Glitter looks-Summer 2016.

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for festivals, holidays, pool parties, for the jumpers to go into hibernation and for the short-shorts to show off butt cheeks once again.

This summer has already been so much fun!


It’s been opportunity after opportunity after opportunity to cover my face in the glitter collection i have accumulated.

So here are just some of my favourite Glitter looks i have created this year…

First Up:

Ibiza provided the perfect party palace for me to cover myself (and Scott) in all the glitter our little faces could handle.

First up is this purple hazed look i created for Amnesia.

 After spending all day at the HOLI festival of colour we decided why not stop the party and head out to Amnesia. Opting to be completely different from the bright neon powders we had just finished throwing all over each other and the little silver stars i had previously used on the outside of my eyes here:

I went for a deep purple and bronzed look.
I used the Chunky purple holographic hexagon glitter pots and lightly dotted around the outer edge of my eyes, i used a little of the same glitter in gold when going closer to the centre of the eye. This paired with the dark purple Mac Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick made the perfect night time sparkle.

Next up it was time to head out to Space to our Elrow Bollywood themed night.this immediately set us up for the perfect reason to go to town with all the glitter we could find.

So we did, just that. I took the Chunky Hexagon silver glitter pot and using the stargazer face glue i created a boomerang from above the arch of my brow to the top of my cheek bone.I also added some of the NYX cosmetics face and body glitter to fill in the gaps, and a mix of the two along the parting in my hair. To finish this look we used stick on gems to create exaggerated shapes on the centre of our foreheads for the extra sparkle.Side note: Pay attention to Scotts eyebrows for all your glitter needs.

(Incase you were wondering the gems did not last the night but the glitter was strong and stayed on until the morning came around)

Next up: Pride in London.

It’s like this summer gave me nothing but good excuses to paint glitter wherever i could. PRIDE, was another reason for this. For this look i used NYX cosmetics face and body glitter to recreate the same boomerang shape, as a foundation. This time with it being pride i decided to use my own interpretation on the LGBTQ rainbow and Mylar Ice Flakes in multicolour. Starting closest to the ear i took a lot of the flakes and spread them out towards both ends of the glitter base.


The Formation world tour, or as i would describe it, the day the Queen SLAYED. For this concert i used the chunky gold hexagon glitter pot i had and placed a rectangular strip across the sides of both eyes to try and re-create a BeeHive in honour of Beyonce’s BeyHive. This may be the most simple look i have done this summer but i truly enjoyed what it represents.


London’s very own Lovebox festival provided me with what i actually think is my favourite look this summer.

This time i used A LOT OF HAIR GEL and more of the NYX cosmetics face and body glitter to cover the partings in my hair and frame the braids of my hairstyles. Up next i used small stargazer spectrum silver stars to create a galaxy in my hair and topped it off with some simple stars from those packs you can get at a card shop to use as confetti. I thought that because i went incredibly OTT with the glitter in my hair i had better tone it down with my face, well, that was the plan. I did however keep adding to it.

I started off by creating the line using stick on gems from Claire’s Accessories. I then used 2mm hexagon mylar ice in white iridescent to pad out the line and make it shine, for that final sparkle i added just a few of the stars along the line. I think this created the perfect amount of face to hair glitter ratio!


This one i like to call the Alien.

So what was this look for i hear you ask?
Well, this look was for absolutely nothing.
Yep, nothing.
This was the result of my boredom and i think, i may just love it.

Let me know in the comments which look is your favourite 😘

Danielle Jade




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