7 stages you internally go through at the hairdressers!

Ok so recently i went to the hairdressers and i came across these 7 stages that i totally forgot happen EVERY single time i go for a haircut. So i thought i’d share them with you, as i’m sure you’ll all agree with me on these steps.

1) The internal analysing the condition of your current hair. Praying please god don’t notice just how terribly greasy my hair is when entering the hairdressers. Usually followed by ‘my friend said not to wash my hair if I’m having it coloured’ as you shyly look at the hairdresser who has to tame this mess. Im sorry. Im very sorry.

2) That horrible feeling as the water slips down the back of your neck as they massage your head. No wait, that head massage part in general, like I know I’m supposed to enjoy this but I feel ridiculous because if I close my eyes right now everyone will see me enjoying this! Also say goodbye to half of your foundation    girls, you will literally have a waterline creating a mask like look for the rest of the time you are here.

3) THE BOOK. You know the one, the one that means its time to choose the colour, then followed by pretending to know the difference in the ‘shades’ calmly agreeing to what ever they suggest. Then panicking that you have no idea what colour it may turn out as one by one the strands are covered and accept that for the next 4 months you may look like Katy Perry in the California girls video.

FullSizeRender 16
4) Awkwardly sitting in the window as the people pass by staring at the new tin man with foils in her hair. Yes, yes, i chose to have this done at 2 in the afternoon in one of London’s busiest areas … quit judging me.

5) That first snip. Instantly regretting saying a couple of inches off as it feels like 80% of your hair now lays on the floor and they keep chopping more and more. Is it ok to ask for extensions now please!?

6) When you are asked to stand up straight and it’s like you have never stood up in your life . You are up and staring at your reflection like this is the most uncomfortable stance you could take, even though you do this every day of your life.

7) That feeling after the cut when all your anxiety disappears, you look fierce you feel like Beyoncé and you want to be best friends with your hairdresser. Thanks for making me look acceptable to society again guys!


So who’s with me on this girls?
Danielle Jade

One thought on “7 stages you internally go through at the hairdressers!

  1. I love this post…This post is my life when I go to the hairdressers! Especially being a girl with Insanely thick hair, you could make extensions with what’s left on the floor, and it always feels like when I say “Just about 2 inches off the ends please” that there is 7 inches on the floor!
    I did make the brave decision to donate 14 inches of my hair to a charity, and I cried like a baby in the hairdressers, but hopefully now I won’t need to worry about these steps for a while!

    Little Ren xx


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