New York Diaries; Day One-Part One 

New York Diaries

Day One: Part One.

Hello lovely humans who i adore in not a freaky way but in a – you can be my buddy kind of way.

Welcome to Day One: Part one of my NYC adventure.

Here i’m going to let you know all about what i got up to on my first day in the City up until Mid-Day, i have decided to split today into two parts as it was becoming an essay of a blog post.

As soon as the sun peered from behind the blankety clouds of the manhattan sky that morning i knew it was going to be a good day. Up and ready to leave by 8 we were ready to head from Brooklyn and into Manhattan. If you read my previous post then you may already know that i was staying in Brooklyn however i forgot to mention the amazing bagel place just by the L train that we stopped at to grab a bite for breakfast, i think it should be a universal rule that when in New York you must get a bagel. There’s just something better about them over there. 

Like any other tourist i assumed would do, we went straight to Times Square to make it seem official that we were in NYC. Times square is exactly how you imagine it to be the lights are huge, the atmosphere is chaotic in a good way, you can see people hurrying through with their coffees on the way to work, it really did give off that city that never sleeps vibe however there was also around 20 badly put together people dressed as the most random selection of cartoon characters. Mickey mouse and Hello Kitty were very popular with around 5 of each of them, id say just the right amount to completely kill the children faith in them being real. I didn’t enjoy this. 

After that we head to pick up our New York Passes. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, i will tell you now. Its a GOD SEND. It cost us $190.00 each which works out at around £120.00 before we went and that covered over 80+ attractions. Knowing we wanted to see a lot of places this was a super investment for us and we opted for the whole 5day package, they can do in blocks of 1,3,5 or 7 i believe. I would recommend this to anyone who is keen to explore more than just the outskirts of landmarks and maybe indulge on a few tours.



Now, the next place we went to was called City Kitchen. A friend recommended it to us and said we should meet there for Donuts. Currently studying a Broadway Dance Centre she has become pretty familiar with the city and said they were extremely good donuts. Still being full from my Bagel i wasn’t hungry however i wish i was as look at this Chocolate Nibs sensation:


Apparently it was just as good as it looks and for just $3 it’s a must try! After a lovely catch up we decided to be on our way and head to Central Park.

On our walk to Central Park, we purchased two Comedy tickets from a guy who was flyering. After handing over the money be began thinking that we were probably just scammed but as the comedy enthusiasts we are, we were still excited at the chance to have a laugh (and the guys hints of Amy Poehler being there was something we were willing to be scammed over if it wasn’t the case.)

Arriving at Central park we used our New York Passes to rent bikes for 3 Hours (This should have been $50pp plus another dollar for the basaket) and without meaning to we cycled the whole way around the park. By the way if you have never been before let me tell you now, ITS HUGE! you could easily spend days in there. What it has to offer is incredible.


One of the highlights of my trip was getting to see the Alice in Wonderland statue in there. I have always loved Alice in Wonderland as its my favourite Disney Film and i was more than determined to find this statue, so thats one thing to tick off the bucket list!


The park itself is beautiful and cycling around meant we got to see whats on the outskirts too, i would recommend cycling around as it really is lovely. The park all works on a one way system and there are special cycling lanes so don’t worry about being on the road, you are really safe. (Unless the person next to you is trying to take a selfie whilst riding and bumps into you- this happened to Naomi who i was with, FACT)

When the Sun came out cycling became harder and harder so we decided it was time to return our bikes and head for Radio City music hall somewhere i have always wanted to visit since i ever got the first thought of how i wanted to be a dancer. When we arrived we found out their was a tour of the building and we instantly booked on (again we used our passes however without this it would have been $26.96)


This tour was one of my favourites throughout the trip.

First off, the lady that showed us around was brilliant, her accent was amazing! We went all around the building, learnt so much about the history which was really interesting,we heard about the different performances that have been on there and even met a Rockette who did a question and answer with us and let us take a photo with her whilst looking at some of her costumes! 


I was mesmerised by everything from, being able to stand in the audition room, to the faces of the people who had performed there, to seeing the stage and walk into the room of which some of my idols had attended parties at.

   (See in the image above one of my idols Judy Garland)

It was shaping up to be one of the best days i could imagine and we were already in love with the city.


Make sure you come back tomorrow to see just what we got up to that evening!

Danielle Jade

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