Top 5 things that suck about being a girl!


Hello, for those of you who may not already know, i’m Danielle and i have decided today’s post is going to be a list of my personal top 5 reasons of why being a girl SUCKS!


Thats right, you knew it was going to all start here.

Periods, suck. Big time. I have never heard any one describe being on their period as a delightful time. It’s not exactly something you’d compare to a stroll in the park. It’s more like trying to make it over hot lava on fragile stepping stones without sneezing or coughing for a week or sometimes maybe more.

Being on your period sucks. The cramps, the mood swings, the want to eat everything and also nothing at the same time. The back pain, the spots the unexpected arrival. Everything about periods suck.
Guys will never, ever understand just how horrible periods can be.
Also did i mention the added expense of periods? Tampons aren’t cheap you know, it costs a lot for this luxury of ours. Feminax will also need to be purchased. I’d say the average period* can cost easily £15 and this happens once a month! So overall we spend approximately £180.00 a year on making it a somewhat more bearable experience.

*average period based on cost for tampons when changed every 5 hours for one week. Totalling 3 boxes of tampons and one batch of Feminax Express. Not including the added cost of chocolate to stop me from acting like a bitch for the week.


The fear, the fear of losing your virginity. Thinking about sex as a teenager is some scary ass shit. Why on earth would i want that?! We are told that we are going to bleed, it will probably hurt and then maybe end up with a baby i never planned. SURE! That seems like a great idea. Admittedly as you get older and wiser you realise this is not so scary after all, in fact you will grow to love it, because there are many ways you can help prevent these unexpected babies. Which leads me to contraception. As a girl, we have again got the short end of the stick here. A man that doesn’t want babies? Here whack on a sock of latex and go to town…did i mention you can get condoms for FREE from your doctors so don’t worry about added expense lads. For girls however it’s way more difficult! Now, we do have choices when it comes to contraception, and i’m not going to say they aren’t miracle workers but they aren’t exactly as appealing as a condom.

We can choose one of the pills, now would you like the mood swing pill? The weight changing pill or the pill that you will of course forget at one point during the course of the batch because remembering every single day is quite frankly hard to keep up with sometimes. We cant just take one pill before sex like guys can put a condom on, though i bet a lot of girls wish we could!
Pill not for you?
Try the coil then.. Now, do you mind not being able to sit for a few days after whilst it’s inserted? (guys, google it)
Then if all else fails have the implant. Not only is it inserted into your body you can physically see and play with it too! Here’s to a free toy everyone!

I just think as incredible as female contraception is, guys do still have it a lot easier.


The media is tough on girls, and i literally mean every age group of girls. The media is warping our minds into having expectations that are quite frankly ridiculous. If i see one more celebrity sharing their ‘secrets’ on how they got that (insert, hype of the season) look, then it turns out to be plastic surgery, i will honestly cry.
Teenagers don’t look like teenagers anymore and i fear about what they are missing out on because of how much time they spend admiring unrealistic goals. To say girls should wear less make up would be extremely hypocritical of myself because lord knows i love my make up but i do wish that i didn’t care so much, but i do…and do you know why i do, because everyones seen those column in magazines like ‘CELEBRITY ON BEACH LOOKS HOMELESS WITH NO MAKE UP’ or ‘CELEBRITY HAS NEVER LOOKED WORSE GOING TO GYM’ and because of these attacks on people i admire i have become scared that is how the world will also see me. I know i will never have a Kardashian figure, i will never have hair like Jennifer Aniston but still i like, i comment and i follow their lifestyles on social media, i myself stalk their lifestyles one click at a time and i cannot see the point in stopping because i think now, you cannot escape media and if you do FOMO kicks in and you will go running back. Being a girl sucks, when you’re not the ideal version of yourself.


Being a girl sucks because of the expectations on grooming, i remember when i first wanted to start shaving and how my mother warned me once i start i will have to carry on for the rest of my life. Like many of mum and i’s conversations i didn’t take the FOREVER part seriously. I should have listened, because it’s true. Grooming is an essential part of any womans life, unless you are one of those women who feels entirely comfortable not shaving then YOU GO GIRL! i wish i could feel like you, but i cant. I cannot stand the idea of not shaving, but i cannot also stand the idea of how long and how ridiculous the upkeep of shaving is. So i was told waxing is supposed to last longer, i remember i went for my legs and eyebrows done at the same time. Thats right i willingly let a stranger pour hot wax on my face and rip it off, just so i could feel less like Chewbacca. Surprisingly my eyebrows didn’t hurt, my legs however was a horrible experience that i have never returned to. Not only that, what i thought was a pain free face experience turned out to make me the laughing stock in the family as my face turned red from the wax. Not the best of times. I remember my mum bought me an epilator one year after i basically begged for it, the woman on the advert made it look so effortless, she must have had the pain threshold of a rock because having a tiny machine rip out every hair was again not the solution for myself. Grooming is hard and the only way to find what works for you is experimenting! At least winter is our friend, you can bet for sure i am NOT shaving my legs under this wool bottoms throughout December. 


Finding that perfect outfit as a girl sucks, and don’t even think about getting a dress for a party from Topshop anymore because you can bet that at least 2 other girls will be wearing the same. I find personally that finding an outfit i feel amazing in can usually be a less than enjoyable experience. So here’s a list of my least favourite things about being a girl when it comes to fashion

When you finally try on the perfect dress and it’s nothing like it looks on the model. When you order online and the colour is completely different upon arrival. When you have to get a size bigger than you thought you were. When your jeans are too long/too short. When the waist fits but your boobs are too big or in my case when the body fits but it’s too baggy around the boobs. Cameltoe. Need i say anymore? Crop tops after a meal. Those bikini’s that have tiny straps cut out that make your legs look like a piece of ham from the butchers with that string on it. Coats where the hood refuses to stay up. SUEDE, why look so good but then resent the english weather.

Sidenote; yes i was on my period when i wrote this, i do actually believe being a girl can be awesome too but i am not in the mood for that today. Boys, i’m not saying you have a easy life, i’m sure you too have your troubles just get back to me when you can feel the pain of giving birth. Now where is my ben and jerry’s 

 Danielle Jade x

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