How to survive working a job you hate. 

Lets throw it back to three months ago. I’m here Danielle, complaining to my housemates about how much i dislike working as a waitress in central London. I’ve lost sight of why i even wanted live in London anymore, I’d become one of those people who works purely to pay the rent. Then one day. I woke up. Not physically, i mean, i obviously did wake up that morning but i kind of emotionally woke up, if you get me? Let me explain, when i woke up, I said no more. No longer can i stay in this repetitive job, no longer can i stand being on the tube to work and already counting down how long it will be until I’m back home with my cat. I’d lost all of my creativity, all of my confidence and all of my want to give myself the future i deserve. Sounds very big-headed right? The future i deserve. Well, id now argue that no. No, that does not sound big headed. It sounds motivating and my goodness did i need motivation right now.

I think that sometimes it is very easy to get caught up in what is easy. I’d found a job quickly when i moved to London, i was in a new surrounding, living with my two best friends and i was making enough money to live happily. I was happy. I didn’t know however that i was in the honeymoon phase of living in London. See, skip forward about 6 months and i was becoming bored of my job already. I was stressed with working in such a huge shopping centre. I was missing out on social events because of my work hours. Ask anyone that’s ever worked as a waitress or bar tender the hours are definitely not why you choose to work there. I started looking for other work, more theatre based. Going back to what i had just trained in. I had interviews at theatres, casting agencies, local performing arts groups but nothing ever worked out. I did often hear that i wasn’t experienced enough for the job and to come back in a few years and try again with more material/experience. Ok i thought, i guess I’m a waitress then.
Feeling low whilst working in a job you don’t enjoy going to is hard. If you haven’t experienced that then, i would say you’re very lucky indeed. It’s not fun. It’s not fun at all. It’s hard enough going to work when you feel like you could be doing more. It’s even harder when you just got turned down from an interview you really wanted and you’re back to serving stubborn teenagers. Rejection really does suck. This took me a while to get over. Luckily i had started to make some pretty incredible friends whilst working as a waitress. I had met people who were in the same position as i was, others who were local students trying to pay for their degrees, many who had come to England to learn English and head back home with more languages in their vocabulary and others who too were just a little bit lost right now. I noticed, very few people here want to actually be in the catering industry. Yet we all leant on each other for support and above all FUN.
Work was made bearable by my colleagues. As time went on and people came and went at work i stayed for nearly two (long) years. I lasted that long because of the people. I had made a solid friendship group and above all that i had met some of my best friends even to this day.For example, Scott and I went over to visit our friend we made at work Flor in Ibiza. You know what, In all honestly without my bestie Scott by my side I don’t think I’d have stayed half as long, or at least stayed sane this long.

I think as a person i like to learn about people. I’ve always had a constant curiosity bubbling inside me. Always full of questions, buts and what if’s. I like to listen to people, i like to learn about people and i like to help people. I admired like-minded people and i adored people with different opinions to mine. I lived to hear stories of people’s upbringing, their relationships, their culture and their passions. For example; I adored how Grace spoke so passionately about things she stood for. I loved watching Maria and Yoli chat to each other in Spanish. I loved knowing that Flor was probably thinking the exact same thing I was at any given moment.I found nothing funnier than when Scott would roll his eyes at some dumb question a customer asked, Joni would know all the gossip and Laura would have a hilarious story ready to lighten the mood at work!.  I think when you’re working in an environment you’re not completely happy with, keeping the mind simulated and intrigued works wonders. This helped within our work environment, especially when english isn’t everyone’s first language. I’d often find myself playing google translate to everyone in the workplace. Though my outcome of spanish is pretty poor to say how many spanish people i worked with ‘estoy borracha’ was the best phrase i learnt so thanks for that Yoli. I’m drunk did actually come in very handy when i went to Ibiza. Without the love of some wonderful people, i wouldn’t have lasted that long.

