport. Not ideal if you hate waiting around but cost effective! Perfect for travellers and backpackers.

Where we stayed?

We dated at dreamland resorts in the more secluded and expensive north of the island. Away from the hustle and bustle of the port this area was more family and relaxation friendly.

The beaches were beautiful and calm with significantly less people on them than the most popular tourist hit beaches.

Our resort was in the form of little cabins ours was literally a 30second walk from decking to the shore and into the sea. I understand completely why it’s called dreamland. Now the rooms are pretty basic and not perfect but that honestly didn’t bother us as we spent 90% of our time lounging around the pool , pool bar and by the sea.
Just look at this view from my seat along the side of the pool, straight onto the beach!

What to do in Koh Phangan?
Here’s my top 5 ‘to do’ attractions in Koh Phangan;

1. Do go chasing waterfalls! Go and swim in the natural pools they have formed and gaze at the wonderful scenery. Our favourite was paradise waterfall, well worth taking the trip to. 

2. Hire a bike and ride around the island, there are very few roads in Koh Phangan and the two main ones literally take you from point a to point b covering the whole island. The views you will see as you circle the island are mesmoring. Our bike hire cost 200baht day which was significantly less than the 800baht taxis we were getting . I must say though, Koh Phangan is a very mountainous island so drive exceptionally carefully. If this is your first time driving I wouldn’t recommend learning here, it’s very steep and very windy. Be safe. Wear a helmet and cover your knees/elbows if possible. 

3. Speaking of views make sure to take a trip to Amsterdam bar if you are wanting to see Koh Phangan. look at this; the bar is one of the most chilled places we visited. It is called Amsterdam bar for a reason after all. The shakes are just as amazing as the view.

4. Watersports and/or diving tours . Well this could have been more fun had I not been convinced I’d seen a shark freaked out and yelled at Naomi IM GOING TO DIE. Let me set one thing straight, I’m not the best in the water but I really wanted to conquer that fear so we kayaked. Naomi seemed to love it, safe to say I’ll try something else like jet skiing next time! One thing I do know is I won’t be kayaking again any time soon.

5. Enjoy the party atmosphere. Get to 7/11 and get some cheap beers to pre drink with back at your hotel/hostel/beach and head to one of the parties! There are so many to choose from. Time it right and you just may make the full moon/half moon party. If you’re not there to make them we recommend the waterfall party for all your neon glitter and fire needs. Bonus: they literally sell food in the place.

We truly loved our time in Koh Phangan it was the perfect balance of entertainment and relaxation.

There are more ways to make this trip action filled just have a ride around the island to see more!
Hope you enjoyed reading.

Danielle Jade

Hanoi (Vietnam) First Impressions. Get to know all about it!

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Hello everyone!
Im back today with another Travel/Lifestyle post, this one’s all about my first impressions of Hanoi Vietnam.


Think of the busiest place you know, Westfield shopping centre, being at the front of your favourite festival, leaving the stadium after the match finishes. There, Hanoi. Put all those people on bikes and take away most of the rules when it comes to driving and you can fully understand how it feels to be on a scooter in the middle of the Old Quarter. It is mayhem to a new driver. Everyone needs to get somewhere and an inch of space is the perfect opportunity for someone to sneak by you and disappear up the road. I think the only way i can describe how it feels to be on a bike in the middle of Hanoi is, it’s like being in a real life Crash Bandicoot game, anyone could swerve around and in front of you at any minute, there may be someones cardigan dropped ahead that you need to swerve from and U-turns are a given here, so watch out for those bikes coming towards you down that ‘one way’ street.
That being said, after you get used to the mindset, being a driver in Hanoi is actually quite enjoyable. It’s always fascinating to see new places, as you drive around. There’s a sense of accomplishment too, like YEAH, i CAN do it. I CAN drive here!


