Did I mention my NYR?

So as always I completely took full advantage of pretending not to acknowledge its a new year and create ZERO resolutions.
Honestly, it’s pointless for me because I know as a person I will spend all year with ridiculous anxiety about the fact I am not achieving a silly resolution I set myself and who wants to witness that now?!
So Instead I’ve set myself the simple goal of being happy.
Now I’m aware this sounds completely generic and I bet there are 5000 quotes out there on many a fridge magnet that can tell me how to be happy, but I think the happiness I’m looking for isn’t one which hallmark can script.
In a way it’s a kind of acceptance with myself, to know whatever I choose so long as it keeps me smiling is the right choice.
So that is something I’m going to try and keep in mind more often throughout 2015!

Here I am starting off my new year with a good red Kiko lipstick! ✌️

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