Glitter looks-Summer 2016.

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for festivals, holidays, pool parties, for the jumpers to go into hibernation and for the short-shorts to show off butt cheeks once again.

This summer has already been so much fun!


It’s been opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to cover my face in the glitter collection i have accumulated.

So here are just some of my favourite Glitter looks i have created this year…

First Up:

Ibiza provided the perfect party palace for me to cover myself (and Scott) in all the glitter our little faces could handle.

First up is this purple hazed look i created for Amnesia.

 After spending all day at the HOLI festival of colour we decided why not stop the party and head out to Amnesia. Opting to be completely different from the bright neon powders we had just finished throwing all over each other and the little silver stars i had previously used on the outside of my eyes here:

I went for a deep purple and bronzed look.
I used the Chunky purple holographic hexagon glitter pots and lightly dotted around the outer edge of my eyes, i used a little of the same glitter in gold when going closer to the centre of the eye. This paired with the dark purple Mac Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick made the perfect night time sparkle.

Next up it was time to head out to Space to our Elrow Bollywood themed night.this immediately set us up for the perfect reason to go to town with all the glitter we could find.

So we did, just that. I took the Chunky Hexagon silver glitter pot and using the stargazer face glue i created a boomerang from above the arch of my brow to the top of my cheek bone.I also added some of the NYX cosmetics face and body glitter to fill in the gaps, and a mix of the two along the parting in my hair. To finish this look we used stick on gems to create exaggerated shapes on the centre of our foreheads for the extra sparkle.Side note: Pay attention to Scotts eyebrows for all your glitter needs.

(Incase you were wondering the gems did not last the night but the glitter was strong and stayed on until the morning came around)

Next up: Pride in London.

It’s like this summer gave me nothing but good excuses to paint glitter wherever i could. PRIDE, was another reason for this. For this look i used NYX cosmetics face and body glitter to recreate the same boomerang shape, as a foundation. This time with it being pride i decided to use my own interpretation on the LGBTQ rainbow and Mylar Ice Flakes in multicolour. Starting closest to the ear i took a lot of the flakes and spread them out towards both ends of the glitter base.


The Formation world tour, or as i would describe it, the day the Queen SLAYED. For this concert i used the chunky gold hexagon glitter pot i had and placed a rectangular strip across the sides of both eyes to try and re-create a BeeHive in honour of Beyonce’s BeyHive. This may be the most simple look i have done this summer but i truly enjoyed what it represents.


London’s very own Lovebox festival provided me with what i actually think is my favourite look this summer.

This time i used A LOT OF HAIR GEL and more of the NYX cosmetics face and body glitter to cover the partings in my hair and frame the braids of my hairstyles. Up next i used small stargazer spectrum silver stars to create a galaxy in my hair and topped it off with some simple stars from those packs you can get at a card shop to use as confetti. I thought that because i went incredibly OTT with the glitter in my hair i had better tone it down with my face, well, that was the plan. I did however keep adding to it.

I started off by creating the line using stick on gems from Claire’s Accessories. I then used 2mm hexagon mylar ice in white iridescent to pad out the line and make it shine, for that final sparkle i added just a few of the stars along the line. I think this created the perfect amount of face to hair glitter ratio!


This one i like to call the Alien.

So what was this look for i hear you ask?
Well, this look was for absolutely nothing.
Yep, nothing.
This was the result of my boredom and i think, i may just love it.

Let me know in the comments which look is your favourite ūüėė

Danielle Jade




7 stages you internally go through at the hairdressers!

Ok so recently i went to the hairdressers and i came across these 7 stages that i totally forgot happen EVERY single time i go for a haircut. So i thought i’d share them with you, as i’m sure you’ll all agree with me on these steps.

1) The internal analysing the condition of your current hair. Praying please god don’t notice just how terribly greasy my hair is when entering the hairdressers. Usually followed by ‘my friend said not to wash my hair if I’m having it coloured’ as you shyly look at the hairdresser who has to tame this mess. Im sorry. Im very sorry.

