Explore; Gran Canaria – The Combo Tour!

Hello, beautiful people!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.
I thought that whilst this miserable weather is here i would share with you all some my Gran Canaria diaries and hopefully bring some of the sunshine through my work out into rainy London.


So, i recently went to the sunny south of the island of Gran Canaria, Maspalomas, Playa Del Ingles. Just look at this beautiful sunshine;


It was a wonderful 30degrees whilst we were there and immediately i was ready for my casper skin to feel the burn. Luckily this didn’t happen until day 2 though so for one day i felt like a normal holiday go-er then the inevitable triangl bikini marks were faintly painted on me for the duration of the holiday. LUSH. 🙈

During our welcome and induction to the hotel we decided to book in some acitivies for our holiday, this package was called the CANARIAN COMBO. It consisted of, a Jeep Safari, Camel back riding and taking a boat trip out to see the dolphins. Now let me break this down for you,  i love anything that will get my adrenaline going and make me feel like an explorer so i was more than excited to get up and go when the day arrived. What i was not anticipating was my little hangover i was blessed with that day. WHY ON EARTH DO THE SPANISH PUT SO MUCH ALCOHOL IN THEIR DRINKS? (Not that i’m complaining, i just wasn’t prepared) Nether the less, i went to breakfast drank way too much peppermint tea, and bananas – because i hear that this is supposed to cure a hangover and before i knew it we were in a jeep with headscarfs over our faces heading up the mountains. The journey there was pleasant enough, four of us packed into what should be a two seater boot, laughing at how miserable some of the other people on the combo were being and admiring the beautiful scenery as we went gliding up the smooth tarmac mountains.


It was beautiful, we stopped at the top to admire the view and it was one of those moments where you can appreciate how small you are in the world, in a way that makes you feel big enough to conquer the world. We took some pretty cool pictures with our new found friends and head along the tour. 11935220_10206360612629013_8063301663531382434_o

Don’t worry though folks i was soon to feel small again as we pulled up into what i can only describe as a parking lot and told this is where we would be getting on the Camels. As we dubiously stepped out of our jeeps and into the camel factory (thats the only way i can describe this) i felt like a horrible person. I really didn’t want to get on these poor camels, however after watching some of the others get on them it was soon my turn and the Spanish trainers had 0% idea of what i was saying and how i in fact did not want to get on Tony (the name of our camels) back. After what felt like forever on this Camel, i only hated it all more. Now i don’t know how many of you have seen Camels before but they are scary. They are huge! They make terrible noises and they come way too close to my face for my liking. Not only that the Camel behind us was for sure drunk. I don’t quite know how the girls behind us managed to stay on but i was nearly crying the whole way round. Please note i am still hungover here,i am now on a camels back, curled up into a ball as some spanish man comes around touching my leg pretending to be a camel biting me. I still think i was being punked this day. After what felt like a lifetime later, i am now told it was 20 minutes we were off the camels and i was washing myself down in the toilets. I was over this whole Camel expedition and ready to get back into the Jeep.


As we piled back in we were told to assemble our headscarves and get ready to get covered in dust, dirt & desert! LETS DO IT! Heading into the bumpy roads my stomach was not prepared for the journey and my hangover officially hated me, but i was still absolutely loving it. I don’t think i have laughed that much in a long time, we were literally getting battered and bruised in the back of this jeep and one of the guys was convinced the door was going to fling open so was doing his best to hold onto it. Every so often the cars would pull out, so each jeep could be at the front and that was when the real dust started. Come the mid-point we hopped out of the car and we were covered in a layer of dirt. Honestly this didn’t bother me, it was the most tanned id looked all holiday! It was so much fun. Still the two people in front of us made no noise. HOW? You’re on holiday, live a little. You’re literally going through the mountains in a jeep without a roof that could possibly break down at any minute, this is so much fun! I just needed them to laugh once to prove they weren’t robots. It didn’t happen, but i’m sure the 4 of us were making enough noise for the other five Jeeps anyway!
After about 40 minutes of being in the jeep we were heading down the motorway to have lunch before getting on the boat. Now, i knew before i got on this boat that i have a tendency to fall victim to being sea-sick but was i going to miss out the chance to see dolphins because of that, HELL NO. Had i full prepped my friend Alicia for just how sea-sick i can be? HELL NO.  I was seeing those dolphins if it meant i came back green, and boy did i. Had we only been on the boat an hour i would have been just fine it was when we were approaching that third hour that i felt less than perky shall we say. I have learnt from this though i have some pretty good self restraint and managed not to throw up on my friend. Alicia if you are reading this,  you’re welcome for that by the way.

FullSizeRender 19

I have to say when we saw the dolphins i was mesmerised. The kind of mesmerised you get when you put a baby in front of a mirror. I was far too excited for a 23 year old woman to be seeing dolphins but i think they are just incredible. I’d only seen dolphins before in sea world but here they were just doing life in the sea. Swimming along, playing, smiling , making adorable noises and it was SOOO much better than seeing them at Disney. There was something special about feeling like we had been invited into their home as apposed to watching those staged performances. It was beautiful. After taking some cute videos of them all jumping in and out of the water i stepped aside to let some other people take a look when A WHALE jumped out of the sea. A WHALE. A REAL LIFE WHALE. Well that was it. I was practically leaning overboard to take a look. Now anyone who knows me knows i am fascinated by things of great height and extraordinary colour and now, i guess i should add whales to that list because, my oh my. It was amazing.

I really would recommend this Combo to anyone because despite the few faults it had, the laughter it provided created timeless memories. It was as random as could be and i wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Actually , yes i would change one thing. I wish the Spanish captain of the ship wouldn’t have been so obsessed with Robbie Williams, he literally played his CD on loop for 3 hours. Im no longer loving angels instead. 🙈

Thanks for reading, i hope you enjoyed this post as i had a lot of fun writing it.

Danielle Jade.


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