Now this isn’t an all sunshine and rainbows post. Don’t get me wrong. This job was the first place i had someone tell me to my face that they hated me. It felt horrible. Why did they hate me? My opinion, because they are an asshole. Their opinion, i think im better than them. Truth be told, he was right. I mean i never said it out loud, but i absolutely thought it. He was horrible so i at least hoped i was better than that. In most workplaces there’s probably someone who doesn’t like you, or you don’t like them. Learning how to overcome that (even if you’re like me and the only way you can do this is by completely avoiding the fact you see them as a human) you have got to just suck it up and get on with them whilst you’re there.
I battled with how people in higher authority than myself organised shifts, spoke to staff, reacted to customers and the all round lack of respect from one or two that popped up often. Now, how did i survive this? I used my voice. Sometimes i should have kept it shut, but i can’t. I feel like I’m always the voice of reason in a group. I always take every opportunity to voice the people. This time, a bunch of overworked and underpaid sleepy waiters who just want some praise. Alongside this i often found myself taking the blame for more errors than were my own. Why you ask? My heart wasn’t in this job, i don’t think saying sorry is a way of losing rank or being made to feel small. In fact i always think it’s the opposite, i couldn’t stand to see my peers feel so nervous about errors so I’d simply say it was me first. This soon began to spread around the workplace and everyone became more constant on having the other persons back. Survival of the fittest was no longer a thing and the team was closer than ever.Always keep in mind however, that this person is still your manager they can literally fire you at any point. So don’t push it too far. It’s not worth it.

I had my fair few moments at work where I cried and this really was the final straw. I don’t think anyone should be put in a position where they feel so low in their workplace and that is when I said enough is enough and we made the choice to pack up and leave.

Now, another way to survive working a job you hate?
Go out with the people you do like! Some of my most fond memories of living in london are going on nights out with my work friends. Taking us all out of the work environment and having fun was the best! It also made work more bearable when you’re all hungover together. Or if you’re Hannah and I, there’s nothing a good brunch can’t sort out!

You have to remember that this job is just temporary, keep hitting refresh on those google searches, keep reaching out to employers who you truly want to work for, keep the faith and know that an opportunity is out there for you!

Anyway, here’s how I survived a job I wasn’t completely happy in. I hope you find this useful.

Thanks for reading Danielle Jade x

Kew Gardens, the beauty of nature.

Kew gardens is a well known, world famous Botanic Garden. With beautiful buildings, plants and architecture Kew gardens offers a beautiful day out.


Last Friday i took my first trip to Kew Gardens and was astounded by the beauty that nature has to offer us. Hopping on the train to about 30minutes outside London, i really didn’t know what to expect from the day. Yes, i like flowers, i mean, i’m a 24 year old girl. I love a bunch of flowers on the table but how was i going to like a day full of wandering round Kew Gardens?

Well, any doubts i had at first were soon wiped out of my mind when i stepped into my first building. The Palm House, as we opened the door, the imitated tropical climate hit my face and my camera instantly fogged up. This place was hot. Inside tall palm trees filled the air and many other exotic plats from all over the globe lined this stunning building.


As we wandered around this beautiful building we reached a spiral staircase that led down underneath the room into a basement type room. In there was the marine aquarium, which was completely the opposite temperature. Cold and very blue the sea-life creatures were swimming around aimlessly enjoying life. Having the marine down here , made the perfect escape from the heat and a great chance to learn more about sea-life plants too.

After looking around the whole of The Palm house we head outside and walked around the gardens more, perhaps we went in circles a few times but it was so beautiful it didn’t matter.

We found ourselves at the Orangery restaurant next and grabbed a bite to eat, the food was good and i even had a chocolate cake, well, the most chocolaty cake EVER. Dark chocolate, chocolate sponge, chocolate topping, you name it, it was on that cake.

After indulging in a light lunch we moved onto the highlight of the visit, The Princess of Wales Conservatory. In here was the Orchid exhibition, ‘a spectacular carnival of dazzling Brazilian colours’ Grand displays of orchids and perfectly poised sculptures filled this conservatory. It really was a colourful spectacular. The oranges, to reds, to greens, purples and blues offered a spectrum of coloured orchids. Perhaps this would be easier for me to show you rather than explain its wonder ;

See! It’s all incredibly beautiful and charming.

The rainforest tree’s had been covered in hundreds of delicate little flowers. I was mesmorised by nature. So pretty. So perfect.

The front part of the conservatory however was the complete opposite, it was full of cactus’s. All different shapes and sizes, i was surprised by how many different kinds there were . Here in England they aren’t the most popular of plants to be popping up but here there were an incredible amount. Resisting the urge to touch them was difficult.

Just look how cartoon-ish they appear. It’s almost humerous.


Finally as it was quite cold we decided to hit one more attraction before heading on the train back home.
What did we go for? You guessed it.

The treetop walkway!