Oh my, now the food here. Hanoi is overwhelmed with smells. Both good and bad but find a good place and the food is just incredible!
We have eaten at so many different places here in Hanoi both traditional and Western. Moving to Hanoi i was originally very nervous about what i would find to eat. This is because i am somewhat  picky with food to start with. I don’t eat red meat, i barely like any spices, i don’t really like dressings or sauces. I’m a foodies worst nightmare. So you can imagine when i see ‘mixed meat’ on the menu i am less than excited to know what they class as mixed meat, however I’m currently trying to live with a ‘well you only live once’ outlook on life, so you know what i ordered? That mixed meat rice. It was delicious. I did only notice tofu and chicken in it (which was lucky) but it was truly yummy. Naomi has taken to eating Pho at any opportunity and for only 30,000vnd a bowl (that’s £1.09) it’s more than incredible value.
One day after work we went to a Vietnamese place with work friends and i suddenly realised i am actually no where neat as adventurous as i first thought. As they brought out Goat, baby birds, stingray and other impressive and petrifying foods. I felt myself coward back to the comfort of my tiger beer and rice paper rolls. I tried some of the sting ray and i must say it was tasty!


Hanoi is rich in culture. It’s such a beautiful place to explore. I love our journey to work because we travel about half an hour away from our little Tay Ho bubble and in that journey i notice new sights every trip. If you have a bike take some time to go explore. There’s so many wonderful places to seek out. Including but not limited to the museums. Within our first week in Hanoi we had done three museums, in particular i enjoyed the Women’s Museum. Learning about the history of the Vietnamese housewife, the mother, the dress makers and the women who served in the Army. I felt incredibly emotional come the end of the museum. I really recommend going to this museum when you are in Hanoi.
I must also point out one of my favourite ‘sites’ to enjoy en route to work are other people’s bikes! It’s amazing how much people load onto two wheels.

I wanted to share with you some of my other favourite sights below;

The Districts:

Within Hanoi the city is broken down into smaller chunks, these chunks are known as districts. The most popular two you may know about before arriving at The Old Quarter and Tay Ho. The old quarter is what you want to explore if you’re travelling here. The old quarter is home to Lake Hoan Kiem aka ‘lake of the returned sword’.

Here is where you can sit and watch the traffic zoom around whilst having a beer up on the rooftops. You can wander for hours down the different themed streets that are adjacent to Hoan Kiem. You can watch the  water puppet theatre shows, get your hands on the best kinds of souvenirs and find some incredible places to eat. Perhaps what I love the most about the Old Quarter is the people, Vietnamese run businesses are the only kind here. Very traditional.

Tay ho on the other hand is quite the opposite. It’s known as the bubble here because of the ability to live in Hanoi without leaving Tay Ho. Here is home to most of the expats. It’s full of teachers, i say this as i too a new teacher now live amongst all my colleagues here in the Tay Ho bubble. Around here you are likely to hear more American, English, and South African accents than anything else. Unless you meet our door man, he speaks no english and our conversations are beautiful engagements of us nodding and pretending to understand each other. Tay ho has some amazing bakeries, inspired by the french, there’s a few places i have come to love along To Ngoc Van.


I could honestly go on forever about how i feel living in Hanoi but i will leave you here for now. If you would like to hear more about my life here, do leave a comment and don’t forget to follow me on Youtube! because that’s a thing I’m doing now.

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade.

How to survive moving to a new place in 5 steps! 

Ok hello again everyone!

I’ve just recently moved to Hanoi and don’t get me wrong as amazing as it feels now…adjusting was harder than I imagined it was going to be. 

That’s why I’m here to give you all an insight to how I’ve dealt with moving and share some tips on how to make it easier for all of you with my 5 little hints! 

