Hotdogs or Champagne? Get the best of both here in London!

What would you say if i told you i’m pretty sure i have found one of the best places here in London to get a hotdog whilst sipping on a glass of Champagne?

Well thats a crazy combination i hear you say and as much as i agree, its also truly delicious!

The wonderful place to get this combination is called BubbleDogs! Located in Central London on Charlotte street.

FullSizeRender 10

I recently visited with a group of around 8 other girls when celebrating a friends birthday! Upon arrival we were seated in our own area with old fashioned style school stools at the back of the room. The extremely helpful waitress came over and asked us what we liked to drink, she highlighted us different bottles of champagnes based upon what we all liked and recommended a bottle that was perfect for us. I will point out here that its the kind of place that does sell the champagne by the bottle and only a selected few by the glass so i do encourage you to go with someone else unless you want to enjoy that £50+ bottle to yourself then, hey, you do you!! 🙂

Whilst sipping our champagne the big moment was here, yes ladies and gentlemen. It was time to pick our Hotdogs.
The menu is pretty damn good, you can check it out here.

FullSizeRender 11

I opted for the Philly Cheez on a vegetarian sausage! My oh my, it was SUPER cheesy and super delicious. We also grabbed some sweet potato fries and these little hot devil things, which i still have no idea what they were, but they were spicy and delicious. Can i also mention now NAomi had a hotdog called the MacDaddy IT WAS MAC AND CHEESE ON A HOT DOG = Mind Blown.
We got another bottle of the same champagne and carried on enjoying this weird and wonderful combination.


I really would recommend this place to anyone who wants a little quirky London experience, its good food, great drinks and such a bizarre pair that you need to experience.

Has anyone else been here before?!
Let me know in the comments

Danielle Jade

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