New York Diaries; The Last Day 

Today it was our last full day in NYC and we were determined to make he most of it! We were advised to take trip down to the Dumbo area of Brookyln. So we did!

We walked around went into a few shops but let me get to the main focus of this paragraph because ladies and gentlemen we did it, we found the best sandwich shop in the world. I’m not even exaggerating when I say that every other sandwich up until then was just preparation for this heavenly ‘wich.

It was from a remote little place called Bread and Spread and honestly if it wasnt for the delicious smell as you walked past you wouldn’t have even noticed it there! There was no shop window no advertisement, no nothing. After purchasing our lunch we head up towards the start of the walk across the Brooklyn bridge! I was excited to croaa this and it didn’t take half as long as I expected. The views are breath taking. Looking over Manhattan is just beautiful.

We had already decided that morning that today we were going to go to Lincoln Centre. Somewhere we were both eager to visit, being an aspiring actress and a general performing arts enthusiast. We obviously wanted to take the tour. (Yes you guessed it this was included in the NY pass also)

Now let me just set this down for you guys, we were told it would take 40 minutes but the lady who showed us around managed to make it nearly double that! Now I am a fan of a tour in a geek in learning about the history and getting to see all the stages was incredible but it only took her so long because of how insanely slow she talked. I began to predict the ends of her sentences in my head that’s how much time I had. Right, anyway back to the positives. Whilst we were there it was NYU graduation and it immediately made us both feel a little nostalgic to when we graduated a few years back. All dressed in their robes they looked so excited for the future!

After seeing all the beautiful sights Lincoln centre had to offer us we head back to Brooklyn to catch up with some friends in one of the top whisky bars you could find. Spoiler alert; I was more excited about the grilled cheese and rightly so, it lived up to its name!

Having a drink and it gradually getting later we thought, well why stop now! It’s our last full night lets make the most of it. We head back into Manhattan calling at a few bars before going into one of my favourites called CubbyHole predominantly a LGBT bar it was coloured in rainbow objects and trinkets which all hung from the roof! Just look how cool…

After a drink…or two, we head back to Brooklyn to grab some food from a place that caught our attention, it looked like a camper van on the outside but when you cot inside they served up the most delicious Mexican food and of course we jumped at the opportunity for coconut churros, I forget how much the Americans like their cinnamon though. Gah.

One last drink at the bar below our apartment and we were ready for bed. This place was called sweet science and it was playing Arctic Monkeys inside. You could tell it was a cool chill place and so we enjoyed our last alcoholic beverage before heading to bed for the last time in NYC. It was another wonderful day and knowing tomorrow we only had the day we had already created our last minute shopping plans, our last visit to Times Square to see our friend before leaving and grabbing some breakfast from Applebee’s we were completely in love with the city and I will be going back someday for sure!

I hope you all enjoyed reading my NY diaries!

If you have any questions please do ask! I love reading all your comments and want to know about your experiences too

•Danielle Jade

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