Things you can relate to if you grew up going to dance class.

You could never go to weekend birthday parties because you had ballet.

You took every opportunity to choreograph new dances for assembly.

You had more hair grips on your bedroom floor than anything else.


You had a box full of  stage make up your friends used to come round to play with.

You always got the lead in the primary school nativities because you were ‘an outgoing child’


For days after a competition you still sparkled like a star from the spray on glitter you covered yourself in for your modern.


You could never quite explain what a National dance was to anyone who didn’t do competitions.

You would NEVER be seen on your own at a festival, where are my girls at?!


You family and friends were very lucky to sit through your made up plays/routines.

You wanted a karaoke machine for xmas.

You secretly loved High School Musical

You plastered on eyeshadow like it was going out of fashion.


You got excited when split sole tap shoes were a thing.

You always loved the overpowering smell of hairspray at a festival

You kept your trophies on the same shelf in your house and your family were always super proud of them.


You practiced wherever and whenever you could.

You wore Pineapple logo’d everything! Shoes, bag, crop top. You name it, if Pineapple dance studio’s had it. You were wearing it.

You have photo’s like these


and so do your siblings.

You met some of your best friends in the world at these competitions.

You don’t say 1-2-3-4 you say a 5-6-7-8 before starting an activity.

Using props were essential to improve any dance, the bigger the better! 


You learnt more french at dance than you did in your GCSE french classes.

You willingly wore weights on your ankles to help you stretch

You body ached pretty much all your teenage life, but you could do the splits so it’s fine.

You became competitive at a super early age because of your competitions.

You always had that one group dance you hated. (For me this was anything hip hop.)


You went to class, got put on the back row of the new routine and instantly wished you had gone out that night.   

You can’t wear red lipstick now without wanting to grin like a Cheshire Cat

You at least once, clapped and stood there completely unaware as you won your section only to have the adjudicator have to repeat herself. Yes you number 12.

Coming joint 4th in a section of 5 was always hilarious

You can get ready for any social event in 15 minutes given the right comb and space for a quick change.

You have more memories that make you smile from your dancing days and you would never change them.

Thanks for reading!

Danielle Jade X

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