Calling all cocktail enthusiasts. 🍸 Have you tried here yet?!

Well hello fellow cocktail fans. We meet at last. 😃

I recently went back to one of my favourite places to get a cocktail here in London and couldn’t believe I hadn’t told you all about it yet.
Arranging a girls night out I suggested we went here for a drink or two…or three. Honestly they are just so good and so fun that it’s hard to resist wanting to try the whole menu. Something I’m not even ashamed to say I think I must have nearly done by now.

So what is this magical place I hear you all asking? It’s called The Alchemist. The one I went to is Bevis Marks-Liverpool St. LONDON. I do know though that they have another three bars around the UK, one in Leeds and two in Manchester.

So let’s take a look at some of my favourite drinks there shall we?


  As you can immediately see, they all look incredible and i think these may be three of my favourites. Especially the White Cosmo, you can see the purple ice cube in the middle? Thats not any plain old ice ball, that is a frozen Orchid flower within the drink. Its honestly so beautiful!

Have a look here to see just how amazing the drinks menu is.

What I love about this place (apart from the obviously exciting and truly delicious drinks) is the decor, more specifically the feel that the decor creates. It’s the perfect blend of both chic and cosy environments. For instance upstairs in the dining area they project old black and white movies onto the wall whilst sat under huge amounts of fairy lights. It’s just adorable. Especially at Xmas when you can watch White Christmas in black and white sipping on an alcoholic hot beverage. Can you tell I’m talking from experience here?

FullSizeRender 3

Also as lovely as this place is I have never found it difficult to get a table here to eat. I mean to drink yes, the bar can get busy when the after work crowd come in. Other than that it’s quite remote, on a few occasions I have been shocked by the lack of others yet secretly enjoyed having the place quieter whilst I sip on my cocktail.

I really do recommend this place to most people who come down to visit myself in London because i have yet to have a bad experience and the cocktails all range from £6.95 – £8.50+ I personally think these prices are pretty good for a quality cocktail in London.

Let me know if you have been to The Alchemist before! I want to hear which drink is your favourite too?!

Danielle Jade

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