2) That horrible feeling as the water slips down the back of your neck as they massage your head. No wait, that head massage part in general, like I know I’m supposed to enjoy this but I feel ridiculous because if I close my eyes right now everyone will see me enjoying this! Also say goodbye to half of your foundation¬†¬†¬†¬†girls, you will literally have a waterline creating a mask like look for the rest of the time you are here.

3) THE BOOK. You know the one, the one that means its time to choose¬†the colour, then followed by pretending to know the difference in the ‘shades’ calmly agreeing to what ever they suggest. Then panicking that you have no idea what colour it may turn out as one by one¬†the strands are covered and accept that for the next 4 months you may look like Katy Perry in the California girls video.

FullSizeRender 16
4) Awkwardly sitting in the window as the people pass by staring at the new tin man with foils in her hair. Yes, yes, i chose to have this done at 2 in the afternoon in one of London’s busiest areas … quit judging me.

5) That first snip. Instantly regretting saying a couple of inches off as it feels like 80% of your hair now lays on the floor and they keep chopping more and more. Is it ok to ask for extensions now please!?

6) When you are asked to stand up straight and it’s like you have never stood up in your life . You are up and staring at your reflection like this is the most uncomfortable stance you could take,¬†even though you do this every day of your life.

7) That feeling after the cut when all your anxiety disappears, you look fierce you feel like Beyoncé and you want to be best friends with your hairdresser. Thanks for making me look acceptable to society again guys!


So who’s with me on this girls?
Danielle Jade

Bandzee: Add a pop of colour to your hairstyles.

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a great week so far.

Today i’m going to be showing you the wonderful new hair bands i received from Bandzee*.

Bandzee are a company who know how to do hair ties!! You’ve probably seen¬†hair ties like these around. They are the flat ones that sit on your wrist and almost double as bracelets.


Made from super soft elastic, these bands are less likely to break than your average bundle of bobbles you picked up for 99p in Superdrug. They are also better for your hair as they wont tug and pull as much. Fabulous!

The bands come in sets of four and cost £5.95 per pack.

Here is a picture of the beautiful ones I have in my collection;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The quality of these bands are great.They stretch pretty well and hold their natural shape after too, the only thing I wish was possible was for the patterned ones to be printed on both sides.

Here are my favourite patterned ones I have in my bundle;

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with f3 preset

 I love the colours used in these three. They really have the wow factor to add a little fun to boring and repetitive hairstyles.
(Sidenote; see what I mean? They could be bracelets, Cute Hey!)

The first time I wore my bands out I used them at the end of my braids. To add a pop of colour and a little bit of sass to my hairstyle.


I think they just look super cute! I wish you could buy pairs of the same styles though as I would love matching bands to finish my braids.

I hope you enjoyed looking at my new favourite hair ties. I suggest you go look at the Bandzee website here; Bandzee and find the right bundle for you!

They also have a monthly subscription box available at just £4.96 BARGAIN!

Thanks for reading, let me know which set you think is the best


Danielle Jade.


*Products in this post were gifted from the company stated. All opinions are my own, for more information see disclaimer.  

Calling all beauty lovers! Make up Brushes – edition.

Hello beautiful people!

Today’s post is all about the wonderful make up brushes from

When I first heard about these guys I instantly fell in love with the website. They host a whole load of different brands in the same place so you can mix and match your brushes In one simple place. Having not heard of some of the brands before I was more than excited to try some of them out. I chose to go with So Eco and Japonesque.

I love everything about the So Eco company, all the products are designed to be biodegradable and sustainable, right down to the packaging.

First up is the So Eco finishing brush*.

Now, this lightweight brush is one of the softest things I’ve ever used. The double length cut bristles are like tiny little feathers against my face. Honestly I just sat stroking my face like a crazy person with this before I used it, it’s that soft. The brush itself suggests you use it with blusher to finish your look however if you’re like myself and have a somewhat smaller face this brush may swamp the size of your cheeks. That’s why I’ve chosen to use it with my finishing powder. It just helps it glide on effortlessly.