  1. Don’t hide your emotions. Now is not the time to put on a brave face. Being emotional does not make you vulnerable, being emotional makes you a person. You have to be prepared to not find everything easy right now. Moving to a new place is going to send your emotions crazy, and be prepared these emotions will hit you very easily every, day, hour,minute and if you’re like me…second.You are taking yourself away from your natural habitat, stripping yourself of your comforts and jumping into a whole new lifestyle so if you want to go ahead and cry. CRY.  Let it out- it’s justified.
  2. Take it one day at a time. STOP, thinking about 6 months from now because i will guarantee your immediate emotions and feelings to your new surroundings are going to change six months down the line. As humans we can instantly pick up and focus on the negatives so you know what, go ahead list all the things you don’t like about this new place! It smells weird, say it. It sounds different, say it. You don’t speak the language, say it. Get it out. Now think, what did you expect?. Moving to a new place is going to bring different smells,sounds & sights. Now look around, what do you like? What has made you smile, what has made you curious, what has made you feel comfortable? Hold on to those thoughts! Keep them. These are your new comforts.
  3. Explore. Go out, go look around. Go and say hello to some people, go and indulge in the culture, go and walk around where the locals are. Find areas you like, parks, lakes, rivers, museums, bars, restaurants. Explore different locations, different areas at different times of the day. Find a place that you feel comfortable in, and settle there for a while. This will instantly put you at ease, setting up at a hostel, hotel or apartment you can see yourself enjoying will make a world of difference. This is where you will retreat to. This is your sanctuary so make sure you’re comfortable.
  4. Language. If you’re moving to a new county then you should try and learn some of the basic phrases used there. You’re going to feel incredibly small landing in a country that is speaking a different language, so learn thank-you, learn hello, learn phrases that show gratitude. This will make you look polite and also like you are at least attempting to fit in in your new place. Something that will be highly respected by the locals. The last thing you want is to look like you have moved to a new country with an idea that the world owes you something. Universally, manners cost nothing. 
  5. Travel. Now immediately stop stressing because google maps has got us all sorted here. So the age old, i don’t know where i’m going, is a thing of the past. You can literally get from A-B with ease now, it’s all right there. Another incredible app (but limited to certain places) is Citymapper, now i even used to use this in my home country, from bus times, to tube times, to walking directions, ordering an uber and fin be out in real time how long it takes to get from place to place city mapper has you covered. Uber again is a key app to have downloaded! It really does work globally! Here in Vietnam you can get uber bike, you will literally be on the back of someone’s motorbike. 

I hope this helps you all! I think it has really helped me in the long run.
Stay beautiful, 

Danielle Jade x 

10 ways to survive that dreaded long haul flight.

1.Choose your seat wisely. Ideally if you can choose a seat before you check in do it. Or turn up early and make sure you get a seat with whoever you are travelling with. Don’t be left alone on a flight thats going to take a while.
giphy (70).gif
2. Following up on that, if you can get a seat without anyone in front of you, do it. The last thing you want is what happened to me. (A guy thinking it’s completely acceptable to recline his seat onto my lap, wanna just come hop on over and spoon me whilst you’re at it? – if you can’t already tell, i was not impressed)

giphy (68).gif
3. SNACKS. SNACKS. SNACKS. Plane food, is NOT the win. Now i know some people are fine with that solid bread roll but i, i just cant compare it to an actual edible piece of bread so i take snacks. Sweet & Savoury and a whole lot of water. Keep hydrated.
giphy (67).gif
4. Try to set your body clock whilst you’re in the air. If it’s 11pm where you’re landing then you should be sleeping on that plane. Try to keep with what time of the day/night it would be in the country you’re about to touch down in.
5. Wear comfy clothes. The plane is not a catwalk, you’re not going to look your best after being squashed in one seat for a long time anyway so the least you can do is give yourself the most comfort and embrace life in those comfy jumpers/leggings/baggy tee’s whatever it is you feel good in.
ALWAYS keep a jacket though, the air-con is going to hit you at one point so take something you can wrap up in should you need it.
6. Get up and walk around. You should try to keep as active as possible, stretch your legs. Walk to the bathroom. Make sure you are moving, unless you like pins and needles that is.
7. Two items i cannot get on a plane without are; headbands and chapstick. These two are my favourite pocket items on a long haul flight. They are simple but effective.
8. Take advantage of the entertainment on board the flight. The movies, tv shows, music, games, podcasts.(the alcohol) Anything to keep the brain awake.
9. Now is the perfect time to research and plan your upcoming trip, you have so much time to make an itinerary and to think about exactly what you’re going to do whilst you’re on holiday so make the most of it!
10. Pack light. Take a nice size bag with all your essentials in it as carry on luggage. Keep your passport, phone, and anything else you’ll immediately need in a separate wallet so you can easy get to them when you need them at the border etc.

