Where have I gone?! πŸ πŸš‚

Hello beautiful people.

I’m so excited to be home for a few days.

(Here I am leaving with my case)

I had to use the last of my holiday days at work and so I booked off from the 17-29th of March.

Very last minute I decided to book a train home and spend a couple of days with my family back up in Yorkshire. I was extremely surprised with the price of my trains only coming to Β£42.00 for a return having booked the day before the trip. Usually last minute tickets can be extortionate and I wouldn’t either bother to look for fear of being left disappointed however I was pleasantly surprised to land this return.Β 

(Perfect train set up, iced latte, water and Pretty little liars)

Arriving at Kings Cross I grabbed an iced caramel latte a bottle of water from Starbucks and waited ten minutes for my train to arrive. I was actually surprised I made my train as I was convinced I was going to miss it after firstly not getting up early enough to pack, and then the tubes kept stopping due to a delay at Mile End. Nether the less I made it on board and was quickly heading to the green green hills of Yorkshire.

(Here I am outside Kings Cross)

Arriving in Yorkshire I immediately felt de-stressed. Something about being home just makes me feel calm. The first family members I went to visit were my little sisters who are growing up so fast! I always try to see them as soon as I come home, they are so adorable and it’s amazing to hear their thoughts on the world, I find it fascinating to see how they are growing up and give them older sister advice 😊

( Here I am with my beautiful little sisters)

After playing games with my three brothers, making a trip to watch deal or no deal with my gran, go shopping for a few home bits with mum and have a general catch up with family and other friends it’s nearly time for me to head back on the train back to the smoke!

(Here I am with the adorable Little ones)

It’s been the perfect little break from London, I feel like my head has been cleared, I feel relaxed and I’m feeling pro-active for the rest of my days off!

Well, I guess I better be off my train back is in a couple of hours.

β€’Danielle Jadeβ€’


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