What went on at the Blogging event: Bloggers Fashion Week! 

Hello everyone me again.

Hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful sunshine we’ve had for the past few days.

Today’s post is all about the last event I attended at Provisonal Studios Hoxton. Again hosted by the wonderful Bloggers Hangout. After having my invitation land in my inbox I immediately looked at the wonderful brands that were attending and got incredibly excited!

Some I had heard of before, some I had never heard of before and I was more than excited to have the chance to look and learn about both new and old brands.

Before heading to the event I picked out my outfit, standard skinny black jeans, boots, a cropped white tee, leather jacket and a hat. I know. A hat, I never wear hats.


I grabbed my trusty little Olympus camera and jumped in to my Uber.
Arriving at the studios at around 12:30 I was immediately excited to see the more casual and calm room than the previous event. There wasn’t half as many people and I think this was really due to the fact of the time but also because the day was in two sessions. One 12-3pm one 6-9pm.

I gave myself enough time at the event to chat to pretty much all the brands. From nails to hair, face to feet, make up to keeping fit. There were all sorts of brands ready to offer tips, tricks and samples of their products.

I learnt so much in such a short time at the event and I cannot wait to show you all the items I was gifted. Side note; these posts are coming there is just so much to trial and show you all-stay tuned for those, i’m working my way through the products! I’ll have posts coming from Annie Haak, Lab 2 beauty, Sensationail, Leighton Denny, Magnitone, Monuskin, Weleda, Amie, Paul Mitchell, The Curl Company, SBC gels & Kenneth Turner.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I am loving the Blogger Hangout events, i love talking to the brands, i loved learning so much and i cannot wait to see more in the future.

Thanks for reading everyone.

Danielle Jade

The Bloggers Hangout – LFW- Event. What caught my eye?! 

Hello beautiful people, todays post is a look back on my day at the Bloggers Hangout event i recently attended.

The event was at 1pm and by that point i think i had spent enough time applying every highlighter i just purchased before putting on my new favourite all black Noisey May dress and requesting my Uber. The theme was all black chic which is perfect for my 99% black wardrobe.

Once my Uber dropped me off i was immediately lost! Perfect, well done Danielle. Luckily a fellow blogger was there to endure the hunt for the venue with me and we did eventually make it, even if we did think we were walking into someones back garden at one point.

The venue was smaller than i imagined but i do think that added to the atmosphere. It created the hustle and  bustle of an almost indoor market feel whilst maintaining the peace and ambience  any compact and well organised event would.

There were so many fabulous brands within the building and i loved chatting to everyone. All the tasters i tried were truly delicious, it would be so hard to pinpoint a favourite!

I did come away with some items, that i just have to share with you all though, as some of these really did catch my eye.

First up,

Cranes. This company is set up by twin brothers that put the focus of their ciders into the hands of tiny little cranberries. They have three very distinct yet very different flavours; original cranberry, strawberry and kiwi and my favourite raspberry and pomegranate.


 Not only do these ciders taste, crisp, clean and ultimately delicious, they are only 99 calories a bottle! Perfect for those of us who want to cut down on sugar.
The gift box of three retails at £8 which i think is perfect pricing, less than £3 per bottle for this unique cranberry cider.

Next up is a brand called get buzzing. You may have heard of these guys before, they are making delicious flapjacks with no nuts at all in the product. With 100% natural ingredients these snack bars are perfect for people on the go. They are also vegetarian which is an added bonus.

I took away the peanut butter flapjack as I didn’t understand how this could taste anything like peanut butter if it contained no actual peanuts.The flapjack tasted mainly plain at first but the more of the bar you eat, you get a sense into the fact that there is some peanut butter flavour incorporated.Now if I was to be super picky I’d say more peanut butter flavour please, but the point of this product isn’t for it to taste 100% like peanut butter it’s to create a taste illusion for people who may be allergic to nuts and that is brilliant.

Onto the next bar that truly fascinated me, the crobar.

Watching people’s faces as we are told this product contains cricket flour was one of my personal highlights within the whole event. There’s the immediate, ew. Followed by the temptation to try it, the questions of why!? Then the actual taste.
Fascinated I opted for the peanut flavour in hopes it would have a weaker taste than raw cocoa and I was correct.

I actually enjoyed the taste of this bar but not the texture. This product won’t crumble is an almost wet dough like texture that squished together. For me that texture is what I couldn’t get my head around more than the fact it had cricket flour in.

