Christmas round-up!

So it’s December the 31st. The Christmas season is well and TRUELY over and tonight we will all be drinking champagne and pretending to know the worlds to auld lang syne.

I for one, have loved this December. I mean, yes granted it wasn’t a white Christmas but who cares, Christmas is the time to be jolly and I embraced that.

Throughout December I find that more people want to socialise, tis the season to be merry after all….and merry I was! After work drinks and meals with friends were in full bloom this season and I ate more than I can even begin to explain to you all! Just check out this feast we had at the Bloggers Christmas Burger event

I believe the next day my waistline did challenge old Santa Clause’s himself.

Another highlight of the season was works secret Santa! Spoiler alert…I LOVE GIVING GIFTS! I’m the kind of person that guaranteed will make it crafty and as personal based as possible. I just love it!

There’s nothing better than a bucket full of sangria to really get you into the holiday spirit!

As Christmas Day started to get closer and closer I was so excited to be going home for the holidays! I have quite a big, separated family so getting to spend time with them all, really is time that I treasure and over the holiday season I like nothing more than being back up home in Yorkshire.

This year I received some wonderful gifts from both Family and friends so here is a little peek at some of the beautiful items I received this year (don’t worry I won’t show you every single thing I was gifted 🙈 )

 First up…..
Click-Snap-oh my gahd look at how pretty it is 😍


From books, to beauty, to chocolate, to clothes…I really did get some beautiful gifts this year! If you want to see more of my presents let me know and I may put together a Xmas present post 🙈

Finally, here are some of my beautiful family members I spent Xmas with. I miss you guys already but I’ll be back soon for more singing around the house 😊

I cannot wait to see what 2016 is going to bring! Right I better go make some resolutions for me to not stick to!

Happy new year everyone!


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