Showstopper! The improvised musical – London.

Hello there fellow comedy worshippers.

Today i’m going to dedicate this post to the wonderful show that is Showstoppers, currently running on London’s West End at the Apollo theatre on Shaftesbury avenue.

I was lucky enough to see the show on press night and immediately there was an incredible atmosphere within the building. The whole audience was creating such a buzz within the theatre, come the five minute call i was more than excited for the show to start.

The show goes as follows, a charming host, in our case this role was taken by Dylan Emery takes on the role of an MC and with help from the audience creates the premise for a new musical. After receiving numerous suggestions, The title we settled with was ‘The Lying King’ , a musical set in the Daily Mail head office and to be in the style of previous musicals such as RENT! Book of Mormon, Gypsy Kings and so on. We went on the journey of intern Lydia’s climb to the top , and of course there were many twists and turns (again, mainly prompted by Dylan) along the way, with her own, and he co-workers personal lives.

The talented team of performers, were like no other group i had seen before. Prior to attending the show i had already looked up the cast, and was excited to see which 6 out of the 12 actors i was going to have the pleasure of watching, and let me tell you now, i want to see them all. If that’s only half of the talent in this company i need to go again!  I was completely  inspired by them. Everything from their quick thinking to their vocal rages, from the solid bond they have created as a group to how they never failed to pick up on a joke another actor may have made 15 minutes ago had be in awe. The group as a whole have a keen eye for detail and use it to the audiences pleasure. For instance the disregarded setting of the Cereal cafe still managed to appear in the musical as the perfect set up for a west side story style, battle of the boyfriends, in their rendition of Snap, Crackle and POP!. GENIUS! This again made us as the audience feel we were part of the process and i don’t think i’ve ever heard such an overwhelming reaction to what is quite frankly- Rice Krispies.

What i adore about this show is unlike other musical where you kind-of  know the songs, or you, kind-of know the story. You literally have NO IDEA what is coming to you when you arrive at the theatre, because the performers don’t even know themselves yet! It’s a whirlwind adventure full of audience impressions and highly talented humans.  This is a musical for even the people who hate musicals. (If such a person exists)

Have any of you had chance to see this musical yet?
If not, i highly recommend it! It has truly inspired me to get back into improvisation and who knows maybe this time ill throw in a little sing song too!

Danielle Jade x

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