Getting to the top of this walkway does mean you will have to climb over a hundred steps , but it is so worth it! Even on this cold windy day, being able to take a moment and look over the park felt somewhat surreal. The view is pretty and i can only imagine in the summer it will be even better! We walked around the whole treetops and admittedly at a few points i did freak out about the swaying of the walkway, all in all it was a lovely moment.

Have you been to Kew Gardens?

Let me know in the comments below,

Thanks for reading!

Danielle Jade

Living in London – One Year down.

So guys, it’s officially been a year now since i moved over to London with Naomi and Natalie by my side (For those of you who may not know these are the girls i live with) We found the perfect size place for the three of us just along the central line and after a year of living here i thought i’d give you an update on why living with your best friends is the best!

So how long have you known each other for? 

I have known both Naomi and Natalie now since the first year i started performing Arts school in 2012. When we were little freshers i actually lived in the room opposite Nat and ever since the first day, we were set to be friends for life. She pee’d in a bush the first night i met her and i thought…ahhhh thats the kind of friend i choose 😂 Naomi actually lived in the building opposite our court but was in basically every single one of my classes whilst studying and after freshers year was over for 2nd and 3rd year i lived with Naomi in our first ever ‘grown up’ house. Looking back now, it was not entirely grown up and that was partially influenced by the amount of alcohol we had spilt on the carpets having always been nominated the hosts of pre-drinks.


(AH, look at us infants)

So why make the move? 

We all decided to move over to London after Naomi was offered a wonderful job working over here. This was actually motivation for all of us! We were all living in Guernsey (google it) at the time and each had personal reasons and certain aspects of England pulling us back to the wonderful city of London.

So how did the move go?

Once we arrived in England i was excited to show the girls the place, i had been in charge of finding a house and my it was a difficult challenge. I remember it came down to me literally sitting on the tube, going down the central line and getting off at every stop, finding estate agents and asking what they had available within the next two weeks. Luckily after around 3weeks of hunting we were moved into our little pad.We were excited about our first trips to ikea and how we could fill our little home. The move on a whole went pretty smooth, i mean, i’d like to request that TFL find some way of getting lifts into more stations, especially like Victoria. Lugging 5 suitcases up and down each station was less than fun. That being said Naomi and i found a way to make it humorous and instead of getting angry at the situation / each other would just yell ‘Whats the plan Phil’ like Claire of Modern Family when ever we were getting stressed and then started the 2 minute break.

How is it different from living together in ‘University’ ?

I think the main difference from living together during University to living together now, is that we are growing up. Now, this may sound odd to you as you are probably thinking, well shouldn’t you have been growing up at Uni? but lets face it, if youre anything like me, you couldn’t exactly find time to officially grow up whilst juggling  pub golf,  spending hours learning scripts, writing essays, eating at Wetherspoons, worrying about when student loan were finally going to drop the money into your account and actually just trying to cook. Also i find it was hard to truly grow up during university whilst you are still being told exactly what to do, whereas now, now that we are completely alone. I feel like i am becoming more comfortable as a person and that in turn is helping me grow. I can see the change in myself, i am living how i want to live, socialising with who i want, spending my free time dong hobbies and such rather than just ordering Pappa Johns and generally feeling more mature knowing this is my home, my life and i choose my living.


(Brunch with wine becomes a regular thing)

Also, the biggest change living from university to now is our beautiful little kitten Theo.

(The beautiful Theo)

How are the holidays different living with friends? 

The holidays living with friends are the best. Last xmas was our first together as a trio and we loved nothing more than picking out our first xmas tree all together. I am a huge believer that xmas is a time to be with family, but also it was so lovely to grab duvets, and eat dinner by our little xmas tree. I think this felt nice as again in university years we obviously didn’t invest in a tree we would then just leave to fall apart as we went home for the break. This however made the house feel festive and joyful throughout December.


(Our first xmas tree, it was adorable)

What are the positives of living in London so far?

In comparison to where i have lived before, London just has a lot more to offer! Being in your twenties and in the big smoke, is perfect! Surrounded by coffee shops, cocktails bars, restaurants, clubs, comedy, theatre and shopping i couldn’t ask for more. Also i am inspired by people i see on the streets, the architecture that surrounds me and the speed of London. I do wish there was a beach near by, but i won’t dwell too much on that.


(Forever discovering new places with friends)
Are there any negative times living with your best friends? 

As of today we haven’t actually had any problems living together! I think the odd occasion we have had arguments about the washing up but thats to be expected isn’t it.

Can you share some of the positives about living with your best friends?

