Halloween Costumes! What’s your favourite?



Now why is halloween your favourite holiday i hear you ask?
Well, because i love the fall! I love everything about this time of year, i love the colours, i love the weather, i love the leaves falling off the trees. Something about this season makes me feel at ease and i love it.

Also i love the fall because it means Halloween and i LOVE to get dressed up.
I think this obviously stems from my performing arts based background but i just love creating/choosing/ arranging a costume and having a good time with friends.

So today i’ve decided to share with you some of my most recent costumes.

They are as follows;

First up is my skeleton costume.

Here i was more than determined to find a costume and left it far too late so had to deal with an age 2-3 skeleton suit and pair it with some Bone gloves, a black skirt and really go for it with my make up and backcomb my hair until the bunches were approximately the same size as my head!

60680_4264854374439_2027789003_n 1074238_10201388560610820_59842025_o

Oh yes side note: if you are wondering if that is Naomi dressed as the monopoly man. You are correct! She by far had the best costume that year! I do think everyone looks great though.

Next up are two costumes whilst i still at Performing arts school;

The first as you can see, we went as spider webs. That’s right not an actual spider but a spider web, we basically wore all black and then outlined our outfits with fake webs and placed a spider on our backs.


I really wished I’d took a picture of the spiders on the back of these costumes as they were the best part, but i didn’t so sorry guys! Oh, i think it’s only fair to mention we actually went out this night which is why our faces have a lot of make up on that isn’t exactly Halloween appropriate 😁

Next we went to a house party as dead people. So basically zombies. We were very last minute here! So really went for it with the blood and caution tape. When asked so why the tape Alex came up with the reply of ‘well we died, came back as zombies and clearly fell into the cornered off caution area’ People just accepted it. 🙈


So it wasn’t our best costume but it was Halloween, I had a white face, I had blood  all over me and I was loving the night. I think it just proves that you can make a costume out of anything!

Finally my last and maybe my favourite costume was from two years ago when I went as a puppet. Inspired by Pinocchio. I slicked my hair across my face to try and make my face shape more round and animated. I painted on rosy cheeks, I applied false lashes to open my eyes and painted wooden effects onto my arms and legs. To really make myself a puppet.

What’s your favourite costumes?
I want to hear all about them!
Danielle Jade

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