Find out how YOU can stay in NYC without breaking the bank. Plus a discount code!

Hello everyone thanks for joining me again, today im going to be letting you all know how i managed to land some sweet accommodation whilst visiting NYC late last month.

Now originally i looked up hotels, hostels, you know the usual. I searched from the most prestigious places to the shared bunkbed places, everything was coming up extremely expensive due to the week we had decided to hop across to the states.

I reached out on facebook to ask a few people who live  nearer NYC to help point me in the direction of good accomodation, i mean, if it was going to cost a fortune it may as well be reliable. This is when i was recommended AIRBNB.

Now, i had heard briefly of AIRBNB before but had never thought of it as a contender when looking for safe and reliable accomodation. Its premis is simple, you search for homes in a location you are intending to visit and you will be matched by your search criteria to appropriate rooms within someones house or even someones whole house as they are away on vacation.

As i do with way too many questions in my life i turned to Google ‘AIRBNB NYC’  to further explore this option that was now looking like a contender in my accommodation hunt. The search results pointed me in the direction to download the companys app. After happily obliging i found this service was becoming super easy to understand. 

Here is what the home screen looks like after creating your account. You can type in any location around the world and the app will wither down accommodation to fit your needs perfectly.

So for this trip i was looking at the following requirements. 


There is also advance filters you can add to fully personalise your trip however I found a pool was not such a necessity for this trip 🙈You can also browse around the city of your trip using a map view  for more precise location accommodation choices.

As with any major city, it appears the further you branch out the accommodation becomes cheaper. Choosing location is key, especially in NYC. What with it being our first trip we went with somewhere our friends told us was safe and where you could explore if you wanted a day out of the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. We finally decided upon, Brooklyn in Williamsburg just near Bushwick Avenue.

We found a lovely host, in an apartment that was extremely clean, comfortable and perfect location just a few minutes walk away from 2 different subway routes into Manhattan. Both routes were approximately a 20 minute ride into Times Sq. It was also nice to see the view every morning over the Williamsburg bridge.

One thing i will mention when looking for accommodation is, don’t feel like because you are going to the city you need to stay directly in the city. Had i gone with that mentality i never would have found such a great place for £351 (to be exact) Saving on accommodation meant i had more money to spend on exploring the big apple.

So what are you waiting for, if you’re having your doubts about AirBnb i can safely say my experience was nothing but dream and at just £70.02 per night or if i was to divide it by the two of us staying there £35.01pppn how could i have resisted.

So guys, here’s the exciting part. After booking my trip the App generated my AirBnb code that is going to save you £16 on a trip that you may consider booking in the future, so feel free to use my code and get saving on you’re next adventure:

Let me know about your AirBnb experiences and any upcoming trips you’re going on!

• Danielle Jade

2 thoughts on “Find out how YOU can stay in NYC without breaking the bank. Plus a discount code!

  1. I’m definitely going to have to try out airbnb. The only thing I get worried about is staying in a strangers house – did you ever feel unsafe at all? Xx hope you had an amazing time!!

    1. I didn’t feel unsafe, the guy was amazing! The good thing about airbnb is you can contact the person before through mail, if you want to get to know them and also you can read reviews on themselves and their accommodation which people leave. Kind of like Uber works you HAVE to leave feedback after a trip. x

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