*Credit: all gifs taken from http://www.giphy.com*

Exploring Venice – Italy.

Hello lovely humans, today’s post is about one of the most treasured weekend breaks i have had the pleasure of enjoying.

Where?Venice – Italy.
Booked with ?British Airways.
When? January.

Upon arrival we hopped across the bridge on the bus and i was immediately astounded by the beautiful landscapes. The small enough island surround by blue sea looked beautiful as you crossed.

With it being January everyone was huddled in coats, scarves and jackets which actually prove to be too much when the sun did come out, later that day. Temperatures in Venice usually is around  3-6 degrees, so ditch those bikini’s and grab your umbrellas.

Once we arrived across the bridge. We instantly head to our hotel and dropped off our bags. We stayed at The Hotel Canal, perfectly situated from the main parking area within Venice the hotel was very easy to locate, within a small walking distance. This is ideal if you have bags or cases that you don’t want to be dragging around. The hotel itself has a traditional Italian feel, the shuttered windows that overlook the grand canal (if requested) really make you feel at home. What i will say is, don’t book this hotel if you are used to 5 star, modern apartment type hotels. This shabby little traditional treasure is anything but chic.

What to do?

During the day Venice is ideal for long strolls and relaxing walks. With the island being so small, there is no need to use transport. Get those legs moving, grab a pair of comfortable shoes and spend the day following painted signs on the sides of streets and houses like your own little maze to Piazza San Marco.

Piazza San Marco, is breathtaking. Theres something quite exquisite about the beautifully grand architecture framing the simple ocean. The musicians playing in the square as you sit and watch the world go by, creates the perfect ambience for your relaxing break.

It’s not just the centre of the square itself that is beautiful, if you can, then do take a stroll along the front of the square and pop into some of the smaller restaurants and enjoy the delicious menu’s they have to offer. In most places we stopped sandwiches/ pasta became an easy and reliable snack, the Italian’s know how to do food.

During the late afternoon/evening, we noticed that Venice got a buzz about it. Locals flooded the streets, meeting friends for drinks became obvious at around 7/8ish in the evening. A concept to us that felt a little strange, come late-late (after 11pm) Venice was basically quiet again. As Londoners the idea of a relatively quiet bar after 10 seems almost laughable but here a Bellini at 8 was much more fitting.

One of the places we visited in Venice was called Barco Jazz, the cocktails here were delicious. The small place, was filled with locals and the environment felt super accommodating and welcoming. We moved onto another little place called  Taverna del Campiello Remer it was a little louder here and live music was playing, we instantly fell in love. The waiter showed us to a little table near the back on stools with candles lighting the walls and old fashioned tapestries and trinkets all over, it felt more like we had gone back in time and were sat in someones house as apposed to a bar. I remember it cost around 8Euros for a cocktail, 3Euros for Spritz and around 3-4 euros a glass of wine. If you did pay 8Euros however, you could help yourself to the little tapas-esque buffet they had at the front. We spent a good few hours here, relaxing, chatting and listening to someone play the piano by the fireplace.

Perhaps one of my favourite memories from our Venice adventure was the masquerade parade that passed through us on the Saturday. The most beautiful costumes, the extraordinary masks and the insanely passionate performers flooded the streets and flaunted their costumes. This captivated me. I was in awe of the talent and feel that covered the city. We spent the next few days looking in all the shops and admiring the different mask works around the island. We eventually did choose one for ourself a beautiful red and gold mask with lace around the trim and sheet music engraved on the mask.

