Hair Braids & Glitter – A very 90’s feel! ✨

Hello everyone!

Todays post is going to be all about two wonderful hair products i was gifted at the Big Blogger Conference!

They are the Redken Braid aid and the Metal Fix hair glitters.


First up is the hair glitter!
Now if you know me at all, you would already have guessed how excited i was to receive these. My inner Ke$ha and Miley were ready and raring to go! I still don’t know how I managed to save them both until i went on holiday with my friend. Packing them into my suitcase i knew she was going to think i was crazy, and that was just what i was going for, i mean , i’m 23 and i’m putting glitter into my hair. this is so 90’s going to a steps concert with hair mascara and i am LIVING for it!

So…more about the product itself!

Inside the box there are two tubes, one silver and one gold tube of gel like glitter. The gel itself is quite this upon application but when worked into the hair looks beautiful. I used quite a huge amount on the end of my hair and then using a fine comb continued to brush the product through. This works well when wanting to create a subtle shimmer, that however, was NOT what i opted for on holiday!

As you can see here, i created two braids, one at either side of my head (Using the braid aid of course) and then in a finger painting kind of sense. Moved the glitter over the plaits to the back of the hair.

What i must say about this product is, don’t worry about it coming off. It will stay put all night, no question! I have no shame in saying the next morning, as i sat at breakfast, sipping my peppermint tea not wanting to draw attention to my little hungover self. My hair still wanted to be the centre of attention. It was still in full party mode, the glitter was just as vibrant as the night before and i just couldn’t put my fragile little head through the pain of brushing that out so early!
In fact, i ended up not brushing my hair until i washed it out, and thats exactly what i recommend you do! Other wise, it is the most pain EVER.

Next Up.. Braid Aid.


Let me start off by saying, i adore this packaging. It’s so clever. There is a pump on the product rather than having to squeeze the tube. The product comes out effortlessly. PERFECT. Now, i love braiding my hair. Any way i can get a braid in my hair. I will. So naturally on holiday when going swimming i braided my hair and of course used the braid aid.

What i love is how the braid aid acted as a binder and helped control my fly-away hair. Having some parts of my hair shorter than the others this has become a favourite product of mine. It just helps give more texture to the hair and create more secure braids.

There is however one negative of this product, and that for me is the smell. It’s just a little over powering, so do go easy on the amount you use if you also don’t like your hair smelling like it’s obviously got product in it.

All in all, i am a huge fan of both of these products.
If i could i would use the hair glitter just as much as i use the braid aid.
I can’t wait to figure out how i’m going to involve the glitter into my halloween costume this year!

     Has anyone else tried these products?!
Let me know what you think

Danielle Jade

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