There were people BLOOMIN everywhere 💐

Hello beautiful people.

Today’s post is about my trip to the Flower Market here in London.

When my housemate and best friend suggested the idea I was immediately excited to go and was already thinking about what flowers I’m going to buy. I have to say when I got there I was not disappointed by the selection of flowers they had to offer!

Just look at them all!

The colours were so beautiful. They were incredibly vibrant and I fell in love with looking at them. That however was easier said than done!

The amount of people there was utterly crazy.

It was like being in a crowd at a concert that occasionally moved a couple of steps forward before being pushed back by someone trying to head in the opposite direction. It was just unbearable. Now I may be over reacting because I can’t handle small spaces and panic when I can’t see above what’s happening, which is not a good quality to have when you’re only 5ft3. Not being able to see over the top of everyone is definitely difficult 🙈

So as swiftly as I possibly could I got through the crowd and waited for my friend at the end who somehow actually managed to buy some beautiful flowers.

 (Cool fact: the purple ones will never die! They are everlasting. Unlike my tolerance for the crowds)

I think the flower market was truly stunning but when I go back I can assure you it will be bright and early before the crowds come in and make it impossible.

Have you been to the market? How did you find the crowds?

•Danielle Jade•

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