What to do before jetting off?✈️

Hello beautiful people.

I’m sure by now you will all know that tomorrow I’m heading off to NYC. If you don’t know this, how? Ive posted it on literally every social media outlet I put content on 🙈

So I thought why not create a little blog post of my do’s and dont’s when getting ready the day before jetting off.

Now, if you’re anything like me you are a forward planner. I like to know exactly what I’m doing, exactly when I’m doing and have my scheduling down to a tee. That being said, I have worked non stop for the past two weeks straight and have somewhat slacked on the usual preparation. So this all cramming it into one day thing is a new concept to myself.

Take a look at my list of things I believe are essential at making that perfect trip. Tick these off and you’ll have a wonderful time!

1. PASSPORT. Find it. Keep it somewhere safe and visible in your room. Don’t chance going out the night before. Don’t miss your chance of going on holiday because you misplaced this document.

2. PACK PRACTICALLY. Now I am not this person. Usually I like a good 4 outfits per day to choose from, this time however we are sharing all our suitcases and making sure we both pack enough for firstly New York then secondly Guernsey. If you know you’re not going to be wearing those stripper heels. Take them out. You’ll appreciate your slippers more after a day of walking anyway! Also always weigh your case and leave it a little under incase you buy anything over there. No one wants to be paying that awful extra baggage charge.

3.PLAN YOUR ADVENTURES. There is nothing geeky about spending time to create that perfect itinerary for your upcoming trip. This is going to help you make the most of your experience in the long run. Keep realistic and make a note of how much everything costs too.Budget planning in advance is a great idea, it means the whole time you’re on holiday you won’t be scared to skip something in fear of the cost!

4. PRINT OUT ANYTHING YOU FEEL WILL HELP YOUR JOURNEY RUN SMOOTHLY. This includes all copies of flights booked. If you need them Etsa’s&Visas. Travel insurance documents. Maps and your new colour coded itinerary. Anything you think you may need no matter how little will help put your mind at ease, print it and take it.

5. GIVE YOURSELF MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME. Arriving on time to me, means I’m late. So if your flight is a long distance flight at 6 there is no reason why you can’t/shouldn’t get there for 3. Maybe even before! Set off with a clear plan of your journey from your door to the terminal and give yourself realistic intentions. You will take longer to get to places than usual with your heavy suitcase and unsympathetic commuters.

6. GET PREPARED FOR THE JOURNEY. Pack your handbag now. Get your money in there, your glasses, your documents. Grab your earphones, your electronic device, your crosswords whatever it is that’s going to keep you occupied for 8hours and pack that into your bag. Remember to not take anything that will mean you have to awkwardly get touched up after setting off the alarms in security, do yourself a favour, give jewellery a miss. Throw that water bottle out. 100ml or it’s a no go at airports.

7. GET A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP. Try not to stress about if you will need that cardigan or not. If your suitcase will actually be over the limit. If you’ll make it on time. You’ve already sorted all this. You got this.

Hope this helps some of you holiday go’ers out there.

Incase you were wondering.

I’m very excited!

Where’s your next holiday?!

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