Last but not least, what would a trip to Venice be without going on a Gondola?  You have to do it! Quick tip though; do not go straight to the centre for a Gondola get one a little out and head into the centre on your route. This is going to save you a lot of money, you will find with every inch you move closer to San Marco the price increases. If you’re into learning about the city this is the perfect time to listen and enjoy. The guys are full of local information and can show you landmarks only accessible via boat/gondola.

Thanks for reading,
Danielle Jade.


A guide to exploring Copenhagen.

Hello everyone, i’m back with another travel blog!

Todays post is about my recent visit to the wonderful city of Copenhagen in Denmark.

I was lucky enough to go for my 24th birthday and whilst away on our short trip together Naomi and i managed to fit in as much as possible. Now first of all let me just say, If you’re debating the trip over to Copenhagen, then stop now, just get on skyscanner and book those (usually found cheap) flights. Its a wonderful little city and i fully enjoyed every single second we were there.

Now let’s take a look at my trip to COPENHAGEN (points to you if you said it like Brittany Snow does in Pitch Perfect Two)

Upon arrival we hopped in a taxi to our hotel, we were staying at the Ascot Hotel, right by the Tivoli Gardens. (The taxi was super cheap and cost about £20) When we arrived at the hotel, we were shown to our room, put down our bags, sorted ourselves out, put on our coats, grabbed our umbrellas and head out. We only had the evening of the first night so we head straight to the city centre and walked amongst the shops of the beautiful Strøget. The streets were lines with beautiful christmas decorations and fairy lights lit up the front of many grand shops.


Hungry from our flight we head into a beautiful little restaurant/cafe and pulled up our little table for two. As soon as i saw it on the menu, i was ready for it, Espresso Martini. OH boy, this was delicious just look at it;

It was exactly what i needed. Here i am, the birthday girl with my favourite birthday drink.

As it was my birthday Naomi had paid for us to go watch the Dans2Go performance whilst we were over there, they were doing the White Swan adagio of Swan Lake at The old Stage in Copenhagen.


It was a beautiful stage, for an excellently performed ballet and a perfect evening. I adore ballet, i alway have, i always will. You know that feeling you get when you see something you love so much and you feel instant joy, i felt that way throughout the whole piece.After the ballet finished, we were both very tired so called it a night.

The next day we were up early, hitting the breakfast in the hotel and ready for the day! Now, my friend Laura had just been to Copenhagen and recommended that we take the train up to the north  to Humlebæk and visit the Louisiana Art Museum. When we got there it was beautiful! The museum over looks the sea and it was stunning.

The exhibition that was on at the time we arrived was Yayoi Kusama, I highly encourage you to google Yayoi Kusama and bathe in the wonder of her life. Here’s a few of my favourite moments around the museum.


You see the first picture, all the colours are made up from singular sticky dots. You take your sticker and place it wherever you desire. It was such a cool experience.

After we had a look around the shops (I’m looking at you Sephora) we decided we would head back to the hotel. We wrapped up warm before heading for food and to what i was most excited to explore on this trip, the Tivoli Gardens. For those of you who may not already know what Tivoli Garden is, it is an amusement park that come December time is turned into the most magical Winter Wonderland.

Just look at the architecture;

The little huts, hosting different shops and stalls were the perfect escape from the bitter cold. As we wandered around the whole of the Tivoli Gardens we realised just how much time you could truly spend in the wonderland. There were a lot of different aspects to the park, you could go on the rides, shop the cabins, grab a bit to eat in the restaurants, indulge in the chocolates and treats or like we did, stroll aimlessly for hours and then grab a hot chocolate to warm up.

Perhaps what i found most amazing about the Tivoli Gardens was that it wasn’t crowded AT ALL. It was perfect, maybe that’s because we did go early afternoon but it was already dark by 5 so we didn’t miss the winter atmosphere.