What would I rate this products out of 10? 7/10 soft, easy to use but for a different intention so I cannot give it 10.

Next up the Japonesque Kumadorie fan brush*.

Ok this item is cool. It’s as light as a feather and the almost cord like feel the handle gives off makes the brush feel more like a wand than anything else. It’s easy to grip because of the intricatly designed handle and the bristles catch the perfect amount of product when applying. I’d honestly never had a fan brush before now and I will not be turning back, as someone who loves a good highlighter I can’t even begin to imagine how wrong I was applying it before this brush, it really helps a little go a long way and creates more precise application.

I’d give this product a solid 9/10 (though i adore the design, the handle did feel funny for the fist couple of uses)

Finally back to So Eco* for this last set.


First I must say I love that it arrived in a little press stud  bag. This makes for easy travel. The set contains 5 brushes which are;

¬†I’m going to say I love the variation you’re getting with this bundle, they have thought about the whole eye area and not just the lids, for example, the eyebrow comb vs the mascara wand. It’s about a lot more than just eyeshadow with this set.

The fineliner brush is a thin brush almost like a lip liner, I used this to add a dark outline around the eye. The brush held the product well but I did go over it in eyeliner. I’m just not sure if I’ll get much use out of this brush using it solely for its intended purpose but I will use it more for creating cut crease eye looks.

The eyebrow comb is my favourite if you’ve seen my face you will be able to tell, I put a lot of time into my eyebrows. I love combing them, shaping them, filling them in. This brush just makes that so much easier!

The eye shading brush is perfect for creating an all over colour on the lids, great size and picks up colour well.

The angled eyeliner brush, again another brush I have changed the purpose of, I use this one to fill in my brows! I just love the straight angled line it can create.

Finally the mascara wand I used with my mascara primer to separate the lashes before applying mascara.

Out of ten I give this bundle 10! Despite changing some of the uses, I adore the different applicators!

I over the moon with my brushes and I think I’m going to love these the more I use them.

Thank you to Make Up Brushes Uk for these sets. I want to try everything you have now!

Go over to ; and have a look at just how many different brushes and brands they have. If you’re a make up junkie you’re going to love this site. Hurry now whilst they have FREE DELIVERY! .

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade.

*Products in this post were gifted from the company stated. All opinions are my own, for more information see disclaimer.  

Bronzed and beautiful; get the look! 

Hello everyone!

Today’s post is just a quick update on what I used to create this look;

I had so many of you asking where different aspects of this look came from so thought why not do a quick flat lay and show you all!


The end. No I’m totally kidding!

Let’s take a look at what I used to create the base of my make up!

I recently fell in love with this Barry M primer. It’s amazing. It feels exactly like a moisturiser when you apply it rather than others that I have used which feel like a heavy gel and block my skin. It’s perfect for evening out the skin tone and creating a base for your make up.

Using my real technique brush I apply a small amount of the Mac Studio Fix fluid in the shade NW13 to my face. I say small amount as this foundation can sometimes look a little heavy because of its excellent coverage!

To set this all, I used the rimmel lasting perfection powder sweeping it all over my face and locking in the work so far.

Next is my favourite step; contour. Using my all time top palette the Anastasia Beverley Hills contour kit and the real technique brush I took the two middle shades to create a highlight and contour duo. If you don’t already I highly recommend adding this kit to your make up collection. It’s become a staple in mine.

Next up… Eyes.

First thing I always do when starting eye make up. I apply the Manna Kadar lash primer. The clear gel will help to make them appear thicker and fuller all day long.

Ok first things first; Eyebrows. I start off with the rimmel brow this way and comb the product through my brows to lift and shade them. I then take the the sleek brown duo in the shade light to create my eyebrows. Using the wax to outline what shape I want the brows I line the lower outside edge all the way along the arch to the tip and then fill them in using the powder. Tadaaaaa.