I truly do believe friends are the family you choose. I adore both of these girls and thats why living with them is so great. If i want to sing at the top of my lungs, they wont judge when i hit that bum note. If i want to sleep all day and party all night, again no judgement and i’m pretty sure they would be the first to join me on my quest. The positives of living with your best friends are endless, who else would you want to live with, than the people you click with, the people who love you, the people that make you happy! It just makes sense!


(Perhaps the most accurate representation of our friendship)

Where to be ladies who brunch, without breaking the bank! 

Hello everyone hope your week is off to a good start!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you two of my favourite spots to go for Brunch in East London.

Now one thing you should know about me is that Breakfast food is my favourite kind of food!

That is why I find brunch so amazing. The opportunity to have breakfast twice in one day and prolong the breakfast experience. I am in.

The first place up is called The Pavilion, and it can be found in Mile End. Set against the river running through Victoria Park. This little spot is beautiful for the warmer months when you want to brunch outside. I have been on a couple of different occasions now to eat with friends and I have never been disappointed, just look at the food it offers!

This is the avocado and poached eggs on toast with my favourite lemonade! The meal cost £7.50 and the lemonade £2.50 (I think, can’t remember the exact lemonade cost)

As someone who doesn’t eat (red) meat you can imagine my breakfast options are usually limited. From the traditional bacon  sandwich to the ultimate brunch of eggs Benedict, I cannot indulge in such wonders. Therefor I was extremely happy when I saw this on the pavilions chalk board. It was the perfect amount of avocade for a fan like myself!

For all you meat lovers out there my friends had the more traditonal breakfasts and thought they too were amazing!

Next up is a place called The Counter again found along side a river however this one is in Hackney. Perhaps one of the coolest little finds I’ve come across in London! It’s a small, cosy and ultimately cool place to go for brunch.Perfect for those colder months. Again the food is incredible and I opted of course for the vegetarian option….which I swear changed my life.

Ladies and gentleman want to know the way to my heart… That’s it. That breakfast right there. For £10 I ate perhaps my body weight in breakfast items. Partnered by one of the best cappuccinos I have had. The reason it was such a good brew is because The Counter is also a roastary so if you like a good coffee, get yourself down there pronto!

This time I remembered to snap a picture of the girls breakfasts too; here you go meat eaters…adore

Fresh orange juice is squeezed on the regular and you can help yourself to water in this chic cafe.

I’m sure you can find more information on prices for both if you give them a quick google but I can tell you now neither are going to break the bank and it will be one of the most pleasant and relaxed brunches you will go to!

Both perfect spots for hanging with friends as you discuss the week and catch up over a wonderful beverage.

Hope you enjoyed my little brunch post, just thought I’d share with you two of my favourite little London spots!

Thanks for reading, Danielle Jade


Showstopper! The improvised musical – London.

Hello there fellow comedy worshippers.

Today i’m going to dedicate this post to the wonderful show that is Showstoppers, currently running on London’s West End at the Apollo theatre on Shaftesbury avenue.

I was lucky enough to see the show on press night and immediately there was an incredible atmosphere within the building. The whole audience was creating such a buzz within the theatre, come the five minute call i was more than excited for the show to start.

The show goes as follows, a charming host, in our case this role was taken by Dylan Emery takes on the role of an MC and with help from the audience creates the premise for a new musical. After receiving numerous suggestions, The title we settled with was ‘The Lying King’ , a musical set in the Daily Mail head office and to be in the style of previous musicals such as RENT! Book of Mormon, Gypsy Kings and so on. We went on the journey of intern Lydia’s climb to the top , and of course there were many twists and turns (again, mainly prompted by Dylan) along the way, with her own, and he co-workers personal lives.

The talented team of performers, were like no other group i had seen before. Prior to attending the show i had already looked up the cast, and was excited to see which 6 out of the 12 actors i was going to have the pleasure of watching, and let me tell you now, i want to see them all. If that’s only half of the talent in this company i need to go again!  I was completely  inspired by them. Everything from their quick thinking to their vocal rages, from the solid bond they have created as a group to how they never failed to pick up on a joke another actor may have made 15 minutes ago had be in awe. The group as a whole have a keen eye for detail and use it to the audiences pleasure. For instance the disregarded setting of the Cereal cafe still managed to appear in the musical as the perfect set up for a west side story style, battle of the boyfriends, in their rendition of Snap, Crackle and POP!. GENIUS! This again made us as the audience feel we were part of the process and i don’t think i’ve ever heard such an overwhelming reaction to what is quite frankly- Rice Krispies.

