Find Femmes; A very Wegan event.

Hello, beautiful people.

As some of you may already know a few weeks ago i was invited to the Find Femmes Launch event in London by the wonderful Whitney and Megan aka WEGAN.
Side note; If you don’t know who they are, i suggest you type Wegan into trusty old google and revel in the beautiful femme wonders of these two and their inspiring relationship.


So what is Find Femmes? “Find Femmes is a dating site aimed at feminine identified LGBTQ women, aka femmes/ lipstick lesbians. Whether you’re looking for friendship or love; whether you’re a femme into femmes, or simply just a woman into femmes- this is a place where you can finally meet, seek and be found”

The event was held at MUSE in Soho London, a bar i had never been to before but will sure be returning to. The intimate venue hosted the perfect party to launch the Find Femmes site and the decor by Design by LaRose added the perfect pop of pink and glitter to the occasion. Seriously, the glitter covered champagne bottles were perfect centre pieces.

Now, because i live in London and i have to pay my rent that did mean Naomi and I didn’t arrive at the event until about 10:30pm but with our Prosecco in hand we were dancing the night away and meeting new femme friends within no time. There were so many fabulous outfits there, i only wish i could have had more than 15minutes in a taxi to get ready!


As the evening continued meeting Whitney and Megan was wonderful, the girls are so lovely! That may sound generic but i truly mean it, they took time to come say hello and really appreciate all their guests there, we danced (a hell of a lot to beyonce!) , chatted, took some pictures and if i didn’t make it clear enough at the time i really will sing their praises over this idea. It’s opening up not only the femme communities eyes to other femme lesbians but the whole worlds eyes that femme lesbians EXIST! (insert eye roll here to anyone who has ever told you ‘but you’re too pretty to be gay’)


I loved getting to know the other people there too, instantly clicking with other people in the room and sharing stories was fun! Knowing whole heartedly that no-one their feared being judged or have to explain themselves created such a warm and welcoming environment.

As the evening came to an end, and judging by the pictures and drunk chats that were happening it was definitely time to head home! I hope to see you all again, maybe next time less alcohol should be involved? Naahhhhhh.

Thank you girls for hosting the event, for inviting me and for creating FIND FEMMES!

Hope you enjoyed reading
Danielle Jade.

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