Next up, another favourite of mine. Bluebird tea co gave me two samples to take away. Immediately I loved the packaging. I drink tea nearly everyday. Peppermint tea has become my hangover remedy.

The Mojitea, is delicious! Peppermint and lime are two of my favourite flavours and I let this brew until it was quite strong to really keep in those flavours. I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like a mojito but it is as close as a tea can get.

The morning kick tea, I wish I hadn’t brewed it for as long. Ginger can be quite a hit or miss flavour for myself and I think had I taken the tea bag out sooner I would have enjoyed this more. The smell of this tea however is incredible! It really does make me feel ready for the day.
Finally I started with a drink so I’ll end with a drink. (Well jelly)

From cocktail mania, Jelly shots. I’m sure on the day these girls had a mission to get everyone drunk, I obviously happily obliged. How could I say no?

Alcohol and colours that look like they came straight out of Willy Wonkas  factory. I’m in. The flavours were delicious. I would like all the flavours at every future party I host please!

Other brands I didn’t bring away testers from but highly adored include Co-Yo and the protein drinks co and Ross and Ross.

These brands certainly caught my eye, I found their products were fascinating and the brand representatives very informative and relatable. I wish I could post more about them however I’m afraid I didn’t take away products to fully review for you all now.

I had so much fun at the event, I think I’m starting to get the hang of these now, and going on my own isn’t half as scary as I think it’s going to be.

Thank you to the team over at Bloggers Hangout for inviting me. I cannot wait to see what else you have in store!

Thanks for reading Danielle Jade

(I better go eat now, I’m super hungry after this)


Hello everyone!

It’s officially the countdown to christmas, and what better way to celebrate the lead up to the big day than with new friends and extreme amounts of food!

That’s exactly what i did at the Bloggers Christmas Burger event.

 After being invited to join some other bloggers for a festive evening of burgers and cocktails by the lovely Pippa i was both excited and nervous to meet new people and get into the christmas spirit.

This would be my second blogger event i had attended and so i naturally went into panic mode as i arrived at covent garden and google mapped my route to the venue ; Brioche. It’s always the same few things that make me anxious, am i too early? Am i too late? Why didn’t i straighten my hair, this outfit is ratchet. Will i be the only one who doesn’t know anyone? Will they like the same things as i?And  finally the hope that they don’t mind someone who makes a joke out of 80% of all conversations.  You know the usual.

All my doubts and worries were immediately crushed though as soon as i entered the venue. I took a place on the end of the table, by the door and began chatting with some other lovely bloggers whilst sipping my christmassy themed cocktail.

As the evening continued we were all starting to become hungry bloggers and it was time to choose our burger and toppings.

I went for buttermilk chicken with halloumi and mushrooms, which i think should just be renamed.. THEMOSTDELICIOUSBURGERYOUWILLEVEREATBURGER- burger. The sweet brioche bun worked perfectly with the chicken and the generous array of sides they provided made the whole meal more like a feast! I mean, guys, there were curly fries. CURLY FRIES, do you know how old i was when i last had curly fries. It was just the best!

After taking quite some time to enjoy our burgers…(most of that time included fellow bloggers saying how full they were and i saying how they should ignore that feeling and power through) we eventually finished and were ready for desert. Now… YES.It’s true i like desert, and yes, Brioche delivered. This salted caramel sticky toffee pudding was perhaps one of the best puddings of my life. Now, if you think i’m over reacting here, then go try it, because i love being right! I’d go as far as to say it was perhaps the highlight of the night for me. I’m totally kidding, but it was that good!

As everyone began to finish their food and i sipped the last of my gin and tonic, the evening was coming to an end and i had had a wonderful time! I had eaten more food than i thought was possible, i had met new people and clicked instantly with some, as if we’d known each other forever. As we said our goodbyes, we were given a little xmas parcel, which i think was just the star of the top of the xmas tree (went for kid of a cherry on top of the cake thing here, just go with it,pretend it works 🙈)

Inside were gifts from the wonderful :
Beegood, Sass and Belle and Letterbox Gifts, so thank you also to you guys for providing me with xmas treats!
One thing i need to mention before i quickly say goodbye is that Brioche is a pop up! So do run and fill your faces with ALL THE FOOD, before it disappears.

Once again thanks for a wonderful evening!


Find Femmes; A very Wegan event.

Hello, beautiful people.