What i adore about this show is unlike other musical where you kind-of  know the songs, or you, kind-of know the story. You literally have NO IDEA what is coming to you when you arrive at the theatre, because the performers don’t even know themselves yet! It’s a whirlwind adventure full of audience impressions and highly talented humans.  This is a musical for even the people who hate musicals. (If such a person exists)

Have any of you had chance to see this musical yet?
If not, i highly recommend it! It has truly inspired me to get back into improvisation and who knows maybe this time ill throw in a little sing song too!

Danielle Jade x

Hotdogs or Champagne? Get the best of both here in London!

What would you say if i told you i’m pretty sure i have found one of the best places here in London to get a hotdog whilst sipping on a glass of Champagne?

Well thats a crazy combination i hear you say and as much as i agree, its also truly delicious!

The wonderful place to get this combination is called BubbleDogs! Located in Central London on Charlotte street.

FullSizeRender 10

I recently visited with a group of around 8 other girls when celebrating a friends birthday! Upon arrival we were seated in our own area with old fashioned style school stools at the back of the room. The extremely helpful waitress came over and asked us what we liked to drink, she highlighted us different bottles of champagnes based upon what we all liked and recommended a bottle that was perfect for us. I will point out here that its the kind of place that does sell the champagne by the bottle and only a selected few by the glass so i do encourage you to go with someone else unless you want to enjoy that £50+ bottle to yourself then, hey, you do you!! 🙂

Whilst sipping our champagne the big moment was here, yes ladies and gentlemen. It was time to pick our Hotdogs.
The menu is pretty damn good, you can check it out here.

FullSizeRender 11

I opted for the Philly Cheez on a vegetarian sausage! My oh my, it was SUPER cheesy and super delicious. We also grabbed some sweet potato fries and these little hot devil things, which i still have no idea what they were, but they were spicy and delicious. Can i also mention now NAomi had a hotdog called the MacDaddy IT WAS MAC AND CHEESE ON A HOT DOG = Mind Blown.
We got another bottle of the same champagne and carried on enjoying this weird and wonderful combination.


I really would recommend this place to anyone who wants a little quirky London experience, its good food, great drinks and such a bizarre pair that you need to experience.

Has anyone else been here before?!
Let me know in the comments

Danielle Jade

Calling all cocktail enthusiasts. 🍸 Have you tried here yet?!

Well hello fellow cocktail fans. We meet at last. 😃

I recently went back to one of my favourite places to get a cocktail here in London and couldn’t believe I hadn’t told you all about it yet.
Arranging a girls night out I suggested we went here for a drink or two…or three. Honestly they are just so good and so fun that it’s hard to resist wanting to try the whole menu. Something I’m not even ashamed to say I think I must have nearly done by now.

So what is this magical place I hear you all asking? It’s called The Alchemist. The one I went to is Bevis Marks-Liverpool St. LONDON. I do know though that they have another three bars around the UK, one in Leeds and two in Manchester.

So let’s take a look at some of my favourite drinks there shall we?


  As you can immediately see, they all look incredible and i think these may be three of my favourites. Especially the White Cosmo, you can see the purple ice cube in the middle? Thats not any plain old ice ball, that is a frozen Orchid flower within the drink. Its honestly so beautiful!

Have a look here to see just how amazing the drinks menu is.

What I love about this place (apart from the obviously exciting and truly delicious drinks) is the decor, more specifically the feel that the decor creates. It’s the perfect blend of both chic and cosy environments. For instance upstairs in the dining area they project old black and white movies onto the wall whilst sat under huge amounts of fairy lights. It’s just adorable. Especially at Xmas when you can watch White Christmas in black and white sipping on an alcoholic hot beverage. Can you tell I’m talking from experience here?

FullSizeRender 3

Also as lovely as this place is I have never found it difficult to get a table here to eat. I mean to drink yes, the bar can get busy when the after work crowd come in. Other than that it’s quite remote, on a few occasions I have been shocked by the lack of others yet secretly enjoyed having the place quieter whilst I sip on my cocktail.

I really do recommend this place to most people who come down to visit myself in London because i have yet to have a bad experience and the cocktails all range from £6.95 – £8.50+ I personally think these prices are pretty good for a quality cocktail in London.

Let me know if you have been to The Alchemist before! I want to hear which drink is your favourite too?!

Danielle Jade