New York Diaries; Day Two

New York Diaries

Day Two.

It was now Saturday in New York City and we woke up extremely tired from the day before. This was to be expected with the amount we fit into one day! We thought it would be best to keep this morning nice and simple, to head to the bottom of Manhattan and see what Wall St. had to offer us.

As usual we caught the subway into Manhattan and down to Wall st.


 Now, as far as what Wall st. had to offer i would say it was very minimal. The buildings are beautiful, they are very grand and the architecture itself is amazing but i wouldn’t say its somewhere i would recommend when visiting NYC. Had you still been able to get into the galleries and see exchanges i can imagine it has a whole different feel but as for my experience it wasn’t that great. We carried on around the area and gradually made our way to the 9/11 memorial site.


Perhaps the most emotional i was all trip was being here. It really does tug on your heart strings. Such a beautiful memorial for such a devastating attack, i was overcome with so many emotions when looking at all the names engraved onto the marbled square. I think this is because i remember how i felt when i heard the news of the attack, it’s the first time naive little ten year old Danielle realised their truly is evil in the world and not everything is in our control. We stayed her for a little while before deciding it was time to make our way back into central Manhattan and catch a glimpse of our friend in the Dance Parade.

This turned out to be quite the polar opposite experience of what we had just had.
The Dance Parade was so uplifting, the parade was filled with different styles of dance from people of all ages! It was really good fun to witness and just look at these incredible costumes!


After we managed to see our friend Emily go by in the Dance Parade we thought it would be best to head for some lunch before we ran out of time to eat! We walked a little further down the street we were on and arrived at 230 this is New Yorks largest outdoor rooftop garden and they do an all you can eat buffet brunch which of course we were going to have to try. Sipping gin and tonic on a rooftop with a huge plate of waffles and syrup i was content with my ‘lunch’ even if we were now starting to notice the severe lack of vegetables this place had to offer. I would recommend this to any of you wanting a rooftop bar but the brunch wasn’t really good for myself as the lack of vegetables and the overwhelming supply of bacon made it a little hard for me to eat anything.


(Our view just to get into perspective how high you are)

Now, it was the perfect time for us to go and change for what we had been excited about all day. THE STAND UP COMEDY NIGHT. Remember the tickets i told you about in my post here? Well we were going to that show to see if we had been scammed or not after all.


In our first NYC Uber, dressed and ready to watch the show we head into a super rainy and traffic heavy Manhattan. Arriving ten minutes AFTER the show started we decided it would be best to book into the later show after all, however the guy on the door reassured us we had missed nothing and said if we didn’t mind sitting apart we could go in NOW! Excellent, we’re both the kind of people who don’t mind being split up in shows as we’re not there to talk anyway so head on in. As you could predict the last two seats weren’t the ones casually in the corner – OH NO, they were the ones that required a particular amount of ‘sorry- excuse me- sorry’ just to get your but on that seat. In my case however i literally got the last seat in the audience. SMACK BANG FRONT AND CENTRE OF THE WHOLE SHOW. I was petrified, have you ever been to a stand up comedy show?

You’re basically saying pick on me please, sitting at the front. As expected as soon as i arrived i was acknowledged by the comedian who told me ‘Giiiiiirl, thats a sexy little outfit, damn. You looking for a man tonight?’ ‘Oooh no’ i replied before she made a joke of ‘how i could send them all her way then!’ These three steps to my chair suddenly started to feel like a catwalk, taking forever! She even had time to ask me ‘Do you know there people you’re sat with now?’ ‘Absolutely not’ i laughed. ‘That’s my kind of girl!’ She laughed and carried on with the show.

As the show continued i was in love. The atmosphere, the jokes the people , particularly getting to watch Judah Friedlander was an amazing experience. Gradually the show was coming to an end and after enduring one more final attack on myself as a audience member from another comedian which went like this:
HIM: looks around audience ‘How old are you?’
ME: oh me? Im 23!
HIM: ’23? Well you look 12′
I nodded, i genuinely do. Everyone laughed and he ended the show.


Im so glad we trusted our instincts and bought these tickets even if the promised Amy Poehler of course didn’t turn up. We laughed and we had fun. It was a brilliant show and for $20 i will most definitely go back if i am lucky enough to go to NYC again.

As with it being night now it felt only right that we used our trusty phones to find a cocktail bar and go for a drink, we eventually found a little place called Dakota Bar. 


(This was called the SAUVIGNON SIPPER which consisted of Sauvignon Blanc, Stoli Oranj vodka, St. Germaine Elderflower liqueur, grapefruit and lemon juice ) It was delicious. Now very merry and having Emily come meet us we decided it would only be right to head to the Stardust Diner and witness the spectacle there,


Now, i feel i should mention the diner itself is exactly what you expect when you hear the word Diner, but they have singing waiters and waitresses and not like standard people who can hold a tune. These people are AMAZING, they have wonderful voices and had it not been after midnight i bet they would have been more than happy to have been jumping around and performing their hearts out like i have head may people say they saw them do. So just a little heads up, don’t go here at night, make sure you go in the day and witness them at their full potential!


(Here we are in a suddenly very rainy NYC loving life)

Danielle Jade

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