The Curl Company.

Hello everyone!

Hope you’re all good, today i’m going to talk to you about The Curl Company*. Recognise the name? You may have seen them pop up in  your local Boots store.

The Curl company have one main goal and that’s to create a brand dedicated to help with those of us who have curly/wavy hair. Their brand is part of the Creightons Professional family.


I was lucky to meet two lovely brand ambassadors of The Curl Company at the bloggers hangout event i attended. Whilst there i learnt about how focused the company is on maintaining healthy, strong and bouncy hair for curl fanatics.

The Curl Company gifted me four of their products, they were the;


Curl Company sulphate free shampoo*.
The fact it was sulphate free automatically makes me think i’m doing something better for my hair. The shampoo itself has a smell i do not care for. It’s quite strong and i cannot but my hand on what it is but it smells incredibly plastic like. I think that may be because im used to strong floral/fun smelling products that without this having a specific named scent, i didn’t enjoy it so much. That being said, the shampoo works well, a small amount goes a long way and provides my hair with enough to feel clean in minutes.

The Curl Company leave in conditioner*.
I hadn’t used a leave in conditioner in YEARS until this one, i applied it to my damp/wet hair after showering. This smelt a lot better than the shampoo which i appreciated as i would be leaving it on there. I love the idea of being able to condition my hair when im in a rush now with this leave in conditioner.

The Curl Company deep conditioning masque*.
This was my favourite product i was gifted. The pot itself is a very generous size and the masque is pretty thick which means you really don’t need that much. I have quite long hair and was surprised by how much coverage i got from the masque. I suggest 4 minutes is a good amount of time to leave this masque on and feel a good difference. It really helped my hair feel replenished and more moisturised when drying.


The Curl Company Hold and Body Curl Mousse*.
It’s not often i use mousse. I went through a phase in my teenage years where my hair would look like straw because of the crispy mousse i plastered onto my curls. This mousse again has a little solid touch to it after but it’s not too much or too off putting to look at. In fact i’d say its one of the only products i’ve come across that doesn’t actually make my hair crispy, whilst maintaining the bounce i wanted in my hair.

All in all though i cannot say i will continue to use the shampoo purely because of the smell. I will absolutely be using the Mousse, Masque and Conditioner whenever i want to treat my hair to some kick ass looking curls.


Thank you to The Curl Company and The Bloggers Hangout for this opportunity to work together.

Do check out the Curl Company on their social media outlets!

Thanks for reading,

Danielle Jade

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