Hello everyone!

It’s officially the countdown to christmas, and what better way to celebrate the lead up to the big day than with new friends and extreme amounts of food!

That’s exactly what i did at the Bloggers Christmas Burger event.

 After being invited to join some other bloggers for a festive evening of burgers and cocktails by the lovely Pippa i was both excited and nervous to meet new people and get into the christmas spirit.

This would be my second blogger event i had attended and so i naturally went into panic mode as i arrived at covent garden and google mapped my route to the venue ; Brioche. It’s always the same few things that make me anxious, am i too early? Am i too late? Why didn’t i straighten my hair, this outfit is ratchet. Will i be the only one who doesn’t know anyone? Will they like the same things as i?And  finally the hope that they don’t mind someone who makes a joke out of 80% of all conversations.  You know the usual.

All my doubts and worries were immediately crushed though as soon as i entered the venue. I took a place on the end of the table, by the door and began chatting with some other lovely bloggers whilst sipping my christmassy themed cocktail.

As the evening continued we were all starting to become hungry bloggers and it was time to choose our burger and toppings.

I went for buttermilk chicken with halloumi and mushrooms, which i think should just be renamed.. THEMOSTDELICIOUSBURGERYOUWILLEVEREATBURGER- burger. The sweet brioche bun worked perfectly with the chicken and the generous array of sides they provided made the whole meal more like a feast! I mean, guys, there were curly fries. CURLY FRIES, do you know how old i was when i last had curly fries. It was just the best!

After taking quite some time to enjoy our burgers…(most of that time included fellow bloggers saying how full they were and i saying how they should ignore that feeling and power through) we eventually finished and were ready for desert. Now… YES.It’s true i like desert, and yes, Brioche delivered. This salted caramel sticky toffee pudding was perhaps one of the best puddings of my life. Now, if you think i’m over reacting here, then go try it, because i love being right! I’d go as far as to say it was perhaps the highlight of the night for me. I’m totally kidding, but it was that good!

As everyone began to finish their food and i sipped the last of my gin and tonic, the evening was coming to an end and i had had a wonderful time! I had eaten more food than i thought was possible, i had met new people and clicked instantly with some, as if we’d known each other forever. As we said our goodbyes, we were given a little xmas parcel, which i think was just the star of the top of the xmas tree (went for kid of a cherry on top of the cake thing here, just go with it,pretend it works 🙈)

Inside were gifts from the wonderful :
Beegood, Sass and Belle and Letterbox Gifts, so thank you also to you guys for providing me with xmas treats!
One thing i need to mention before i quickly say goodbye is that Brioche is a pop up! So do run and fill your faces with ALL THE FOOD, before it disappears.

Once again thanks for a wonderful evening!


6 thoughts on “BloggersChristmasBurger

  1. Was so lovely to meet you chick 🙂 I still dream about this food…. and I’m still paying for it in the form of a slightly larger waistline haha!

    Have an amazing Christmas and hope to catch up in the new year! x

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