As the time went by it was becoming later and later and my stomach was rumbling.
We head to the Meat Packing district in Vesterbro and found the best place for pizza EVER (bold but true statement) called Neighbourhood. Naomi and i love to eat well and these pizza were all organic! AMAZING. Also did i mention they were huge!
Check it;


After that we moved onto a hidden  almost speak easy cocktail bar called 1656. We had looked up places to get a drink and this one just kept popping up on the list. Now let me tell you something, this place was not easy to find. It is extremely hidden away. You would not know that this is a bar.

At first i didn’t trust Naomi when she suggested we just walk in, i was convinced it was the door to someones home! We saw one person exit and peeped around the door before entering. Once we got inside, it reminded me of a bar you’d find in Cabaret. It was very dark, with only minimal dim lighting and old chesterfield furniture filled the place. Moving on to the best part of the night, the cocktails there….OH MAAAAA. They were incredible! See for yourself;

They were truly delicious. Mine of course was gin based, it had in elderflower and was dressed with edible flowers. So refreshing. So adorable. After we had a few cocktails, we decided to call it a night and enjoy the walk back to our room.

The next morning we got up super early and again head down for breakfast. With it being our last day we packed and got prepared to spend out last hours in Copenhagen sight seeing. We head back through amongst the shops and carried on walking to hit some of the most popular tourist attractions.

This part of Copenhagen is called Nyhavn. Here are the little houses you think of when you picture Copenhagen . FUN FACT: Hans Christian Andersen lived in three different houses on this strip.Nowadays though there are very few (if any) that are used for living in and most have been turned into restaurants and pubs. All boasting different music, atmospheres and genres this strip is a must see for anyone looking to eat in Copenhagen.

Our next stop was to admire the beautiful scenes around The Royal Danish Opera House. The view here is breathtaking, you have to get a boat over to the Opera house. The calm ambience that surrounds this area can only be compared to a dream. The walk from here up to the Little mermaid statue is long but peaceful. It was a perfect sightseeing walk and a chance to relax and collect your thoughts. (Side note; If you don’t want to be silent for a while i suggest you get bikes, this journey felt long!)

Walking past the Royal Danish Playhouse we arrived at the Little Mermaid statue. Honestly the main reason i went to admire this statue was because my best friend adores the Little Mermaid and there was no way i was leaving without getting a photograph for her. It was busier than i expected at the site of the statue, with not a lot more around i expected it to be quiet but it was a whole group of people climbing down the rocks to pose for a photo with the mermaid.

  As we sat on a bench by the mermaid it dropped cooler and we decided to head back down to the centre, this time walking amongst the houses and heading through a beautiful park to see the Amalienborg Palace. This palace was outstanding, so grand, so elegant and as luck should have it we arrived just as the guards were changing and watched their changing of the guards parade.

Continuing down we head back towards the meat packing district to find somewhere to eat, after what felt like hours of hunting, we decided on a little cafe/pub and we ordered a lot of food! We had a starter of bruschetta to share, each had a main with a glass of Prosecco then a chocolate pudding and a hot drinks to finish. It was going to be our last meal in Copenhagen so we did treat ourselves. Did i need the hot chocolate? Probably not. Did it taste delicious. YES.

As we wandered around Copenhagen taking the scenic route to our Hotel, i was sad to be leaving. What i admired most about this trip was that it didn’t feel like i had gone away from home. Everyone is so friendly,so individual, and as a city it really does give off the vibe of such a relaxed place to be. I didn’t feel like i had any pressures or worries whilst i was there. Given, i was on a birthday break, so i literally didn’t, but also because it isn’t the largest of places to explore therefor it’s easy to navigate around and most importantly it feels safe. Copenhagen was very tranquil and very beautiful. I went in winter when it was pretty cold and i admired the markets, the theatre, the museums, the restaurants. Everything. I think it’s perfect for a weekend break. You can get a lot done in a few days because it isn’t too big. Next time i’ll be sure to ride a bike around Copenhagen as that appeared to be the most used mode of transport. Honestly, didn’t get this at first and nearly walked into a GROUP of bikers. Not my finest moment.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Copenhagen blog.
Let me know in the comments if you have or are planning to visit Copenhagen.

Thanks Danielle Jade