This months playlist ; What i’ve been loving.

I did another one of these posts a while ago so thought id share with you my most obsessed over songs recently.

Whilst on holiday i really ranked up a playlist that i just adored and you can guarantee the following were on there;

Taylor Swift- Pretty much the whole 1989 album. However in particular i have been loving Wildest Dreams and Bad Blood. Both very different songs i know, but they both just make me want to stand up and belt out the lyrics.

Ellie Goulding- Outside / On my mind. Now again i have two for Ellie Goulding as i was obsessed with listening to Outside for weeks, then she released her teaser for her new album out in November, the song was called On my mind, and after hearing her play it for the first time ever at the Apple Music Festival the other day i cant stop listening to it. I cannot wait for the new album

Jessie J & Jennifer Hudson – Titanium cover. Now for all of you who don’t already know. Let me lay one thing down right here. I love Jessie J. Wholly. I just think she is everything. That vocal range though. Now pair this with Jennifer Hudson. (My very own Louis Vuitton- 10points if you can name that film quote) and i’m about sure this is heaven. Thats why this old chestnut from the concert for Valor back in November 2014 is on my list. Just do yourself a favour and go and watch it on youtube if you haven’t already.

Florence and the Machine- Ship to Wreck. I have to say, this is one of my favourite songs on her How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful album. I love Florence i think she’s the perfect easy listening artist. I usually listen to her album most treks to work and i am always in a more positive and inspired mood after hearing her voice.

Gabrielle Aplin- Light up the dark. I love the lyrics in this song ‘I’m drawing perfect circles round the life that we could share,And what is ours, is ours to keep, I know the thing you want the most, you hide it over there Safe at the dark end of the street’ Theres something about this girls tone and the lyrics that makes this song just so mysterious to me. I don’t know, maybe i’m on my own on this one but i just love it!

Demi Lovato- Cool for the summer. You know it. I know it. Everyone on my street should know it from how loud i play this one. It’s my summer jam. Again Demi Lovato is just one of those artists i wish i could sound like, so as soon as i heard cool for the summer i was hooked. Needless to say, it will always remind me of this summer we just had every time i hear it.

Finally…ANYTHING NICKI MINAJ. It’s not even a joke you guys. Im obsessed with her. My opinion on her has done a total 360. Ive never gone from such a MEH…to I LOVE YOU relationship with music before, but anything she does now, i no longer find ironically hilarious, i actually love it. Especially her part in Monster. She’s so bloody good you guys! Also, perfect for nights out. You’ve had a few drinks and Nicki Minaj comes on? Just you watch. Everyone will be booty shaking within the first minute. So thank you for that Nicki.

So what’s on the top of your playlists guys? Let me know in the comments below.
Danielle Jade


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