MAC VIVA GLAM : Ariana Grande.

As soon as the email landed in my inbox I knew I would end up having a new lipstick to add to the collection. This time it was Macs new Viva Glam lipstick in partnership with Ariana Grande that I found myself purchasing all too easily!

The lipstick is a deep plum colour which is something I wouldn’t usually opt for, however over this christmas period I have been trying darker reds and plums and thought this would be the perfect lipstick to test out just how dark I can go!

As with all Mac lipsticks it came in the little black box of love (too sexual as a reference for lipstick? Ah who cares!)

Only this time it had Ariana Grandes signature in red along the side of the box.

I love the sleek design of the lipsticks and the colour itself is just as pretty!

*insert ahhhhhh noise here*


The rich and dark colour immediately scared me, oh s**t this is way too dark for my pale Casper like skin I thought! I swatched it onto the back of my hand,

Surprisingly it came up a lot more purple than it looks out of the packet, PERFECT!

I love the formula of Mac lipsticks they just glide on effortlessly and feel incredible, I love nothing more than a lipstick that feels good. Say what you like, that £1 lipstick may be cheap but does it stay on for 7+ hours without smudging all over your face? I highly doubt it! This however stayed on even whilst I had my lunch. Honestly, seriously impressed.

I already know that this is going to become one of my favourite lipsticks. I had to stop myself from wearing it to work today! I just love how well the purple goes with my blue eyes.

Seriously why have I not thought about pairing a purple lipstick with my blue eyes before. It just makes them pop, even from far away!

Anyway, I could praise this lipstick all day, but I think you should just go try it!

It’s daring, it’s dark, it’s delicious and its reignited my love for Mac lipsticks. Oh-ohhhhhh goodbye wage.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of this colour? Would you dare it?

Danielle Jade


5 thoughts on “MAC VIVA GLAM : Ariana Grande.

  1. I’ve been debating buying this and I can’t decideeee! Whilst I think the colour is absolutely divine, and it’s going towards a good cause, so many have said that it applies really patchy and bleeds. Did you have any of the same problems? I can’t be dealing with a high maintenance lippy… I like to just sweep and go hah

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