Where to be ladies who brunch, without breaking the bank! 

Hello everyone hope your week is off to a good start!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you two of my favourite spots to go for Brunch in East London.

Now one thing you should know about me is that Breakfast food is my favourite kind of food!

That is why I find brunch so amazing. The opportunity to have breakfast twice in one day and prolong the breakfast experience. I am in.

The first place up is called The Pavilion, and it can be found in Mile End. Set against the river running through Victoria Park. This little spot is beautiful for the warmer months when you want to brunch outside. I have been on a couple of different occasions now to eat with friends and I have never been disappointed, just look at the food it offers!

This is the avocado and poached eggs on toast with my favourite lemonade! The meal cost £7.50 and the lemonade £2.50 (I think, can’t remember the exact lemonade cost)

As someone who doesn’t eat (red) meat you can imagine my breakfast options are usually limited. From the traditional bacon  sandwich to the ultimate brunch of eggs Benedict, I cannot indulge in such wonders. Therefor I was extremely happy when I saw this on the pavilions chalk board. It was the perfect amount of avocade for a fan like myself!

For all you meat lovers out there my friends had the more traditonal breakfasts and thought they too were amazing!

Next up is a place called The Counter again found along side a river however this one is in Hackney. Perhaps one of the coolest little finds I’ve come across in London! It’s a small, cosy and ultimately cool place to go for brunch.Perfect for those colder months. Again the food is incredible and I opted of course for the vegetarian option….which I swear changed my life.

Ladies and gentleman want to know the way to my heart… That’s it. That breakfast right there. For £10 I ate perhaps my body weight in breakfast items. Partnered by one of the best cappuccinos I have had. The reason it was such a good brew is because The Counter is also a roastary so if you like a good coffee, get yourself down there pronto!

This time I remembered to snap a picture of the girls breakfasts too; here you go meat eaters…adore

Fresh orange juice is squeezed on the regular and you can help yourself to water in this chic cafe.

I’m sure you can find more information on prices for both if you give them a quick google but I can tell you now neither are going to break the bank and it will be one of the most pleasant and relaxed brunches you will go to!

Both perfect spots for hanging with friends as you discuss the week and catch up over a wonderful beverage.

Hope you enjoyed my little brunch post, just thought I’d share with you two of my favourite little London spots!

Thanks for reading, Danielle Jade


2 thoughts on “Where to be ladies who brunch, without breaking the bank! 

  1. aww these sound like cute places! I never brunch out because I can do it myself easily at home (ain’t nobody payin’ £10 for pancakes lol) so I wore off the hype… but when I do like me some brunch, I really like Daylesford! Great atmosphere and the prices aren’t too bad either 🙂

    Cherie / http://www.sinonym.uk

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