Using the three eyeshadows above I take the marks brush and start with the White/silver shimmer. I then take the dark brown Kiko eyeshadow and place this colour into the crease, before I blend this I take my favourite gold from Kiko and place it in the middle. At this point you will have three strips of different colours. To create this almost ombré eyeshadow look I then take my Barry M shadow brush and from the corner to the outer of the eye I blend blend blend.

I then finish the eyes with a small black line, using the supercat just to emphasise the eyes, and finish with the Benefit They’re Real! Mascara.

Finally it’s time for lips.

Using the Natural collection brown lip liner I outline the shape of my mouth emphasising the Cupid’s bow and paint on revlons choco-licious.

So there you have it! I hope this helped clear up any questions you have about what I may have used.

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade


Beauty & Bra Haul.

Hello beautiful people i hope you’re all well!
It’s finally here, the post you wanted to see!
It’s my, TK MAXX mini-haul!

Whilst looking for decorations for my Galentines themed afternoon tea, I wandered into TKMAXX looking for different cups and saucers, to my dismay there wasn’t a home section in this store (which is the stupidest thing ever) however I spotted the beauty isle and it was bye bye tea cups, hello shiny new purchases.

I had been lucky enough to pick up a Nars lipgloss in the past from TKMAXX so I was excited to see what they had in store.

This brings me to my first item,

The Olivia Palermo collection with Ciate. Somehow I hadn’t heard of this collaboration lipstick before but as soon as I saw the colour I was sold.

You may have noticed by now I am a fan of lipsticks. They are my (not guilty at all) guilty pleasure. I mean, this blog is basically becoming my life and lipstick but who can complain when they are so beautiful!?

The formula of this lipstick feels great! It’s smooth and velvety and a single swipe gives a good amount of colour. There’s nothing I hate more than feeling like I’m painting a lipstick on for the smallest amount of colour to come through, therefor I was truly impressed with this lipstick.

The colour I purchased Is called Cashmere. It’s a nude based lipstick with soft brown undertones, which is something completely different to what I usually go for. That seems to be a theme recently with me, I’m trying out more and more colours. It’s just more fun.

In TKMAXX this lipstick was just £5.99 which is the bargain of the century with it retailing at £19.00 I mean, my only wish is that I could have got all the colours available, however the fingerprints on the other lipsticks put me off. Seriously guys, stop poking products, is gross.

Next up is another Ciate product, this time it’s a nail polish. Now, I love painting my nails, my Nanna is insanely talented at nail art and I’ve grown up admiring her talent and nail polish collection, the only problem is, I cannot wear nail polish for work and so have stopped buying as many as I used to. This one however I couldn’t leave in the store.

It’s a black based polish with gold yellow and copper shimmers running through, and not in a tacky clumpy chunks of glitter kind of way , it’s more of a subtle twinkling type of glitter. Now, hold for how cheesy this is but it’s almost like the stars in the sky kind of glitter, super pretty!

The reason I adore this is that my favourite colour is black, you may have noticed, and I also love anything that glitters, so it’s perfect! I feel I could wear this when going for cocktails with the girls for that extra little sparkle. The name of the polish is twilight and I think that perfectly describes the colour you’re going to get.

This polish retails at £9.00 but I bought it for £3.99

¬†Now it’s not all beauty in TKMAXX there are some hidden gems dotted throughout the store. I took a look at the underwear isle and soon enough I found myself with two bras in my basket.

First up is this two tone black and nude bra from the Heidi Klum collection. What pulled me towards buying this item was the detail, the three bows, the contrasting  black floral lace on the nude base and the ribbon running along the frame of the bra. There is a lot going on with this garment and its just stunning.

The bra is underwired and like any other bra can be tightened at the straps. There isn’t any padding which I prefer, however it does push up the bust and creates a flattering shape framing the collar bones.

This bra is called Amelia by Heidi Kulm Currently on sale in Selfridges for £38 I grabbed this for only £9.99.