As some of you may already know a few weeks ago i was invited to the Find Femmes Launch event in London by the wonderful Whitney and Megan aka WEGAN.
Side note; If you don’t know who they are, i suggest you type Wegan into trusty old google and revel in the beautiful femme wonders of these two and their inspiring relationship.


So what is Find Femmes? “Find Femmes is a dating site aimed at feminine identified LGBTQ women, aka femmes/ lipstick lesbians. Whether you’re looking for friendship or love; whether you’re a femme into femmes, or simply just a woman into femmes- this is a place where you can finally meet, seek and be found”

The event was held at MUSE in Soho London, a bar i had never been to before but will sure be returning to. The intimate venue hosted the perfect party to launch the Find Femmes site and the decor by Design by LaRose added the perfect pop of pink and glitter to the occasion. Seriously, the glitter covered champagne bottles were perfect centre pieces.

Now, because i live in London and i have to pay my rent that did mean Naomi and I didn’t arrive at the event until about 10:30pm but with our Prosecco in hand we were dancing the night away and meeting new femme friends within no time. There were so many fabulous outfits there, i only wish i could have had more than 15minutes in a taxi to get ready!


As the evening continued meeting Whitney and Megan was wonderful, the girls are so lovely! That may sound generic but i truly mean it, they took time to come say hello and really appreciate all their guests there, we danced (a hell of a lot to beyonce!) , chatted, took some pictures and if i didn’t make it clear enough at the time i really will sing their praises over this idea. It’s opening up not only the femme communities eyes to other femme lesbians but the whole worlds eyes that femme lesbians EXIST! (insert eye roll here to anyone who has ever told you ‘but you’re too pretty to be gay’)


I loved getting to know the other people there too, instantly clicking with other people in the room and sharing stories was fun! Knowing whole heartedly that no-one their feared being judged or have to explain themselves created such a warm and welcoming environment.

As the evening came to an end, and judging by the pictures and drunk chats that were happening it was definitely time to head home! I hope to see you all again, maybe next time less alcohol should be involved? Naahhhhhh.

Thank you girls for hosting the event, for inviting me and for creating FIND FEMMES!

Hope you enjoyed reading
Danielle Jade.

My day at the Big Blogger Conference. 

Hello lovely people, today I’m going to tell you all about the lovely time I had at the Big Blogger Conference last Saturday.  
So what was Big Blogger Conference?
Put together by the wonderful @blonde_vision @abigail__brown & @_dreaminpink The big blogger conference was an event stretching from roughly 10-5 at the Russel Hotel in Bloomsbury London. The event focused on all things blogging related and the schedule went as followed; Registration, workshops with the wonderful Elizabeth Sellers, Jasmin Charlotte & Sarah Moody, lunch, the brand exhibition and finally the thanks and raffle.

So how was it?

In a nutshell it was amazing. With it being my first event I have attended I was incredibly nervous the morning the day arrived. Still I got up, put my face on, stressed out about my outfit choice for approximately two hours and eventually managed to gain the confidence to leave the house. As the day went on I enjoyed it more and more, my nerves disappeared and I enjoyed being in a room full of people who share the same passion as I.

(Photo taken by the wonderful f/22 photography- find them on Twitter at @f22_photography

How were the guest speakers? I absolutely adored the talks we were lucky enough to be receiving. I have learnt so much from all three different speakers and cannot wait to put it into practice. I seriously need to up my Pinterest game, I have already let Nibbler loose on my website, I’m revamping my site as we speak and I’m more aware than ever of how blogging is as a profession and what to do if I’m ever presented with further blogging opportunities. So I’d like to say thank you again to the wonderful guest speakers.
  How was the exhibition?

The exhibition was incredible. There were different brands and exhibitors covering various products and stores. Here are a few of the stands, so you can get a feel of the stalls:

  Throughout the exhibition they had different competitions for you to tweet/Instagram and upload onto social media about. Which I thought was a fun twist to add into the day. This also opened up opportunities for awards to be handed out.

Meeting different people was one of my highlights of the day, chatting to people who had set up their own businesses, set up blogs, come to represent a brand, and all other boxes in-between. I just loved getting to know you all, I hope I have more opportunities to meet other bloggers in the future. Maybe next time I’ll not be so nervous now!

Thanks again to the girls over at @LDNmeetup I hope you know how much your time and effort means to us all! You da best.
Let me know what events you are all going to, and be sure to follow the people mentioned in this post because they true my deserve all the wonderful support.
•Danielle Jade