My day at the Big Blogger Conference. 

Hello lovely people, today I’m going to tell you all about the lovely time I had at the Big Blogger Conference last Saturday.  
So what was Big Blogger Conference?
Put together by the wonderful @blonde_vision @abigail__brown & @_dreaminpink The big blogger conference was an event stretching from roughly 10-5 at the Russel Hotel in Bloomsbury London. The event focused on all things blogging related and the schedule went as followed; Registration, workshops with the wonderful Elizabeth Sellers, Jasmin Charlotte & Sarah Moody, lunch, the brand exhibition and finally the thanks and raffle.

So how was it?

In a nutshell it was amazing. With it being my first event I have attended I was incredibly nervous the morning the day arrived. Still I got up, put my face on, stressed out about my outfit choice for approximately two hours and eventually managed to gain the confidence to leave the house. As the day went on I enjoyed it more and more, my nerves disappeared and I enjoyed being in a room full of people who share the same passion as I.

(Photo taken by the wonderful f/22 photography- find them on Twitter at @f22_photography

How were the guest speakers? I absolutely adored the talks we were lucky enough to be receiving. I have learnt so much from all three different speakers and cannot wait to put it into practice. I seriously need to up my Pinterest game, I have already let Nibbler loose on my website, I’m revamping my site as we speak and I’m more aware than ever of how blogging is as a profession and what to do if I’m ever presented with further blogging opportunities. So I’d like to say thank you again to the wonderful guest speakers.
  How was the exhibition?

The exhibition was incredible. There were different brands and exhibitors covering various products and stores. Here are a few of the stands, so you can get a feel of the stalls:

  Throughout the exhibition they had different competitions for you to tweet/Instagram and upload onto social media about. Which I thought was a fun twist to add into the day. This also opened up opportunities for awards to be handed out.

Meeting different people was one of my highlights of the day, chatting to people who had set up their own businesses, set up blogs, come to represent a brand, and all other boxes in-between. I just loved getting to know you all, I hope I have more opportunities to meet other bloggers in the future. Maybe next time I’ll not be so nervous now!

Thanks again to the girls over at @LDNmeetup I hope you know how much your time and effort means to us all! You da best.
Let me know what events you are all going to, and be sure to follow the people mentioned in this post because they true my deserve all the wonderful support.
•Danielle Jade

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