The second bra I picked up is from the Jessica Simpson collection, and it’s just incredible. This lace bralet has underwire but no padding. It’s perfect for those days when you are lounging around and want to feel comfortable.

Also, it’s super sexy. The slightly see through lace makes this one super delicate though, so hand wash only! The tag says $31 dollars which is around ¬£22 but again TKMAXX gave me an incredible saving and it was only ¬£6.99

Ok, that was a brief break from beauty (pun fully intended) so back to make up we go.

Next up, are my last two beautiful finds. Eyeshadow.

First up, Stila. Whilst browsing I stumbled upon this single Stila eyeshadow.

This colour is the exact colour I like to use for the base of my eyelids. I adore colours like this because they create a solid base that is easy to build upon. It’s an almost sandy colour that looks natural but just gives the eyes that beautiful finish.

Here’s a swatch of the colour on my pale hands. It’s just delicious! The eyeshadow also feels really nice and has an almost satin finish, not grainy at all, like others I’ve come across before. It’s a well formulated powder that I can tell is going to last a long time.

This eyeshadow retails at £18.00 but I bought it for £4.99

Next up, my favourite purchase.

Nars, is perhaps the most well known brand I will include in my blog today. It’s very highly recommended amongst other bloggers, so I was again excited to grab this perfect duo.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Just look at it *ahhhhhhhh* these golden/orange colours are a dream for someone who uses Browns and coppers more often than not. The shadow on the left is matte and the right has a shimmer to it. I cannot wait to blend these colours into my darker browns and give that orange colour burst to my blue eyes.

The Nars duo eyeshadows retail at around £25 however this was only £9.99

So in total had i paid the retail price for all the above items i would have paid around £131.00 but thanks to TK MAXX i only paid £41.94
I still cannot get over that huge saving of £89.04

I hope you liked my mini-haul guys!

Let me know of what other bargains your have found in your local TK MAXX and if you haven’t before have a pop in next time and see what you can find!

Thanks for reading

Danielle Jade x


Valentine’s inspired look ‚̧ԳŹ¬†

Ok so it’s here guys, it’s Valentine’s Day on Sunday! No matter if you love it or hate it, you can’t avoid it, its here once every year and I think out of all the holidays this one gets the most varied response. It’s the marmite of all holidays I’d say! Still, I thought I’d share with you my valentines inspired look. To give all you date-goers a little help when it comes to dressing up this Valentine’s.

Of course with it being Valentine’s Day I went with one of my favourite red dresses that I own. I actually bought this dress for my graduation party when leaving performing arts school and through every house change, clear out, and wardrobe re-vamp. This little red dress has stayed a favourite of mine. Just look at it, it’s so simple yet the sequins & beads give just enough detail to really lift up the top half of the dress and catch the eye.

I adore everything about the fit of this dress, the sweetheart styled bandeau is extremely flattering, especially on small boob’ed people like myself. This is helped by the boning on the top half, helping give structure to the garment whilst accentuating my smaller waist. The floaty skirt makes me feel like a princess. Pretty much what every girl should feel like on Valentine’s Day surely! If you can twirl it in, it counts as being a princess dress by my standards.

One thing I was surprised by with this ASOS beauty was how lovely the colour complimented fair skin. I think with pale skin red is a bold move and can sometimes come off a little too dramatic, that’s certainly not the case here.
For my make up I stuck to the red theme I had going for Valentine’s and using my go-to red lipstick in the shade Ruby Woo I accentuated those lips, kissing here I come!

I kept my foundation light and my eyes simple with a little dark brown in the crease and champagne pop shimmer on the lids. I stayed away from harsh contouring and instead gave myself a little more highlighter than bronzer, just to stick to this pale almost English-rose Valentine’s look. I added black eyeliner to the outer ends of my eyelids to make my eyes appear wider and create that loveable doe-eyed appearance.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my Valentine’s inspired look. Whatever your plans are this Valentine’s I hope you have a wonderful day!
Danielle Jade X