New York Diaries; Day Three 

So it’s time to take a look at day three in the big city.

As soon as I woke up this morning I reached over to my trusty tourist map which showed everywhere to go visit in Manhattan. I decided I would love to go to Grand Central station toady! You know the one that’s in countless TV shows, movies, music videos etc! So we head there, it really was as busy as it appears on screen. The whole building was so grand, and it was amazingly detailed. I loved the feel in this place it was wonderful.

Today we decided to head towards the dock and hop on the City cruise tour to take a look at the famous Statue of Liberty! Now I will admit i was exhausted by this point I think waking up early everyday and not going to sleep until late truely hit me on this trip as I fell asleep on the boat! Silly me. I can’t help it, it’s just the movement of the boat, the heat and the guys voice on the mic. Ten minutes in and my nap began. I did however wake up towards the end, I saw the Statue of Liberty which can I just say is a LOT smaller than imagined. From what Naomi said the tour is actually pretty good so do check it out! It’s included in the NY PASS too!

Hopping off the boat and onto the High line, we were heading towards Chelsea Market and had been told that the High Line was a beautiful walk. It’s true, it’s so much prettier than just wandering around the streets. The views are particularly beautiful.

(Here I am being the comedy genius I am practicing my lunges)

Arriving at Chelsea market we wandered around and instantly became hungry. The food looked incredible, there was so much choice. We really had to eat now. Wandering down Chelsea main strip it soon became obvious this was a very LGBT safe community. It was filled with energy, I remember feeling completely at home walking past a cafe full of people sipping cocktails and dancing to Beyoncé mid-afternoon! Perfect.

Desperate for food that didn’t taste completely processed we stumbled upon this amazing place called BareBurger. An organic and locally sourced burger joint.

Honestly, I think of this burger often and how nothing will ever compare to it. It really is an amazing place. I would say this was one of the best places I ate the whole time in NYC.

Now ladies and gentlemen it was the moment Naomi and I had been waiting for, the main purpose of our trip. We were going to go an que for tickets for ASSSCAT 300 at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Now yes I know for some people it seems silly going to NYC and sitting for three hours in a que for tickets to a show you may not even get into but for us these hours were worth it once we got our tickets in our hands!

Being a theatre junkie I was in my element here, you may recognise the name from famous faces such as Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh to name but a few. The show is an improvisational sketch comedy show and it is the funniest thing i’ve seen in FOREVER.
On the night we watched the writer of GIRLS was the monologist and created a story ready for the actors to act out. Jumping in and out of each others scenes i found myself crying with laughter.
The whole audience was on a high and the interaction between the actors and the audience only made it feel even more intimate than any usual staged production.
I wish i could transfer this theatre and all the people in it to London so i can keep queuing for tickets and watching it over and over again. With it being improv, you know you’re never going to get the same show twice and that is just something i love!
It really does take a particularly talented person to pull that off!
Hats off to the actors- you were amazing!

After ASSSCAT finished we head back home and called it a night.

I never wanted to leave NYC by this point! Truth be told I wish I was still there now!

Come back to hear how my last full day was, also let me know if you did any of the same attractions and what you thought of them too!

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